The City of Moulton has a number of places that you can visit. These places include the Animal House Zoo, the Deer Run Golf Course, Jesse Owens Memorial Park, and Oakville Indian Mounds. There are also a number of other places that you can visit in the town.

Animal House Zoological Park

If you’re looking for something exciting to do near Moulton, Alabama, Animal House Zoological Park is the place to go. This zoological park is located on 100 acres and is home to more than 400 different animals. Highlights include a miniature tropical rain forest, monkey island, and a newborn nursery. The sanctuary is also one of the nation’s leading breeding centers for exotic animals.

Located in the northwest of the state, Moulton is home to a variety of cultural and recreational activities. In addition to the Animal House Zoo, there are several parks located within the city. The Jesse Owens Memorial Park, Oakville Indian Mounds Park, and Animal House Zoo are just some of the attractions that make Moulton a great place to visit. The city is also home to the Deer Run Golf Course, a course designed by Earl Stone that features large greens and a variety of bird species.

Deer Run Golf Course

The Deer Run Golf Course is an Earl Stone-designed course located in Moulton, Alabama. With the Bankhead National Forest as its backdrop, the course offers breathtaking scenery. It features large undulating bent-grass greens and Tifton Bermuda grass, along with five lakes and thirty bunkers. The course features four sets of tees for golfers of all skill levels.

The fairway at Deer Run is fairly wide, with some tree-lined holes, while other holes are fairly open. The greens are large with a good amount of slope, and the course is listed as 6,745 yards from the tips. The course has several driveable holes on its back nine.

Jesse Owens Memorial Park

The Jesse Owens Museum pays tribute to the legendary Olympian, showcasing his athletic and humanitarian career. The museum also features a rare documentary, which features the legendary Olympian narrating footage of the 1936 Berlin Olympics. In that event, Jesse won four gold medals. The museum features an interactive long jump simulator, where visitors can test their skills by jumping the same distance Jesse did during the 1936 Olympics. In addition, the park contains a replica sharecropper’s birth home. A playground, basketball court, and softball fields are also included.

The park also features a museum and visitor center. This park honors the Olympic track legend by investing in the local community and immortalizing his memory. Guests can enjoy the museum’s exhibits and facilities, as well as organize group tours of the park. The park also hosts community events and offers tours for groups.

The park also features a replica of Owens’s Olympic uniform. Visitors can also hear a narration by Owens’ brother Sylvester. There is also a stainless steel model of the 1936 Berlin Olympics torch. The museum is owned by the local school district. The park is located in a 30-acre park.

The park is funded primarily by donations and admissions from tours. In the summer, it attracts approximately 1,000 visitors. You can visit the park at 7019 County Road 203, which is open Monday through Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. It also includes a ball field and playground. It is also near the Oakville Indian Mounds Education Center.

If you’re visiting the Jesse Owens Memorial Park in Moulton, make sure to stop by the Jesse Owens Museum. It is a memorial honoring the African American athlete who won four gold medals at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. The museum also features rare memorabilia of Owens, such as replicas of his track uniform and shoes from the 1936 Olympic Games. Visitors will also find interactive kiosks that provide information about Owens’ life and humanitarian contributions.

Jesse Owens Memorial Park in Moulton is a popular place to visit, and its Jesse Owens Museum is a must-see for anyone interested in his life. Its exhibitions and interactive kiosks depict the major events of Owens’ life and relationships with notable figures. Visitors can also listen to audio and video of Owens during his college years. The museum also features speaking tours and talks with young people.

Oakville Indian Mounds

There are many places to visit in Moulton, Alabama, including Oakville Indian Mounds, which is a must-see attraction. However, the historic site is currently closed due to a COVID-19 outbreak. For updated information, visit the park’s Facebook page or call 256-905-2499.

Located near the birthplace of Olympian Jesse Owens, Oakville Indian Mounds park is an excellent place to spend the day. It is also a popular site for high school cross-country competitions and community fundraisers, such as the Green Corn Run, which draws tens of thousands of spectators and competitors every year.

You can also visit the Oakville Indian Mounds Museum to learn about the Native American culture that lived in the region. The museum contains artifacts and geological evidence that date back to 10,000 B.C., and visitors can explore the remains of the Cherokee council house and the Black Warriors Path. These historic sites are closed on major holidays, so plan your trip accordingly. The area is also home to the Lawrence County Indian Festival, which is held on the third weekend of May.

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