There are a variety of places to visit on Lopez Island. These include Spencer Spit State Park, Upright Channel Park Beach, Lopez Hill, and Ursa Minor. You can also enjoy a hike in one of the area’s many wilderness areas. Read on to learn more about these places!

Spencer Spit State Park

Located in San Juan County, Washington, Spencer Spit State Park is a public recreation area. Its 128 acres cover the eastern shore of Lopez Island and overlook the Strait of Juan de Fuca. The park is great for hiking, kayaking, and other activities.

Located on Lopez Island, Spencer Spit State Park is an excellent place for a camping trip. The park contains numerous picnic tables and two miles of hiking trails. It is also a good place to enjoy crabbing and clamming. It’s one of the few state parks in the San Juan Islands that’s accessible by car.

Visitors can explore the sand spit that separates Lopez Island from the mainland. This spit is home to a saltwater lagoon and was once inhabited by Native Americans. They continued to use this area until the mid-20th century, when it became popular with non-Native Americans. Spencer Spit is also a popular spot for gathering crab. It also features a two-mile hiking trail and is home to several species of migratory birds.

Spencer Spit State Park is located on the northeastern tip of the island and has a campground and network of hiking trails. Many of these trails loop around the perimeter of the park and extend out onto the spit. This is an ideal location for a weekend camping trip, or for an afternoon hike with the family.

Spencer Spit State Park offers camping and picnicking opportunities near the sea. Visitors are welcome to use the park’s restrooms, though no electricity is available. There is also a dinghy dock, but the park is closed from Oct to March. Parking for vehicles is available at the campground. The park is located three miles from Lopez Village.

During our visit on a fall day, we were more interested in watching seagulls than people. In fact, seagulls were the most common visitors to the park on that day. And for most of the hour, there were no other people.

Upright Channel Park Beach

Upright Channel Park is a former Washington State Park System unit that includes 20 acres of tidelands and beach on Lopez Island. As of March 2014, it was not on the list of state park properties. As of March 2014, the park’s status remains uncertain.

The park features a beach and picnic area and is accessible by ferry from Friday Harbor. The beach is great for clamming. There are several picnic tables and you can go on a short hike to get to the tidelands and other areas. The park is open from 8 a.m. to dusk and is free to visit. Those traveling by car should purchase a Discover Pass before entering the park.

Bicycle rentals are available on the island. You can rent bicycles at Village Cycles, which will deliver them to your ferry. If you don’t have a bike, you can also rent one in Lopez. If you don’t want to rent your own bike, you can also make a reservation for the ferry.

You can visit Spencer Spit State Park, a 200-acre marine park on Lopez Island. The park also features a campground and offers excellent crabbing and clamming. If you like the water, you can even go car-top boating on the strait of Juan de Fuca.

There are also several trails on the island. One of them stretches for about a mile and a half and ends at a grassy knoll. Another great way to explore the island is by kayak. Kayaks are available for rent from Lopez Bicycle Works and Lopez Kayaks. Kayak routes vary in length and difficulty. It is also a great way to spot orca!

Odlin County Park Beach is a great place to take the family. It slopes into the water and offers safe space for little kids to play. This beach is popular with island residents. It is large and offers a perfect setting to spend the day with your family.

Lopez Hill

If you are planning a vacation to the San Juan Islands, you should consider visiting Lopez Island, Washington. It is the third largest of the islands, and is an unincorporated town in San Juan County. The population of Lopez Island, Washington, was 2,177 at the 2000 census. However, the population swells dramatically in the summer months, when many people rent vacation homes or set up campsites.

If you love hiking and exploring, Lopez Island is a great place for you. There are four trails totaling about four miles, including the challenging Lopez Hill trail, which features stunning views. A typical hike up this trail takes about two to four hours and includes only small amounts of elevation gain and loss. The trail can also be extended by adding a loop along a bluff on the way back. There are even trails that are suitable for bikers and horseback riders. There are also several places to rent kayaks on Lopez Island.

If you haven’t yet explored the island’s beaches, Lopez is also a perfect destination for a picnic. Just make sure to leave the island’s beaches pristine. Remember to respect the locals and follow all health guidelines. And don’t forget to pack a picnic lunch!

Cycling is another popular activity on Lopez Island, and the island is home to the popular Tour de Lopez. It attracts bicyclists from all over the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Depending on the season, you can even rent a bicycle to explore the island by bike. Bike rentals are available at the main commercial center of Lopez Village, which is located 4.5 miles from the ferry terminal and occupies an area of two by three blocks.

There are also many great places to drink coffee and food on the island. In fact, the Islander Waterfront Restaurant is a great place to go to have a drink or two. The food is good and there is a fully stocked bar. The restaurant even has a lovely lawn that is perfect for sitting outside in the summer months.

Ursa Minor

The restaurant Ursa Minor is located on Lopez Island. The name of the restaurant comes from the constellation Ursa Minor. Nick Coffey, the owner of Ursa Minor, opened the restaurant in April. He often stops by to pick up the necessary ingredients for the restaurant, such as cherries, beef tallow, and nettles. He may also pick up a delivery of wine. And when he’s not in the kitchen, he may run into Nick Jones, who sells spot prawns on the island.

The restaurant has a stunning front porch and an interior adorned with wisteria. The building was designed by architect Roland Terry, known for using natural materials and flowing inside-outside design. The restaurant’s decor feels light and beachy, and the tables are set with handmade ceramic plates and glassware.

Coffey and his wife Nova Askue moved to Lopez in 2017 and opened the restaurant. They were married on Lopez Island and started working full-time in the business. Nick Coffey’s menu draws from the historic bounty of the island. He also uses a wide variety of nontraditional ingredients.

The island is also home to a vibrant Farmers Market every Saturday from May through September. The stalls feature fresh local produce and other Pacific Northwest gifts. Also on Lopez Island, you should take a short hike to the Shark Reef Sanctuary, where you can see seals and other marine life. It’s 0.3 miles roundtrip through woods and along the water.

If you’re looking for a relaxing getaway, Lopez Island is your place. This picturesque island is nestled in the San Juan Islands, just north of Seattle. It has an active community and is the perfect place for a nature lover to escape the hectic world outside.