If you’re planning a trip to South Whitley, IN, you may be wondering what to do in the surrounding area. We have put together this list to help you plan a trip to the area. Whether you’re looking for things to do in the city itself, or planning a trip 100 miles away, this list can help you decide.


Trails in South Whitley provide you with some great opportunities to get outdoors and enjoy the natural beauty of the area. The trails in the South Whitley area are mostly dirt, but you’ll find some areas with some elevation. Depending on the trail you choose, you might see some unique plants and wildlife.

If you love the outdoors, South Whitley has many trails for biking and walking. The Eel River Trail begins on the north side of town on Calhoun Street and extends to an old railroad trestle. The city plans to connect the trails in the city with the city’s new high school. In addition to these scenic trails, there are also some challenging hikes and bike trails in Whitley County.

Historic S.R. 5 Bridge

The Indiana Department of Transportation has announced plans to repair and renovate the historic S.R. 5 Bridge over the Eel River in South Whitley. The bridge was constructed in 1935 and rebuilt in 1990, and is considered an important component of the town’s South Whitley Historic District. The project is governed by the National Environmental Policy Act, which requires consideration of potential impacts, and an opportunity for public input.

The new bridge will have a clear roadway width of 24 feet and a multi-use path on the west side. The bridge was designed to accommodate future additions of travel lanes on I-465. The project also incorporated MSE wall abutments to reduce the bridge’s change in profile grade.

The new floating bridge will be more environmentally friendly than the old bridge. It will allow for light rail retrofits, and will have stormwater treatment facilities to filter pollutants before they reach the lake. The new bridge will also help reduce carbon emissions and improve transit and non-motorized travel.

The new bridge will connect the highway to the lakeside community and will be safer and more reliable than the old one. The old bridge is made of hollow columns, and was vulnerable to earthquakes. Additionally, the old bridge divided the community. The new bridge will reconnect Montlake and provide safer, more reliable travel.

Midwestern tradition of red brick buildings

The Midwestern tradition of red brick buildings in South Waltley reveals the region’s racial history. The buildings’ design reflects the intersection of craft and utility. They signify ownership and value of space. Brick also serves as a symbol of the region.

South Whitley is a small town in Whitley County, Indiana. Its population was 1,751 at the 2010 census. The town’s tree-lined streets are dotted with Midwestern red brick buildings. Its post office has been in operation since 1842. The town is home to the Whitko Community School Corporation, which serves South Whitley Elementary and Whitko Jr/Sr High School. It also operates the South Whitley Community Public Library.

Per capita income

The median household income in South Whitley, IN is $46,316. This is about middle-class compared to the rest of Indiana, and below the average for the United States. However, the city is home to some very wealthy residents as well. The majority of residents identify themselves as White (Non-Hispanic) or Two+ (Hispanic), with the remaining 0.728% reporting another race.

South Whitley is located in a rural area of northeast Indiana. While housing costs in the city are lower than the national average, other expenses like transportation and utilities are higher. The Census Bureau uses a set of money income thresholds to determine if a family is considered impoverished.

South Whitley, Indiana is a small town with a population of 1,818. It is the 256th-largest community in Indiana, and its single neighborhood has a population of just under 1,800. It is a historic town with most of its housing stock being built before World War II.

The area is home to the world-renowned Fox Products and agricultural powerhouse Ag Plus. It also offers a wide range of employment opportunities, including manufacturing and instrument manufacturing. It also offers pristine kayaking on the Eel River, as well as park amenities that rival those found in other parts of the county.

Per capita income in South Whitley is calculated by dividing total personal income by the number of residents. The most recent figures are available for the year 2000, but BEA also released revised estimates from 1995 to 2000. More information can be found on the BEA’s website. Further, the city’s income is a great indicator of the quality of its economy and consumer markets.