There are several places to visit in San Lorenzo, Italy. Michelangelo’s Sagrestia Nuova and Filippo Brunelleschi’s Sagrestia Vecchia are just a few of them. If you’re looking for unique gifts, you’ll also find some great places to buy them. From candle-making to trendy clothing, San Lorenzo has it all.

Michelangelo’s Sagrestia Nuova

Sagrestia Nuova is one of Michelangelo’s most impressive masterpieces. This temple was created between 1520 and 1534. Its interior is filled with monuments of the Medici family. Michelangelo drew many of these sculptures himself.

The ceiling features a beautiful fresco of Saint Mark. The apse was also designed by Michelangelo. Its spire is shaped like a cross. It is one of the most striking works in the Vatican. Its facade contains a curved marble pediment, a curved ceiling, and a large marble coffered ceiling.

The sagrestia nuova is Michelangelo’s most famous piece. It was originally intended to accompanies the tombs of physicians in the basilica. It also holds the Biblioteca Laurenziana. In the Renaissance, it was referred to as sagrestia nuova to distinguish it from Brunelleschi’s work. The cupola reflects light in different ways, causing the light to bounce off its many facets.

The Sagrestia Nuova is Michelangelo’s first architectural project. It demonstrates his innovative approach to architecture and sculpture. Three sculpture groups adorn its façade, including the Madonna and Child. A further three sculpture groups are found on the outside of the rotunda.

The Sagrestia Nuova reflects Michelangelo’s architectural language as it evolved. While its original design placed an isolated monument in the center of the rotunda, Michelangelo later changed his mind. Instead of placing the tombs on the side walls, he placed them in front of the altar. Despite its simple design, Sagrestia Nuova represents a true pioneer of the Renaissance.

Filippo Brunelleschi’s Sagrestia Vecchia

Filippo Brunelleschi’s Sagresta Vecchia in San Lorenzo is one of the most important works of medieval architecture. This church was designed by the great architect in the 15th century and was completed in 1428. Its hemispherical dome and cubic room are notable for their Renaissance-style decoration. Its sculpted entablature and band of putti are reminiscent of a triumphal arch. Several Renaissance artists contributed to the decoration. Donatello carved the blue decoration above the main altar. The coffered dome is topped by a cornice.

The Sagrestia Vecchia is one of Florence’s most important monuments. It is located inside San Lorenzo, off the left transept. Brunelleschi designed and paid for the building, which is one of the most important examples of early Italian Renaissance architecture.

Brunelleschi originally intended the Sagrestia Vecchia to serve as a sacristy and burial chapel. It was Brunelleschi’s first full architectural work, and it influenced European architecture. The Sagrestia Vecchia is a complete work, complete with bronze doors by Andrea Verrocchio and medallions by Donatello.

The Old Sacristy of San Lorenzo is the oldest Sacristy in the city of Florence. It was erected to replace a fourth-century house of worship and an eleventh century Romanesque church. It took longer to complete than anticipated due to lack of funds and periods of warfare between Florence and neighboring Italian states. Brunelleschi’s life ended before the Old Sacristy was completed.

Biblioteca Laurenziana

The Biblioteca Laurenziana is an extraordinary library housed in the cloister of the Basilica di San Lorenzo. It was designed by Michelangelo and finished in 1568. It’s one of the finest examples of Mannerist architecture. It’s a great place to get lost in a book. The library is open to the public, although you may have to pay a small entrance fee.

The Biblioteca Laurenziana is located in the upper level of the cloister. The cloister used to be a public library before the Medici family came into power. This library was taken to Rome with the family when they were overthrown in 1494. The Medici family eventually lost power, and Lorenzo’s son Giovanni was elected pope.

The library contains more than 10,500 manuscripts. More than 700 of these manuscripts date back to the fourth and fifth centuries. There are also about 700 early classical manuscripts. The library also has about 100 codices of Dante’s work. It also houses a copy of Boccaccio’s Decameron.

The Biblioteca Laurenziana has several beautiful features. The library’s interior features stately windows, terracotta floors and a wooden coffered ceiling. The terra cotta floors were created by Niccolo Tribolo, a student of Michelangelo.


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Horseback riding

If you are visiting San Lorenzo and want to try horseback riding, you can find a number of options in the area. Horseback riding in San Lorenzo can help you enjoy the countryside as well as the rich culture of this area. The San Lorenzo Organic Farm is a great place to try out this type of activity, and it is also a great way to experience the health and safety measures used by the farm’s staff.

While a ride on a horse isn’t mandatory, it is a great way to see the beautiful valleys and ravines of the region. You can also enjoy the lush vegetation and cool shade of the forest. You can choose to enjoy a half-day or a full-day ride and see the natural treasures that are tucked away here.

Whitewater rafting

There are several places to raft in San Lorenzo. There is a class II rapid called The Waterfall, and a class III rapid called Grovel Bar. Both rapids are runnable, but the downstream run is not very exciting. While it is rumored to be illegal to boat near downtown, the river is often runnable after sufficient rain.

The river starts in San Lorenzo and arcs around the big island. You can take out at Rincon, which is a half mile uphill and drops you onto highway 9, but most paddlers opt to take out at Paradise.

The river has a few class three and four rapids. The rapids tumble down granite boulders, squeeze in between bedrock banks, and pile up against cliffs. This stretch of river is not recommended for novices, as rocks and trees can jam in the riverbed. A rockslide that happened last year caused a new wave, so take precautions.