If you want to see some spectacular coastal views in Maine, you can’t miss Giant’s Stairs Trail, which offers an easy to difficult hiking trail. The trail is 0.6 miles long and is home to dramatic coastal scenes and geological formations. The trail is a great way to get in some fresh air in Harpswell.

The Nubble is a historic bait shop

The Nubble, a historic bait shop in Harpsme, is a great place to get a bite. There are plenty of striped bass in the waters off Harpswell. We fly fished for a couple of them here. These fish are known to chase worms and crabs. In fact, one man even caught a 22-pounder from his front yard.

This historic town is known for a historic bait shop, where locals and tourists alike can grab a bite. There are many places to eat and drink, as well as plenty of opportunities to explore the surrounding countryside. The town is also home to the Bailey Island Cribstone Bridge, a famous historic landmark. The town’s other attractions include the Elijah Kellogg Church, which dates back to 1757. Visitors will also find a beautiful state park and Admiral Peary’s Eagle Island home.

If you love to fish, you’ll want to spend a day on Harpswell’s waterways. The town is located on a peninsula, and features a number of islands that are connected by bridges. A number of them are inhabited and you can visit them to learn more about their history. The town meeting house and Elijah Kellogg Church, built in 1757, are also historic places to visit. If you’re interested in learning more about the town’s history, check out the Historical Society Museum.

The Nubble has been in business for more than 100 years. The town’s fishing community has a rich history. In the 1930s, the town held the Bailey Island Fishing Tournament that attracted hundreds of fishing crews. At that time, the competition was more about fun than winning big prizes.

The Cliff Trail

If you like hiking, the Cliff Trail in Harpswell is a must-see. It is a 2.1-mile loop trail that passes Strawberry Creek and includes 150-foot cliffs. The trail offers views of the surrounding forest and waterfall. It is also pet-friendly and has restroom facilities.

You can also check out the town’s history at the Old Town Meeting House, which is a National Historic Monument. This building has been around since 1759 and has served as an important historical feature for the town. It also has a cemetery where you can view the gravestones of early settlers. The society has educational programs and a small museum.

Whether you are looking for solitude or convenience, the Cliff Trail is worth a visit. The steep banks of the trail lead to the water below. It’s a fun way to get in touch with nature, and you can meet local gardeners while you’re there.

If you’re into nature, Harpswell is the perfect place to go. The town boasts some of the best beaches and hiking trails in Maine. You can also find a quiet cove where you can relax and take in the ocean view. There are a number of hiking trails throughout the town that line the shoreline and descend into the deep forests.

While you’re in town, don’t overlook the art scene. The town has a vibrant artisan community. There are several art galleries and studios that offer beautiful art and handmade goods. For art lovers, you should visit Ash Cove Pottery, which is run by Susan Horowitz. She has been creating pottery since the 1970s, and her philosophy shows in her creations. You can also visit Hati Modr’s studio in one of the oldest houses in Harpswell. She offers classes in painting and drawing.

Stover’s Point Preserve

Stover’s Point Preserve is a great place to go swimming. The tidal stream here is also a great place to paddleboard or kayak. The only drawback is that there are no facilities on the beach. However, if you’re in the mood for a day at the beach, you can drive a few miles north to Mitchell Field, which has ample parking and porta potties.

The preserve has two beaches: one with a gravel beach and the other with a tidal creek. This is a good place for swimming as the water here is warmer than the ocean. Another great thing about the preserve is that you can see Orr’s Island, Bailey Island, and Cribstone Bridge. If you come here, make sure to wear water shoes.

If you want to stay on the beach, you may want to rent a cottage. The Seashore Cottage is a three-bedroom, one-and-a-half-bath home that’s five minutes away from Stover’s Beach and the Stover’s Point Nature Preserve. It’s also one of Harpswell’s hidden gems, with a great open floor plan. The spacious kitchen has room for six guests, and the living room offers plenty of seating. All three bedrooms have ocean views.

Lands Ends

The Lands End store in Harpswell has been around for over 45 years. Located on the waterfront, the store spans two floors and has a wraparound deck. It is run by the Hutchins family and is open seven days a week from April through October. From December to March, the store is open only on weekends. Occasionally, it is closed for school vacation week and the winter holidays.

Land’s End is located on Bailey Island, one of three small islands connected by a bridge. Nearby, there is a rocky beach called Pinnacle Rock, which is a popular place for beachgoers to find sea glass. There are two free parking lots on Bailey Island, and portable restrooms are available on the island.

While you’re at Lands End, make sure to stop by the Lands End Gift Shop. It is the largest gift shop on the Maine coast and offers great Maine gifts and local artisan crafts. At the Lands End Gift Shop, you can purchase a souvenir or pick up a light snack.

Nearly 100 Maine artisans are represented in the Lands End Gift Shop, which boasts two floors of merchandise. It’s a souvenir lover’s paradise. The Hutchins family has owned the shop since 1959, and it’s worth a stop if you are planning a trip to the Maine coast. The shop was once a snack bar, and it was completely renovated in 1978 after a damaging January storm.

The Giant Stairs

You can visit the Giant Stairs in Harpsell if you want to see some amazing rock formations. The town is also home to the McIntosh Lot Preserve, a great walking trail that complements the Giant Stairs. Once you’ve conquered the stairs, you can take a loop back along the road to the parking lot.

The Giant Stairs are a series of dark, blocky stones set in the rock below the sea. They are a favorite spot for scientists and Bowdoin College students. These stone formations are made of metamorphic rock, formed when the supercontinent Pangea was breaking up. This material flowed up through cracks in the rock and then hardened into basalt.

Scientists studying earth formation often come to the Giant Stairs to study them. Marine biologists from Bowdoin spend hours at the site, and the researchers are always careful to protect the area. Students studying geology and oceanography can also learn more about the area.

You can also visit Bailey’s Island to see the Giant Stairs, a formation that was formed when the earth buckled about 500 million years ago. The stairs look like huge stone steps rising from the sea, and you can see the sea from this beautiful location in Harpswell. While you’re at the island, you can walk down the Giant Stairs trail and marvel at the giant stones rising out of the ocean.