Known as an International Dark Sky Community, Nucla, Colorado is a town full of outdoor activities year round. In addition to being a designated dark sky destination, Nucla is also home to a small museum and plenty of fishing. The town’s newspaper still lists uranium prices but does not talk about mining as a savior.

Nucla is a designated International Dark Sky Community

The two Colorado towns of Nucla and Naturita have been recognized by the International Dark Sky Association as IDA International Dark Sky Communities. These towns are situated just two hours outside of Grand Junction and are home to a thriving night sky scene. The towns, founded in the late nineteenth century, have a rich history, with local economies built on mining, ranching, and agriculture. With a growing recognition of the value of the night sky, locals are taking action to preserve their night skies.

Nucla, Colorado is one of several communities in the state that have been designated an International Dark Sky Community. The designation was first granted to the town of Norwood in 2010. The town’s dark sky designation was the result of a petition from a group led by Dr. Bob Grossman, a retired professor of atmospheric sciences at the University of Colorado. Since then, the initiative has spread to other Colorado communities, including Nucla and Naturita.

The International Dark Sky Association, or IDA, is dedicated to preserving and protecting night skies. Its mission is to ensure the survival of dark starry skies for 99% of the population in the continental United States and Western Europe. IDA awards six types of designations to cities, towns, and villages that demonstrate excellent stewardship of the night sky. These communities adopt lighting ordinances and educate their citizens about the importance of preserving the night sky.

It has year-round outdoor activities

The town of Nucla, New Mexico, is a great place to enjoy outdoor activities year-round. This town is located near two reservoirs and is part of the International Dark Sky Community. Its local farmers market features local produce and crafts. The town also hosts an annual Water Days celebration, with pancake breakfast, community parade, horseshoe tournament, live music, and a water fight. Another fun event is the West End Cowboy Gathering, a one-night poetry and western music festival.

It has a small museum

The Statutory Town of Nucla is located in Montrose County, Colorado. According to the 2010 census, Nucla’s population was 711. The name is derived from the town’s founders’ intent to serve as a “nucleus” for the surrounding farms. However, it has come to be known for its association with the uranium mining industry. The town has a relatively small area, 0.7 square miles (1.8 km2), and is situated on desert land.

The town’s airport is available for commercial flights and the old elementary school building could be converted into a hemp manufacturing center. There are few other showy tourist attractions in Nucla, which is located in the desert and off the beaten path. However, if you are looking for a quiet place, Nucla is a good choice. The town’s Airbnb host Cynthia Miller offers accommodations in her home, so you can enjoy the area without having to worry about getting lost.

It has fishing

Nucla, Colorado, is a small town at the base of the Uncompahgre Plateau and the San Miguel Basin. The town was originally staked out on a flat in Tabeguache “The Sunny Side” Park, on a hill that was unsuitable for farming. It was later irrigated with a ditch, and is still very fertile today. Today, the town is home to many recreational and business opportunities, including fishing.

It has a dark sky

The town of Nucla, Colorado, has been designated a Dark Sky Community by the International Dark-Sky Association. Its designation follows that of Norwood, which earned the designation two years ago. Norwood is one of only 22 such communities worldwide, with 15 of them located in the U.S. The other communities are in Canada, Denmark, Germany, Scotland, and the U.K.

In addition, Crestone became the 31st Dark Sky Community in May, while another town will receive the designation in June. To receive this designation, communities must conduct tests, measure light pollution, overhaul public lighting systems, and ask residents to reduce outdoor lighting. In addition, towns that have been designated as Dark Sky Communities are encouraged to hold events that highlight the importance of the dark sky.

In the Sangre de Cristo area, the Sangre de Cristo Dark Sky Reserve would cover five counties, including Wet Mountain Valley. In addition, Colorado has 15 of the world’s 196 International Dark Sky Places, according to the International Dark Sky Association. The town has over two dozen sacred landmarks and spiritual centers. To get the full experience of Crestone, stay in one of the town’s accommodations. Don’t miss the chance to see the ancient Ziggurat, located just south of town.

Although it takes a few years for the dark sky designation to be implemented, Nucla has already made a few improvements. In the coming year, the nonprofit observatory plans to install a new amphitheater style seating outside. Additionally, it will hold private stargazing sessions and will resume hosting public star parties. The organization welcomes donations for upkeep and light fixture replacement. The goal is to attract more visitors to the town with the dark sky.

It has a quiet life

The culture of Nucla is similar to that of a small English town, and it lacks diversity. Its residents import Yorkshire tea and Tesco by mail and allow their friends’ sheep to graze by their house. In addition, they refuse to speak out against the gun ordinance. It may be a quiet life, but the area is in the process of changing.

Although the town has a population of less than 700, it has a rich history of big dreams. In 2013, the town board passed an ordinance that allows people to own firearms. It also recently installed a trailhead kiosk, where hikers can access the 118-mile Paradox Trail.

Although Nucla has a laid-back lifestyle, there is still crime. In 2013, a mass shooting in Connecticut left 20 children dead. In the aftermath, Colorado passed new laws to limit gun ownership, including banning ammunition magazines with more than 15 rounds. In addition, gun sales are now required to go through a criminal background check. The laws were hailed by gun control advocates as progress. In addition to passing these laws, Nucla passed an ordinance that requires all household heads to own a gun.

The emergence of new mining projects in the region has also helped the community cope with the economic downturn. The town’s coal-fired power plant and mine is set to close in 2022, which will result in a loss of 80 jobs in the area. At the time, the town’s population was just 711 people, so many jobs will be lost.