If you’re a fan of hot springs, you’ll love Pagosa Springs, a charming town in southwest Colorado. The San Juan Mountains and sprawling national forests surround the town, which is bordered by a river. You can even try skiing at Wolf Creek Ski Area. You’ll also want to visit Chimney Rock National Monument, which has the ruins of ancient Pueblo dwellings.

Rocky Mountain Wildlife Park

The Rocky Mountain Wildlife Park in Pagosa Spring, Colorado, is a wonderful family attraction that offers a variety of wildlife-themed activities. Visitors can take animal feeding tours or horse trail rides. There’s also a wildlife rescue center, which offers tours and horseback rides.

Rocky Mountain Wildlife Park is a beautiful park that has abundant wildlife, including elk, bear, mountain lion, and coyote. There are also a variety of other animals that can be seen at the park. The park has a 1/4 mile nature trail that visitors can take to see the animals up close.

The Rocky Mountain Wildlife Park is a privately owned facility dedicated to educating visitors about the native wildlife of the Rocky Mountains. The staff is dedicated to keeping the animals happy and healthy, and daily feeding tours provide a chance to meet the animals. The park also offers a western art collection and wildlife displays.

The Rocky Mountain Wildlife Park in Pagosa is located on Highway 84 about 5 miles south of Pagosa Springs. It features a variety of wildlife including three wolves, a grizzly bear, two male elk, and a mountain lion. There are also goats, emus, rabbits, and porcupines.

The park also includes an interactive visitor center. You can feed the animals, take a wildlife feeding tour, and even take a horse trail ride to see the animals. The park also features a nature shop where you can buy books and gifts. The hours for the park are posted at the refuge’s visitor center.

Navajo State Park

Navajo State Park is a state park located on the north shore of Navajo Lake. This natural lake is considered Colorado’s answer to Lake Powell. It is located in the San Juan Mountains and extends into New Mexico.

To view the natural beauty of the area, visitors can take a drive west on US 160 or south on CO 151. From the south, one can scope the lake from several points. There are picnic tables and benches available for guests. The park also features a museum that features a variety of artifacts and history of the area.

The park is surrounded by ponderosa trees and is a great place to see wildlife. During colder months, shorebirds and waterfowl can be seen in abundance. Ash-throated Flycatchers and Gray Flycatchers can also be seen in the Pinyon-Juniper Woodland. Black Phoebes are also beginning to colonize the park and can be spotted around old railroad bridges and under bridges.

Another place to visit in Pagosa Springs is the Springs Resort & Spa. This luxurious spa has 23 soaking pools, which range in temperature from 87degF to 114degF. Guests of the resort have access to the pools around the clock, while the public bathhouse is open to the public throughout the year. To enjoy the spa, guests can purchase daily, weekly, monthly, and annual passes for use in the spa.

Another great place to eat in Pagosa Springs is Two Chicks & a Hippie. This local bakery serves delicious baked goods and a hearty breakfast menu, which includes huevos rancheros and smoked pulled pork. The bakery also features free Wi-Fi and an outdoor deck that is a nice place to sit during the day.

Mesa Verde National Park

During the winter, Mesa Verde National Park is open for visitors. Cross country skiing is especially popular during the winter. The park also offers guided tours on certain days of the year. Visitors can also bring their pets with them, but they should be leashed and remain inside the park. The park also offers camping and RV hookups.

While the park is free to visit, there is a fee for guided tours. You can opt to hike to the top of Mesa Verde’s cliff dwellings, or you can opt for self-guided tours. You’ll need good walking shoes, and it’s not recommended for people with limited mobility. The tour takes about an hour and a half, and involves climbing ladders and crawling through a tunnel.

If you’d rather take a more scenic route, you can stop at a few towns and rest areas along the way. Be sure to check the weather and road conditions ahead of time. If you’re traveling with your pets, research pet-friendly rest stops. Also, make sure to find a campground for your RV. You can also ask fellow Trippy users for recommendations of restaurants and hotels.

In the southwest corner of Colorado, you can visit Mesa Verde National Park, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It preserves more than 4,000 archaeological sites, including cliff dwellings. There’s also a museum that offers tours and photographs. You can also take scenic drives and hikes in the park.

The Spruce Tree House is one of the best-preserved cliff dwellings in Mesa Verde National Park. It’s near the Chapin Mesa Archeological Museum. Hike from the museum to the viewpoint passes the Spruce Tree Overlook. From there, you’ll walk along a mesa, where you’ll come across a petroglyph panel. You can then hike back to your starting point. Afterwards, you can visit the Chapin Mesa Archeological Museum to learn more about the culture of the ancient Puebloans.

Hot springs

Located in Archuleta County, Colorado, the hot springs in Pagosa Springs are said to be the deepest geothermal hot springs in the world. It’s a popular destination for visitors, as they are known for their health-giving properties.

The healing properties of the water are believed to be beneficial to the human body, and the Southern Ute Indian tribe has been using the waters of Pagosa Springs for hundreds of years. In 1860, the US Army conducted a study of the area and reported that the water was very healing. In 1881, the first bathhouse was built on the site. The waters are full of minerals, and soaking in them can improve circulation and detoxify the body.

The Pagosa Springs Hot Springs are the most accessible of all the hot springs in the area. They are located right next to Tequila’s, making them convenient to access. During the winter months, the springs can get extremely cold. Luckily, they are free and open to the public.

There are several hot springs in Pagosa Springs to choose from. The Overlook Hot Springs Spa is popular with locals and has affordable rates. In addition to the outdoor pool, it features a hot tub. It also offers massage services, acupressure, and Reiki to help clients relax.

The hot springs in Pagosa Springs are renowned for their healing properties. The area also features many other outdoor activities and many celebrities. The area has been featured on Oprah, Sunset Magazine, and Country Living, and is a popular tourist destination. There are three hot springs resorts in Pagosa Springs.

Pagosa Springs has a thriving art and retail scene. Several antique and art galleries are located in town, along with restaurants and breweries. Visitors should also make time to take a quick hike at Piedra Falls. The hike is short and great for families.

A visit to Pagosa Springs is not complete without experiencing its hot springs. This small town in Southwestern Colorado offers world-famous mineral springs.