Wrangell is a borough in Alaska. The population is estimated at 2,127 by 2020. In 2010, it was 2,369 people. There are many attractions and places to visit in this small town. Here are a few of them. Petroglyph Beach State Historic Park, LeConte Glacier, Anan Creek Wildlife Observatory, and the Stikine River.

Petroglyph Beach State Historic Park

Petroglyph Beach State Historic Park in Wrangel is an easy-access place to explore the history of the Native American culture. The petroglyphs are estimated to be at least 8,000 years old. They were created by the ancestors of the Lingit people of Wrangell Island. However, the colors of one of the larger petroglyphs have recently changed, sparking a debate about whether the redness was vandalism or a natural process.

Petroglyph Beach is less than a mile from the ferry terminal and is the perfect place to explore the unique art of the Wrangell region. Its sands are lined with more than 40 petroglyphs, which visitors can explore on foot. The most famous of these is a whale petroglyph that is unique to the area. The carvings are over 8,000 years old and protected by federal antiquity laws.

In the early 2000s, state archaeologists discovered 40 petroglyphs on the beach in Wrangell. After identifying the ancient rock carvings, the state Department of Natural Resources approached the Wrangell tribe and secured funds to renovate the park. Peterman says that the reddish color is likely the result of centuries of wear and tear, as well as ferns that were used for rubbings.

Petroglyphs are ancient pictures and designs carved into rock. Visitors can walk along the boardwalk between a viewing deck and a large outcropping of rock. Visitors should be careful not to touch the petroglyphs, as physical contact may damage them. While it is possible to take photographs of the petroglyphs, it is not recommended to stand on them or touch them.

Petroglyph Beach is a public historical site located in Wrangell, Alaska. It is home to the highest concentration of petroglyphs in the state of Alaska. The carvings are thought to be thousands of years old and depict everything from salmon to human faces. The meaning behind them is largely unknown. The drawings may have been made by Tlingit people who lived here millennia ago.

LeConte Glacier

If you’re looking for places to go in Wrangell, Alaska, you may want to consider visiting the LeConte Glacier. This is one of the most active glaciers in the country, and it’s within jet-boating distance from Wrangell. Visitors will have the opportunity to watch seals and other animals play and rest on the floating ice.

There are many different ways to explore Wrangell’s beautiful wildlife. The most popular is by taking a boat tour, and there are several different companies offering tours of Wrangell. Whether you’re interested in bear watching, whale watching, or a private tour, there’s a boat tour out there for you.

While you’re there, don’t forget to visit John Muir’s favorite glacier. It’s a blue ice glacier, surrounded by granite cliffs and marine life. And if you’re looking for a day trip from Wrangell, don’t miss a trip to Petersburg, a fishing town established by Norwegian settlers.

A kayak tour is another great way to see Wrangell. There’s an accessible kayak rental station, or you can book a guided tour to take you there. If you’re comfortable on the water, you can explore the flats and the LeConte Bay. Just be sure to have basic safety knowledge and go with a guide.

If you’re looking for something more adventurous, you can take a trip down the Stikine River. This is a true nature lover’s paradise. It features an array of wildlife, including over 120 species of migrating birds. Tundra swans and Canadian gees are just a few of the many species you can see here.

If you’re looking for a place to stay during your Wrangell vacation, there are a few good places to stay. The Stikine Inn is one option, but it is seasonal, so make sure to call before you make your reservation. The Cedar House Inn is expected to open sometime in 2023.

You can also visit Shakes Island. The Tlingit community has been a part of the region for thousands of years. While there, you can view the city’s impressive collection of totems. There are about a dozen throughout town. The Killer Whale totem is especially popular.

Anan Creek Wildlife Observatory

If you’re looking for something different to do during your trip to Wrangell, you can visit the Anan Creek Wildlife Observatory, a US Forest Service-managed site. During July and August, you need to obtain a permit before visiting the site. The observatory features a 1/2 mile-long walk that leads to a viewing platform over the falls at Anan Creek. From here, you can watch bears emerge from the woods and rocks to catch salmon. Often, they retreat to the side to eat their catch, which provides food for other wildlife.

The Anan Wildlife Observatory is a world-renowned bear viewing site. To view the bears, you must book a permit to visit, which is only available during peak viewing season (July 5-August 25). The observatory is accessible by boat or floatplane. The Anan Calendar website lists authorized guide companies, which will arrange for permits.

You can take pictures of bears at two different viewing locations: the main observatory overlooks the waterfall and the creek. You can also get close up pictures by sitting in a hide by the water. A 300mm or 400mm lens will allow you to capture the bears and the surrounding environment. You can also shoot some longer-range photos from the observation deck.

The Anan Wildlife Observatory is located thirty miles south-east of Wrangell. The peak viewing season occurs from July 5 through August 25 and coincides with the run of pink salmon. The site is equipped with a covered viewing shelter, deck, and photo blind. The facility also offers guided tours.

The Anan Creek Wildlife Observatory is home to one of the largest salmon runs in Southeast Alaska. This seasonal abundance of salmon attracts an array of fish-eating animals. Aside from black bears, visitors can also see bald eagles and sea lions.

The observatory at Anan Bay is a moderately easy half-mile hike. There is also a public recreation cabin that is available for overnight stays. The cost is $25 per night during non-peak seasons.

Stikine River

The Stikine River is one of the last great wilderness areas in North America, and visiting it is a unique experience. You can immerse yourself in the rugged beauty of this area by taking a tour that takes you off the beaten path. Your guide will share local secrets with you while you explore the area. Be sure to bring a personal water bottle and light rain gear, as the weather can change quickly.

You can also take a boat trip to view the glaciers and other wildlife in the area. The Stikine River is the fastest-flowing river in North America and stretches for 400 miles from its headwaters in British Columbia. The river is characterized by steep mountains and glaciers and is home to several species of Pacific salmon. The area also supports a large population of moose and bears, and countless migratory birds.

The Stikine River is one of the best places in Wrangell to see birds. The region is home to more than 120 different bird species, including some endangered species. A trip to this area is a must for birdwatchers, and you can participate in the annual Stikine River Birding Festival.

If you’re into sea kayaking, Wrangell is the perfect place to visit. Try your hand at paddling the Stikine River and paddle around the harbor. If you’re a fan of fish and chips, stop in The Stikine Restaurant for a delicious meal. The fish served here is locally caught and battered with Alaskan Brewery Draft beer. You can enjoy full-service dining in the Stikine Restaurant, which is popular with tourists during peak tourist season. If you’re adventurous enough, you can even take a guided tour of the area.

You can find everything you need for a satisfying meal in Wrangell. If you don’t feel like cooking, visit the City Market for premade food and drinks. You can also find snacks at Skik Cafe in the Stikine Inn. They serve breakfast sandwiches, lunch sandwiches, and coffee, and you can enjoy them at a table.