Valley Springs is a census-designated place (CDP) in the California foothills. It is registered as a California Historical Landmark. The area is also home to the Paradise Valley Springs Wildlife Park and Valley Springs Farm Bed and Breakfast. There are also plenty of hiking trails in the area.

Paradise Valley Springs Wildlife Park

Paradise Valley Springs Wildlife Park offers a wide range of activities for the entire family. There are trout pools, a 20-foot-high tree boardwalk, and a variety of native animals to discover. From lions to birds, the park is sure to please everyone.

The park is tucked away in a beautiful, quiet forest. It’s the perfect place to see native New Zealand birds and wildlife. Visitors can also experience the thrill of feeding a lion. It’s highly recommended that you take at least one or two hours to explore this wildlife reserve. If you’re hungry, a snack cafe is located within the park.

This park is located about 10 minutes from Rotorua city. It’s home to a variety of New Zealand native birds and farm animals, as well as a pride of African lions. You’ll be able to hand-feed the animals, which makes it a popular choice among families.

You can get up close to lions at Paradise Valley Springs Wildlife Park, and even pet some of them! The lions are fed every afternoon in a specially designed enclosure. Don’t miss the lion feeding show, which takes place daily at 2.30pm. There’s also the opportunity to hand-feed other wild animals throughout the day.

The wildlife park features an elevated treetop walk that puts you in close proximity to the canopy of trees. The park also features an African lion pride, which lets you get up close to these majestic animals. There are feeding sessions every two and three hours, including a feeding show at 2.30pm and kea and possum feeding at 3pm.

Valley Springs Farm Bed & Breakfast

The Valley Springs Farm Bed & Breakfast is located on 255 acres in the rural town of Reedsburg, Wisconsin. It is run by Don and Dorothy Harm. Guests can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and seasonal beauty of the location. The bed and breakfast has two stories and offers lodging on the second floor. Inn guests can participate in activities that help them learn about farm life.

The bed and breakfast uses a lot of local products, including eggs from chickens, meat from cows, and locally made cheese. The farm-to-table philosophy is used to prepare breakfast and lunch dishes for guests. Breakfast items include fruit and yogurt cups, egg-based entrees, and baked German pancakes.

Disc golf

If you love to play disc golf, you’ll love the Valley Springs area. This picturesque location is surrounded by gorgeous mountains and is just a half-hour drive from San Francisco. The three Valley Springs reservoirs each offer unique recreational opportunities and landscapes. There are plenty of wildlife and birds to spot as you play. The courses are beautifully designed with picnic tables lining the water’s edge. The New Hogan and Valley Springs reservoirs both have nine-hole disc golf courses.

Booster Days

The Valley Springs Booster Days are an annual event that’s been going on for more than 50 years. These events have become family events that local residents enjoy. One Valley Springs resident, Cindy Moss, 59, remembers watching the parade as a child with her grandmother. She lived across the street from the fire station and they would sit there watching the parade.