Mecca is the holiest city in Islam, located in a desert valley in western Saudi Arabia. It is the birthplace of the Prophet Muhammad and is now a place of pilgrimage for Muslims. Only Muslims are allowed to enter the city, but millions of people travel here every year to perform the Hajj pilgrimage. The city is home to the 7th-century Masjid al-Haram, the central mosque, which surrounds the Kaaba, the holiest shrine in Islam.

Al Masjid al-Haram

Places to go in Mecca include the Al Masjid al-Haram, which is the most sacred place in Islam. During prayer times, visitors can offer their prayers inside or outside the mosque. The mosque is equipped with ablution facilities for the convenience of those who pray inside. In addition to the mosque, the city of Makkah offers plenty of places to eat that serve Halal foods.

Mecca is home to several important Islamic monuments. The Holy Kaaba, the Black Stone, and the Station of Ibrahim are just a few of these sites. These sites are significant to Muslims and millions of people visit this holy city every year to perform Hajj.

In Islamic beliefs, the Ka’abah was built by angels before the creation of mankind. It is believed that God built this place of worship to reflect the house of worship in heaven. The Ka’abah, or Worship Place of the Angels, is believed to be directly beneath the heavenly Al-Baytu l-Ma?mur.

In the pre-Islamic period, the Ka’bah was a polytheistic shrine. The early followers of Muhammad worshiped it as a holy site. When Muslims migrated to Medina in 622 ce, the Qiblah (direction of prayer) pointed towards Jerusalem.


In the 1920s, Ta’if was part of Mecca but it was a little known city. The region rapidly developed, though, and today is a popular tourist destination in Saudi Arabia. In this article, we’ll look at how to visit Ta’if.

If you have kids, you’ll want to check out the Green Mountain Park, a theme park located on Alhada Street. The park has rides for children and is a popular attraction among Saudi families. There are also 7D and 9D movie zones for kids to enjoy. You can also visit the Taif Souq Market, the city’s largest market. You can browse through the stalls and buy handicrafts and local products, like honey and rosewater. You can also indulge in a refreshing mint tea.

Taif’s national park is another great option for families. The park is located 13 km outside of Taif and is a great place for camping or picnics. It also has a playground for children. Families can also enjoy the park’s fountains and seating areas. There’s also a manually-controlled dancing fountain that is a fun place for children.

Before Islam, Ta’if was ruled by Yemeni tribes, which built the Kaaba, a cube-shaped stone building. The Kaaba was destroyed several times, but the city eventually became a city-state and a trading center.

Mount Arafat

Mount Arafat is a granodiorite hill about 20 km southeast of Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Its highest point is 454 metres. The view from the top is breathtaking, and it’s worth visiting if you’re in the area.

Mount Arafat is a sacred site and a pilgrim’s destination for many Muslim believers. It is where the Prophet Muhammad PBUH delivered his farewell sermon. This sermon is known as the Khutbat al-Wada’. Many people go to Mount Arafat to honor the prophet.

Besides Mount Arafat, visitors should also visit the Prophets’ Mosque in Medina. This is the most important Muslim site. During Hajj, pilgrims can go up to this site to perform the Ihram ritual. They can also go to Mount Arafat, where the Prophet Muhammad delivered his final sermon.

Mount Arafat is also one of the places to go in Mecca. According to Islamic tradition, the prophets recited the Quran in the desert. The Quran is a book of religious beliefs that can help people live better lives. The Quran has a great deal of information about the Prophet’s life. The Quran is one of the most important books for Muslims, and it contains information about the Prophet.

While it is impossible to sneak into Mecca, non-Muslims can visit the holy sites. In fact, they can even pretend to be Muslim. Although there have been few cases of non-Muslims making their way to the holy site, the success rate is very small. The people of Saudi Arabia have been doing the Hajj for centuries.

Cave in Jabal al-Nour

Located in the Hejaz region of Saudi Arabia, the mountain Jabal an-Nour is home to the cave Hira’, a place of great significance to Muslims around the world. Thousands of pilgrims each year come to this cave, where they can pray to Allah and gain forgiveness of their sins.

The cave is only accessible for those who have enough time and energy to make the climb. Visiting this site requires a lot of patience, as the cave is located at the top of the mountain. It is steep and requires two hours to climb. Many pilgrims of all ages climb the mountain to see this holy place. But because it is so popular, you may have to wait for several hours before you can visit the cave.

Another reason to visit the Cave in Jabal al-Nour is its location. The mountain is the site of the first revelation to the Prophet Muhammad. This was said to have taken place during the last ten days of Ramadan in 610 CE. Although climbing this mountain is not easy, it is well worth the effort. A professional guide called Wafy can take you to the summit of the mountain.

The Cave of Hira is located at the top of Jabal al-Nour, a mountain located northwest of the Old City. Most pilgrims attempt the mountain’s summit during dawn or dusk. They must bring plenty of water and flashlights. They reach the top and reach the cave’s Hira. Then they have to descend 1,200 steps. The descent is not particularly difficult.


Museums in Mecca provide a unique insight into the cultural history of the Holy City. The two main museums are located in the same building, and feature collections from around the world. The Makkah Museum houses artifacts and inscriptions from the time of Abdullah ibn Zubair. There are also models of the Two Holy Mosques and an old door to the Kaaba. Ancient craftworks are also displayed here, as well as utensils and weapons used during the Prophet’s time.

The Al-Zaher Palace Museum, also known as the Makkah Museum, is located approximately ten to fifteen minutes’ drive from the Haram. This two-storey building is home to collections from the different periods of Islamic history in the region. Aside from displaying artifacts from different eras, this museum also serves as a cultural awareness center. Visitors can learn about the history of the city and its people, as well as the folklore of the region.

The Masjid Haram is another museum worth visiting. It was widened many times over the centuries. The mosque is composed of four levels – a basement, two upper floors, and a roof – and boasts thirteen minarets. This is the place where the Imam calls for prayer.

Museums in Mecca offer visitors a great opportunity to learn more about the city’s history and heritage. These museums are essential tourist attractions. You can view beautiful photo opportunities while you’re visiting these fascinating places.

Shopping malls

The Holy City of Mecca is a hub for the Muslim community. Every able-bodied Muslim is expected to make a pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in their lifetime, and the Saudi government is well-positioned to take advantage of the huge tourist traffic. In fact, by 2025, the number of shopping malls in Mecca is expected to triple.

Although Mecca has a number of shopping malls, the city remains underserved, due to a lack of plots. As a result, many shoppers choose to shop in neighboring Jeddah. Fortunately, the number of planned malls in the city is expected to increase to 8.7 million square feet by 2025, and the biggest developers are likely to construct a significant proportion of that growth.

Mecca’s shopping malls are impressive, with more than 450 international brands. Other features include a bank, restaurant, entertainment areas, prayer rooms, and local stores. If you are traveling with children, there is even a Billy Beez amusement park for children. However, if you are a big fan of designer clothing, Makkah is probably not the place for you.