There are many places to visit in Zearing, Iowa. These include Dakins Lake, Wildeboer Family Sports Complex, and the Prairie Rail Trail. Take your time exploring these areas and you’ll be sure to enjoy the beauty that is part of this small town. You can find things to do within 100 miles of Zearing, as well.

Wildeboer Family Sports Complex

The Wildeboer Family Sports Complex in the northwest portion of Zearing is home to a 400M running track and spacious green space. It is also a part of the County Conservation Trail, which links Zearing with McCallsburg and Roland. In addition, the complex is home to a dance floor and full kitchen.

Prairie Rail Trail

If you’re in the mood for some outdoor activity, you can head to Zearing to check out the Prairie Rail Trail. This 10.5 mile recreational pathway links Zearing with McCallsburg and Roland. The trail provides a peaceful setting to spend the day. You’ll be rewarded with some fantastic views as you bike or walk the trail.

This paved trail offers easy access for hikers and cyclists. It also allows leashed dogs. Visitors must purchase a State Park Pass to enter the park. When riding on the trail, be sure to save your directions so you can access them later. App-based directions can be unreliable and may not give the proper route.

Another rail trail in Zearing is the Flint Hills Nature Trail. This 117-mile rail-trail is the longest in Kansas when completed. It connects with the Prairie Spirit in Ottawa and includes edible trailside vegetation. To keep your bike wheels clean, it is important to wear appropriate footwear.