There are many places to visit in Sharon Springs, Pennsylvania. For a quick history lesson, take a walk through the downtown area. You’ll find historic sites such as the Magnesia Temple and the 1802 Mercantile. There are also a number of festivals and seasonal events, such as the Poetry Festival and the Farmer’s Market.

Historical walking tour of Sharon Springs

If you love history, you’ll enjoy taking a walking tour of Sharon Springs. This tour will highlight some of the town’s architectural heritage, including buildings, spas, hotels, and boarding and rooming houses. You’ll also learn more about the town’s Jewish community. The historical walking tour will cost you $10 and start at the Historic Roseboro Hotel. The walk will take approximately an hour, stopping at several homes and landmarks along the way.

This beautiful village is situated on the edge of the Catskill Mountains and overlooks the Mohawk Valley. It’s rich in historical heritage, and is a great place to browse antiques, visit the historic schoolhouse, or go on a hike or horseback ride. The area is also home to architectural walking tours.

During the nineteenth century, Sharon Springs was part of the Province of New York. It was also home to the indigenous Iroquois tribe. Before the Revolutionary War, the town was known as New Dorlach. It was located at the westernmost end of the Thirteen Colonies. A farming community of 10,000 people thrived here, making it the “breadbasket” of the Colonies.

The American Hotel was constructed in 1842 by Nicholas LaRue. After it was abandoned for 30 years, it was purchased by Doug Plummer and Garth Roberts in 1996. Since then, the American Hotel has reopened as a hotel and hosts a variety of events throughout the year. Another landmark is the Smith, Empie and Smith building, which was completed in 1910 and operated as a department store until the mid-1950s. The building has since operated as a mail-order company and a variety store.

Magnesia Temple

The Magnesia Temple in Sharon Springs is one of the most ornate and unique temples in the area. Constructed by Henry J. Bang in 1863, the temple features elaborate ornamentation and a domed roof. Built on a private property, it is the only remaining structure of the Congress Hall complex that once included a hotel, bathhouses, and a bandstand. Despite its uniqueness, the temple is in need of repair.

The town of Sharon Springs is home to several mineral springs, including sulfur, chalybeate, and magnesium. These springs are believed to cure illnesses and provide health benefits. In the late nineteenth century, the town attracted visitors from across the country. In 1882, Oscar Wilde gave a lecture at the Pavilion Hotel. The area was also served by direct rail and ferry routes to New York City.

Originally, the springs were used by Native Americans for healing. They still function as a mineral-water spa, but the clientèle is smaller than in the olden days. The springs are still used today for facial splashes and eye treatments. Today, the springs are part of White Sulphur Temple Park, owned by Mr. Yarkony and are open to the public.

Sharon Springs’ historic Imperial Bathhouse was once the center of a bustling spa village. Today, a local group is working to bring it back to life. A renovation project has been in the works for over a decade. Several deteriorating buildings have been removed. Asbestos abatement has been completed.

The water from the Chalybeate spring is believed to be therapeutic. It contains iron salts that have medicinal properties. Although it is unknown whether the temple was originally constructed over the spring, it is possible that Eldredge erected the structure over it.

1802 Mercantile

The Sharon Springs mercantile has gained worldwide fame for its variety of goods. From goats milk soaps and cheeses to perfumes and gifts for pet owners, this store offers something for everyone. In addition to its wide selection of goods, it also sells home goods made by local artisans and the famous fruitcake.

This store carries products from local farmers, including beekman, as well as other high-end products. Many of the items sold at the store are available online and at many other major retailers. Located on Main Street, the store is decorated to the nines, making it the center of attraction in town. The store is handicap-friendly, and it’s pet-friendly.

During the 2008 recession, the Beekman’s had been suffering, and both Josh and Brent had to lose their jobs within a month. They faced the possibility of losing their farms, and so they decided to try their luck in launching a mercantile. Now they are trying to make Beekman 1802 Mercantile a profitable business. Visitors can take advantage of a 15% discount from Amtrak.

In a move that evokes a PopTV-era Rose Apothecary, Beekman 1802 Mercantile has remodeled its storefront to mimic the Rose Apothecary. It has even incorporated some of the Rose Apothecary’s storefront signage and packaging. In addition, they have added some new products to the store, including rose-scented candles and body creams.

Bowmaker’s Pond

Near Bowmaker’s Pond, Sharon Springs offers numerous outdoor activities and a picturesque setting for picnics. The pond is stocked by SUNY Cobleskill, making it a wonderful spot for fishing and picnicking. Whether you want to spend a quiet afternoon relaxing or you’re up for a vigorous workout, Bowmaker’s Pond has something for everyone.

The town is home to four mineral springs with healing properties: magnesia, chalybeate, and sulfur. During the 19th century, Sharon Springs became a popular spa destination, hosting tens of thousands of visitors annually. It was even home to a famous literary figure such as Oscar Wilde, who gave a lecture at the Pavilion Hotel in 1882. By the early 20th century, Sharon Springs was also accessible via rail and ferry connections from New York City and Boston via Albany.

Sharon Springs is a small village, but it was once a world-famous health spa. Its historic buildings are preserved today, and you can take a walking tour on Main Street to experience Victorian life. You can also enjoy the countryside on a scenic drive through the village. Geology buffs will enjoy the rock formations to the west of the village, which are a prime spot for hiking. Bowmaker’s Pond, another popular location for outdoor activities, is a beautiful natural setting that contains several plant species.

The village of Sharon Springs is located in Schoharie County, just 50 miles west of Albany. It is situated in a winding valley and is convenient to numerous attractions in New York State. Located near the Delaware River and the Adirondack Mountains, the town’s surrounding areas were once home to a farming community of over 10,000 people.

American Hotel

The American Hotel is a historic property in Sharon Springs, New York. It is also home to the Black Cat Cafe and Bakery. Both are owned by Antony Daou, the author of the Sharon Springs Guide 2010 and 2011. The American Hotel was restored by Garth Roberts in the 19th century, and the Black Cat Cafe and Bakery followed soon after. These two establishments have helped form a sustainable business base on Lower Main Street. In the coming months, a new spa will open.

The American Hotel is the oldest hotel in Sharon Springs and is on the National Register of Historic Places. It is situated on the west side of Main Street (Rt. 10). The historic building has Greek Revival architecture and a columned three-story front porch. The American Hotel was vacant for several years, but the new owners plan to renovate the property.

Garth Roberts, a former Broadway conductor and keyboardist, has a Bachelor’s degree in music from Ithaca College and pursued his Master’s at the University of Illinois. He is the Co-Owner of the award-winning American Hotel in Sharon Springs, New York. Roberts is an active member of the local community. He has served on the Village of Sharon Springs’ board of trustees and the Sharon Springs Council on the Arts. He also has a seat on the board of Klinkhart Hall Arts Center.

The American Hotel in Sharon Springs is an 1847 historic property. It features nine guest rooms with private baths and cable television. In addition to the spacious rooms, the hotel also offers a delightful full breakfast. The American Hotel in Sharon Springs is a local favorite and a popular destination for visitors. It has nine rooms and is located on a beautiful garden. It also has a wonderful restaurant.