Socorro, New Mexico, is a small town with many interesting things to do and places to see. It has an historic mission church, radio telescope, and mineral museum. If you’re interested in the history of the area, you can visit the historic mission church or the Loma Theater.

Historic mission church

The historic mission church in Socorro, New Mexico, has a rich history. The Spanish priests wanted to build the most imposing churches possible. They used silver to adorn the church’s tabernacle and Communion Rail, as well as to make sacred vessels used during the Mass. The church’s main body was built between 1615 and 1626. The church seats about 250 people and is a perfect example of Pueblo architecture. Although the church has undergone restoration and renovation since its construction, it still has a strong Pueblo foundation.

Today, the historic mission church is part of the Diocese of El Paso. Its statue of San Miguel Arcangel was moved to Socorro in 1838 after it became stuck in mud near the Santa Fe area. The mission parishioners were fortunate to receive the statue. The church was restored to its original appearance in 2000 and is host to an annual festival. During the festival, visitors can watch the Matachine dancer and enjoy Mariachis and carnival rides.

The historic mission church in Socorro is one of the most prominent buildings in the city. Located at 403 El Camino Real, it dates back to the early 17th century. It was built on the same site as a previous mission, and reused the original mission’s roof support beams and furnishings. It also featured a large cemetery and a rectory. The church has a beautiful interior and features beautifully painted beams. It is even home to a statue of St. Michael, and is considered a prime example of Spanish and Native American architecture.

The mission church is now part of the historic district of Socorro. It is located on the site of the former Socorro mission, and its restoration is complete. The mission is part of the La Purisima parish, which has about 660 registered families. In addition to the historic mission church, there is a parish church on the foundation and frame of the former mission church. Even though the mission church is now part of a parish, it still serves a vital purpose.


Whenever you’re in the mood for some tasty food, consider stopping at a Socorro diner. If you’re on a tight schedule, you can use the Uber Eats app to order food from local restaurants. The app makes it easy to browse local food delivery options, place orders, and track your orders minute by minute.

Yo Mama’s Grill is owned by Jason and Deidra Vinson, a married couple from Socorro. Their diner is known for its excellent service and friendly, attentive staff. And despite being in the small town of Socorro, the couple has survived the tough business environment and have managed to keep their restaurant open.


The Socorro Heritage and Visitor Center is a publicly owned facility that preserves and displays important pieces of local history. This museum is a great place to learn about the city’s rich history and culture. In addition to its exhibits and informational panels, the Museum hosts an Art Workshop and a Spring Open House.

Visitors to the New Mexico Museum of Mining will discover displays of mining equipment and gems created by lapidarists. A special case features meteorites and meteor-wrongs. The museum also has many microcollections from key supporters that help to fund new acquisitions. In addition to its exhibits, the museum hosts a state geologist who invites visitors to wander the building and see rock-related art.

Radio telescope

Socorro, New Mexico, is the home of the Array Operations Center (AOC), the control and monitoring center for the Very Long Baseline Array (VLBA). The AOC allows National Radio Astronomy Observatory operators to remotely control the ten VLBA telescope stations. The center is staffed by a team of astronomers.

The AOC is a great place to learn about radio astronomy and the National Radio Astronomy Observatory, a ten-telescope array that spans 40 miles. Visitors can take a tour of the VLBA, view exhibits, and enjoy a documentary film while at the site.

The VLA is located 50 miles west of Socorro. The radio telescopes comprise the Very Large Array. The radio telescopes are 25 meters across and weigh about 230 tons each. It is open to the public seven days a week and has a visitor center where you can learn about radio astronomy and its history. There is also a self-guided tour, which allows visitors to explore the antennas up-close.

The VLA is an astronomical facility that helps scientists study the origin of radio waves. By observing radio waves from space, scientists can see whether they originate in space or on Earth. A radio telescope near Socorro, New Mexico, will aid in this research. The radio telescope will help scientists better understand the nature of space and how it affects our universe.

VLA is one of the world’s most productive radio telescopes. It consists of 27 25-meter dish antennas and is used to study black holes and young stars. It has also been used to study planet formation. The VLA is even featured in the 1997 Hollywood film Contact. However, it is still not equipped with dedicated SETI instruments.

Loma Theater

The Loma Theater in Socorro, New Mexico, has recently reopened. This renovated theater features top digital movies in both 2D and 3D and a wonderful ambiance. It is open seven days a week and offers a wide range of films for the whole family. The theater is now rated 4.7 stars on Google.