If you are looking for places to visit in Denton, Texas, then read this article! You will learn about the Bayless Selby House Museum, Confederate Memorial, Water Works Park, and Penny’s Playtown. These attractions are perfect for a day of fun and relaxation.

Confederate Memorial

In 1918, the city of Denton put up a Confederate soldier statue on the Denton Square. The monument is now a Texas Historic Landmark and a National Historic Registry landmark. It has also been listed on the Texas State Archeological Landmark. But, it is facing vandalism, and the local sheriff’s office is investigating the matter. Several other Confederate-era monuments have been vandalized across North Texas, so this recent act is particularly problematic.

Willie Hudspeth spent 21 years demonstrating outside of Denton’s Confederate monument. He spoke of the importance of remembering the past, and his vigils prompted a reckoning with the town’s past. In addition to the monument’s political and historical context, the protests forced the town to relocate a former Black community known as Quakertown.

Denton is also home to the Denton Firefighter Museum. This museum contains an impressive collection of historical artifacts, and is a great place to get some history lesson. You can also enjoy guided tours, especially for groups. Another unique attraction is the Denton Courthouse. The historic building sits atop a hill and provides a picturesque view of the town’s downtown.

There is no shortage of exciting things to do in Denton. The city is a hotspot for adventure seekers. You can explore its historical and cultural sites, or enjoy its thriving cultural scene. And you can catch a movie or a television show in one of the city’s theaters.

Several Confederate monuments have been vandalized over the past few years. A committee will now recommend a new memorial with a more accurate historical context and a description of the African American experience in relation to the Civil War. The committee chairman noted that similar measures are being taken across the country to preserve historical monuments.

Bayless Selby House Museum

Located in Denton, Texas, the Bayless Selby House Museum is a must-see for history buffs. This Queen Anne’s house was constructed in 1898 and offers a look at life in Denton Country before the Great Depression.

The home was restored between 1998 and 2001 to preserve the house’s original appearance. Since then, it has been open as a museum and education center. The interiors of the historic home are filled with antique furniture and artifacts from the era. Admission is free during regular hours.

The Bayless Selby House Museum is located in Denton County Historical Park. It is the first historic house museum in Denton County. Visitors can view antique furniture, Victorian handpainted porcelain, and vintage clothing from the era. A Victorian garden is also part of the museum’s grounds.

If you are looking for more culture, Denton has plenty to offer. Visitors can find unique shops on courthouse square, historic Campus Theatre, and Ray Roberts Lake State Park. And if you like to read, the Denton Book Exchange is the place to visit. It also has a collection of used books, DVDs, and action figures.

If you are a history buff, you will appreciate the history behind the Bayless-Selby House. It was built in the late 1800s and was home to the Bayless Family. The house was originally located on Myrtle Street in Denton but was moved to the Denton County Historical Park.

The Denton County Historical Park is located at 317 West Mulberry Street. This park also hosts several community events throughout the year. The historical park houses two of Denton’s oldest treasures – the Bayless-Selby House and the Quakertown House. The former house was once home to an African American community. Today, it is a museum dedicated to the history of African-American residents in Denton County.

Water Works Park

Water Works Park in Denton, Texas, has several fun water features for families to enjoy. There are four giant slides and two toddler slides, a kids’ play area, and a lazy river. The park also features cabanas and sand volleyball courts. Visitors can spend the day playing games or relaxing by the pool.

Cedar Point Waterpark is a fun place to go with the family. Cedar Point Waterpark has four large slides, a lazy river, a kiddie area, a Natatorium (with a smaller water slide), a diving board, and swimming lanes. The park offers locker rentals, snacks, and drinks, and the staff is friendly and helpful.

Penny’s Playtown

If you want to take your kids for a fun-filled day out, you should visit Penny’s Playtown in Denton, Texas. This place caters to both children and adults, and has a variety of activities for kids of all ages. You can also take advantage of the theater that features live performances from famous artists.

The city is also home to the famous Warehouse Workshop for Costume Clothing. This place features elaborate theatrical sets and rooms themed for children of all ages. You can shop for costumes at the Wild West Saloon, a pirate ship, a Victorian salon, a medieval castle, and even the Iron Throne from Game of Thrones! You can also find a variety of restaurants for both adults and children in the city.

The town also has several movie theaters where you can watch your favorite shows. In addition to movies, you can also enjoy television shows in the theaters, which are often broadcast on televisions through the walls. There are also several outdoor activities, such as biking and hiking, which you can do with your family.

The town has a lot to offer those who want to spend the weekend with their children. You can spend the day at the park or catch a movie at Cinemark 14. Another fun thing for families to do is to check out Penny’s Playtown. If your kids are adventurous enough, they can also try their hand at an escape room.

Antique Gallery

Denton, Texas, is one of the many haunted places in the world. Many people have seen ghosts and other paranormal activity in the area, and this small town is no exception. The area was inhabited by Native Americans before European settlers arrived. After 1839, Irish immigrants settled the area.

The town is a great place to experience Texas history. It has plenty of culture and history, and there are plenty of things to do here. You can even attend a movie at a local theater! The Denton campus theatre is a must-see attraction for students and faculty. During the school year, the campus theatre hosts several events, including musicals, dance performances, workshops, and more.

The Antique Gallery in Denton, Texas features over two thousand square feet of antiques. Its collection of Western antiques is the largest in North Texas. The store carries vintage home decor and furnishings, as well as other items like collectibles like coins and toys. It also offers a large variety of vintage clothing and jewelry.

Visitors to the Denton area will also want to check out the nearby Hanger 10 Flying Museum. It opened in 2015 and features artifacts from pre-colonial times to the present day. Aviation enthusiasts will also enjoy exploring the museum’s airplane-themed exhibits. A visit to the museum will provide an opportunity to learn more about the history of the town.