Mound Valley is located in the state of Kansas. There are a number of places in the area to visit. For example, you can go hiking and horseback riding, or you can go camping in the Mound Valley Campground. You can also take your dog for a walk on the Big Hill Lake.

Mound Valley Campground

The Mound Valley Campground is situated near the scenic Big Hill Lake in southeastern Kansas. It has 85 campsites and three group sites. Moreover, it has showers and restrooms. In addition, it offers many outdoor activities and recreational opportunities. The campground is close to horseback riding and hiking trails.

This campsite is operated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and is accessible by car. It has 85 campsites that can accommodate up to 12 people. It has different campsite types, ranging from nonelectric standard sites to large group sites. The standard nonelectric campsites cost about $12 per night, while group sites cost about $40. The campground also has a boat ramp for Big Hill Lake. There are also showers and restrooms, making it a convenient place for campers.

Big Hill Lake

A short drive from Mound Valley and Cherryvale, Kansas is Big Hill Lake. This lake is situated in a wooded area and features 17 miles of trails. The area offers three parking areas and is suitable for overnight camping. There is also a popular fishing spot and a large, alcohol-free beach.

The campground offers 85 campsites, some of which can accommodate up to 12 people. The sites range in price, from $12 per night for a standard non-electric site to $40 for a group site. The campground also offers a boat ramp, restrooms, and showers.

A great place for fishing and boating, Big Hill Lake is home to many dog-friendly hiking trails. The Green Thumb Nature Trail is a great place for a short stroll with the dog, while the Table Mound Trail stretches for five miles on the east side of the lake.


Hiking in Mound Valley is not just for people who love to go on long hikes. This area is a popular destination for those who enjoy spending time outdoors. There are several trails for hikers, and you can choose the one that is the most enjoyable for you. The Minix Oak Trail, named after a hundred-year-old oak tree, is an easy one-mile loop that meanders along the mound’s north face. Historically, the Minix Oak Tree was used by Native Americans to find water. Another hiking trail, John Minix Trail, is a 1-mile loop and is adjacent to the 40-mile Military Ridge State Trail. This trail is open to hiking, bicycling, and even snowmobiles during the winter, when there is enough snow to make it safe.

Mound Valley is located in southeastern Kansas near Big Hill Lake. This area is home to three campgrounds and four day-use areas and offers plenty of outdoor activities. During the warmer months, hikers can enjoy the lakeshore and surrounding forest on foot. There are also horseback riding trails that run along a hardwood ridge for a scenic 17-mile trek.

The project lands of the Mound Valley are mostly oak-hickory forest with rolling hills and farmland. It’s a great place for fishing. You can find bass in the nearby streams. The area also features a campground that provides horseback riding and swimming.

Horseback riding

If you want to go horseback riding, then Mound Valley, Kansas is the perfect destination for you. It sits on the shore of Big Hill Lake and boasts three campgrounds, three equestrian trails, and four day-use areas. The area offers great horseback riding and other outdoor activities, which is why so many people visit this place each year.

Horseback riding in Mound Valley is offered by numerous establishments and is a fun and memorable activity for any occasion. You can ride your horse on scenic trails, or even sign up for a lesson. There are several places where you can take horseback rides in the area, from the Wagon Wheel Ranch to the Royal Horseshoe Farm.


There are several nature-viewing places to go in Mound valley, a southeastern Kansas town located on the crystal-clear Big Hill Lake. The area offers a number of hiking and horseback riding trails, as well as the opportunity to go swimming. Visitors can also explore the beautiful area’s sand beaches.

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