Beard Cabin

The Beard Cabin is a historical cabin located in Shawnee, Oklahoma. It was built in 1892 and is considered the first home built in Shawnee. The Beards later moved the cabin to the Santa Fe Depot, which is located on Main Street. Shawnee is located southeast of Oklahoma City. It is home to the Absentee and Citizen Pottawatomie nations.

Among Shawnee’s many attractions, the Santa Fe Depot is the most photographed building in the state. In addition to the Santa Fe Depot, you can also visit Beard Cabin and visit the Shawnee Garment Company, which has been manufacturing Round House(r) Overalls for over 100 years. You may have even seen Jessica Simpson wearing these stylish overalls!

The downtown area of Shawnee also provides numerous shopping opportunities and restaurants. During the holiday season, the town is home to the Christmas Parade of Lights and Trail Days Wine Festival. If you are looking for a unique and memorable holiday experience, this is the place to go.


Brickhouse is one of the premier places to go in Shawnee, Oklahoma, offering a great night out. The downtown location offers a variety of games, ice-cold beer, and live music every weekend. There is also a shot menu and monthly drink specials.

The Pottawatomie County Museum is another place to check out. It is situated on the main street and has some very well-curated artifacts. The museum is also home to the only mummy in Oklahoma! Whether you are interested in prehistoric artifacts or modern art exhibits, you’ll be able to find something to satisfy any artistic taste.

The trio had originally refused to open the dispensary, but Jennings made an offer they couldn’t refuse. They started talking to Jennings for a few months and decided to move forward with it. In the meantime, they decided to reopen the saloon.

Garden of the Gods

Garden of the Gods is one of the most popular hikes in the Southern Illinois area. This popular trail offers geological insight and beautiful views for miles. It is located in the Shawnee National Forest. During the Carboniferous Period, the area was covered with a thick bed of gray sandstone. During the last ice age, the ice sheets stopped just north of this area. Today, the area is mostly forested, and you can enjoy its scenic vistas from multiple lookout points.

The Garden of the Gods has trails and a campground that has cabins for guests. The campground has drinking water, toilets, and fire pits. Visitors can also choose to stay indoors in the Shawnee Forest Cabins. These cabins provide warm beds and other comforts of home. You can also hike in the park and spend a day enjoying the natural beauty of the area.

The Garden of the Gods is one of the most popular attractions in Shawnee. The area has more than 5.5 miles of hiking trails and is an ideal place for hiking and exploring. It also offers horseback riding, backpacking, and other activities that can keep you active and healthy. The area also has spectacular views and many points of interest.

Garden of the Gods is an excellent place for a family trip. This park is easily accessible from the interstate, and has a separate parking area for overnight backpackers. However, day hikers may also take up these parking spots during busy times. The Garden of the Gods trail is 6.4 miles long, and most of the campsites are right on the trail. However, one campsite is located about thirty feet from the trail, next to a creek. The Garden of the Gods is a well-established park, and you will find people there who are looking for a place to camp.

The Shawnee Hills were once covered by a giant inland sea. Uplift caused displacements in the earth that are thousands of feet deep. Over the years, glaciation, rail, and wind have further eroded the rocks of this area. The most significant erosive factor, however, was glaciation. When the giant glacier melted, it released immense amounts of water. This water eroded the soft limestone and sandstone rock layers beneath.

Splash Cove

If you’re looking for fun family places in Shawnee, look no further than Splash Cove, a municipal water park located downtown. This splash park has a low admission fee and is great for all ages. It features a mini wave pool, a full body slide, and a massive interactive playground. The facility also offers concessions and party cabanas. In addition to its water park and playground, Splash Cove also hosts K-9’s at the Cove day in late August. This allows dogs to swim with you!

For families looking for a fun, low-cost place to take the kids for a day, Shawnee has many activities to offer. Splash Cove is a great place to take small children and has a supervised play area. There are also several open fields to play soccer or kickball. There are also two swimming facilities located in the city, including the Thomas A Soetaert Aquatic Center. This pool has diving boards, lanes, and a lazy river, and it holds K-9 Day in late August.

If you want to check out local boutiques and thrift stores, Shawnee has many options. Many local boutiques offer clothes, jewelry, gifts, and accessories. Most are open 24 hours. Moovit can also help you plan your trip to Splash Cove Water Park. Just enter the desired destination and Moovit will show you how to get there.

Splash Cove opens for swimming on May 28. Admission and season passes are available. Season passes are good for one year and are available at the entrance. To enter the water park, you must present a valid state identification card. Children must be accompanied by an adult who is 18 years or older.