The city of Littlerock is one of the most upcoming tourism destinations in the United States. Though it’s smaller than many other major cities in the country, it’s packed with fun things to do. If you’re looking for a side trip from Long Beach or Los Angeles, consider checking out this charming town.

Calico Rocks

Calico Rock is a city in Izard County, Arkansas. As of the 2010 census, the population was 1,545. In 2000, the population was 991. The city is home to many small businesses. The city is located about 20 miles north of Littlerock. The city is well-known for its local food.

The town is home to the Calico Rock Museum, a museum that features a gallery of works by local artists. The museum’s building was once the Bank of Calico Rock, and visitors can see the original teller cages. It’s also located on bluffs along the White River, which evoke the colorful stripes of calico cloth. It’s not clear who originally called it “Calico Rocks” – but it’s a very fitting name for the town.

A charming town, Calico Rock has a unique history. It was originally settled in the 1820s and had its first post office in 1851. It’s situated on the White River, which is famous for its trout fishing. It’s also surrounded by Ozark National Forest and features a quaint Main Street with several local shops.

The town is popular with tourists and retirees alike. You can tour a ghost town, shop for antiques, and see the beautiful homes and businesses that line the streets. The town also has a museum and an antique shop. The town was recently designated a Preserve America Community.

The town was an important part of the history of Izard County. It was a steamboat landing point for the railroad and was a trading center. Many local farmers became involved with this project and Calico Rock grew into a thriving town. After the railroad was completed, Calico Rock became a major trading center for the Izard County. As the town developed, the buildings were constructed with local stone and brick. Unfortunately, the town was not immune to fire and in 1940, twenty-eight buildings were destroyed by a fire.

To get to Calico Rock from Little Rock, Arkansas, drive about a hundred miles north on Highway 5. Continue on Highway 5 until you reach Calico Rock. From there, turn right onto County Road 46. Follow the road for one mile to North Central.

Museum of Discovery

The Museum of Discovery in Littlerock has been serving central Arkansas for more than 80 years as a natural history museum, cultural history museum, and science museum. Despite its varied focus, the museum has recently reimagined itself as a science museum that emphasizes interactive exhibits and a more hands-on approach to education. To ensure a seamless transition from its previous role as a cultural history museum to a science center, the museum developed an exhibit master plan and capital funding plan.

Located in downtown Little Rock’s River Market District, the Museum of Discovery is Arkansas’s most important science center. It has been recognized as one of the top science museums in the United States by the national organization Mensa. The museum is open seven days a week and can accommodate up to 600 guests. Its 25,000-square-foot event space is available for many different types of events. It offers several multipurpose rooms and a great hall for ceremonies and receptions.

Located on Presidential Clinton Avenue, the Museum of Discovery is close to the city’s many attractions. The museum is also close to the popular River Walk complex. The Museum of Discovery is a member of the Association of Children’s Museums reciprocity program, which allows members of other museums in the region to visit the museum for a reduced fee. Additionally, admission is only $1 on the last Sunday of every month. The museum is also closed on Mondays when schools are in session.

The Arkansas Museum of Discovery has many exhibits that will appeal to families with children. For example, there is the Amazing You exhibit, which focuses on the importance of staying healthy. In addition, visitors can learn about the human body and learn how much energy it takes to do various activities. Those who are fond of math will love the Discovery Hall exhibit. The interactive panels allow children to learn more about force and energy, as well as the millions of times.

During the summer, the museum hosts several events for families. The museum hosts several themed birthday parties, summer camps, and camp-ins for groups. It also offers special Saturday activities for children.

Ouachita National Forest

Located between Oklahoma and Arkansas, Ouachita National Forest is home to rolling hills, pristine lakes, and geological wonders. There are a variety of activities to take advantage of, including hunting, fishing, and scenic driving. Ouachita National Forest maps are available in several formats. You can also use an interactive map to find your way around the forest. The forest is currently undergoing a prescribed burn to improve forest health and ecosystems and to reduce the risk of wildfires.

The national forest is home to many species of salamanders, many of which are endemic to a specific region. Before Europeans began arriving in the area, the Indigenous people lived in the area near the Ouachita River. They were first contacted by Europeans in 1541, but it took until the early 1700s for settlers to start arriving in large numbers. The Ouachita Tribe is thought to have merged with the Natchitoches tribe. Today, their descendants are part of the Caddo Nation.

The Ouachita National Forest was established in 1907 and is one of the oldest national forests in the southern United States. It was originally known as the Arkansas National Forest, but the French renamed it to Ouachita in 1926. This is because Ouachita is the French spelling of the Native-American word Washinta, which means good hunting grounds. Several of the National Forest’s regions have been designated wilderness areas, including Winding Stair Mountain National Recreation Area.

The Ouachita National Forest is located in southeastern Oklahoma and central Arkansas. It contains the largest old-growth forest in the continental U.S. The forest contains 386 named mountains, including Rich Mountain, which is the tallest peak in the region. The area is 2,788 square miles (7,221 square kilometers) and is home to many outdoor recreational activities.

Lake Ouachita is the largest lake in Arkansas and encompasses more than 40,000 acres of water. The eastern arm of the lake is home to Lake Ouachita state park, which offers boating opportunities and photo opportunities of the surrounding national forest. Camping is also available for those looking for a place to stay. The campground provides an ideal setting for sunset and sunrise shots.

Rock Town Distillery

If you’re looking for a unique way to spend a day, visit Rock Town Distillery. Open Tuesday through Sunday, the distillery is a great place to get your whiskey fix. They offer daily tours, and a tasting is also included in the price. You can also participate in a cocktail class or take a special whiskey tour on certain days. All tours last about an hour and a half, and include tastings. The distillery is located half a mile west of MacArthur Park.

Getting to Rock Town Distillery is simple with Moovit, an online application that helps you navigate your way to the distillery. The app provides live directions and maps, making it easy to find the best route and time to get to Rock Town Distillery. Plus, it shows you where the nearest bus stops are so you can make sure you arrive at the distillery on time.

You can also visit Bernice Gardens, a local farmer’s market. During the fall, the garden is also a great place to attend a cornbread festival. Another fun place to visit is The Escape. There are four themed rooms where groups of up to 7 people can participate. You’ll have to work together to solve the puzzles and escape. The community bakery is nearby.

If you’re planning a trip to Littlerock, don’t forget to stop at the Historic Arkansas Museum. It is a great way to learn about the history of the town and its people. Afterwards, make sure to head to Rock Town Distillery to taste their spirits. It is the first distillery to be licensed in Arkansas following Prohibition.

The distillery offers free tours, but you can pay a premium for a VIP experience. The tours also include tastings of two Rock Town spirits. Visitors must be 21 years or older. Afterwards, you can enjoy cocktails created by the staff. If you have time, you can tour the distillery’s barrel house and try some of the gin.