If you’re planning a trip to New Hampshire, you might be wondering “What’s there to do in Lyndeborough?” Luckily, there’s a lot to do and see in this charming town. From the scenic Crotched Mountain Resort to the Daniel Webster Birthplace State Historic Site, there’s lots to keep you occupied on your trip.

Daniel Webster Birthplace State Historic Site

The Daniel Webster Birthplace State Historic Site is a New Hampshire state park that preserves a log cabin that is associated with Daniel Webster’s birth in 1782. Webster was a noted orator and statesman. Today, the restored house showcases late 18th-century farm life.

The birthplace is situated in a small clearing on a slight hill. Because it’s so secluded and quiet, it’s easy to imagine what life was like for Daniel Webster in the late 1700s. The state park has an interactive website and Facebook page.

The site’s Daniel Webster Birthplace House contains pieces of the original house and a replica of the era. The 5,000-square-foot structure was built around a sketch of a 1780 dwelling. The resulting structure is period-appropriate, and resembles the original dwelling almost exactly.

Daniel Webster was a lawyer and congressman in the early nineteenth century. He served in the legislature for two terms before moving to Boston to resume his law practice. He was also appointed secretary of state by presidents Tyler, Harrison, and Fillmore. His oratory skills made him an important figure in his time and helped him become a respected statesman.

The family moved away from the Sawyer house when Daniel was three years old. However, Webster claimed to remember the house as he grew up. However, Webster’s descriptions of the house are inconsistent with what’s there today. There is an ell that remains from the original house, but it has never been confirmed as a part of the original house.

Crotched Mountain Resort in Francestown

Crotched Mountain Resort is a great place to stay if you are visiting Francestown. The hotel has spacious family suites that can sleep four to six people. These suites feature separate living areas and fully equipped kitchens. They also come with a fireplace and a washer/dryer.

The resort is located next to Crotched Mountain Golf Club, a world-renowned 18-hole golf course. You can easily reach the resort from Manchester Airport and Boston within an hour’s drive. There are also many activities nearby, such as horseback riding and hiking. The resort also offers guests access to nearby Granite Gorge and Crotched Mountain Ski & Ride.

Crotched Mountain

Crotched Mountain is one of the places in Lyndeborough where visitors can experience the natural beauty of the area. This quaint town was settled as early as 1766, when Alexander Parker, a man from Society Land, settled on the Russell Hill area of Crotched Mountain. He was the first person to cut hay enough for a cow, and in the 1770s he built a house with lumber from a nearby sawmill.