The census-designated place (CDP) of Lockeford, California, may not quite reflect the community’s true identity. But it’s still a great destination for those looking for a good time. Lockeford is home to some great restaurants, as well as some great hiking and biking trails.

Lockeford Meat & Sausage

If you want to enjoy good and fresh meat, you should try out the Lockeford Meat & Sausage Service. You can find a wide range of meats and delicious sides like fresh noodles and energizing drinks. The location offers ample parking and great food.

This is a family-owned business that has been around for decades, and they make some pretty amazing sausages. People come from miles around to buy them. You can find them at 19775 N Cotton in Lockeford, CA – San Joaquin County. They also have a wide variety of beef sticks, salami, and marinated tri-tips. Parking is easy, which is an added bonus.

Lockeford trails

If you’re looking for bike riding trails in Lockeford, California, you’ve come to the right place! This community is home to several different bike trails for all levels of riders. The American River Parkway, also known as Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail, winds through riparian habitat. It’s an easy, 0.2 mile route, with a 500-step elevation gain.

During a workshop held with local residents, trail safety and amenities were discussed. Specifically, homeowners living along the corridor voiced concerns about crime, noise, and maintenance. In response, residents proposed Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design strategies, including seating away from property lines, barriers at access points, and landscaping that buffers the trail from neighboring properties and backyards.

The survey results also indicated that residents would like to see a more balanced trail design that provides easy accessibility, seating areas, trees, plants, and art installations. In addition to the workshop, a virtual community meeting was held on January 29th from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. A total of 53 participants attended the event. It was broken into two 45-minute sessions, and attendees discussed potential design phases, stakeholder engagement, and policy considerations.

The rail corridor is an ideal location for a trail, as it does not conflict with any major utilities. This is a great opportunity for the City, and it could also generate revenue for the community. In addition, there are five road crossings, which are arterial roadways, which could be redesigned to correct minor visibility problems, and make for safe, intuitive crossings. Additionally, additional access points would allow trail users to enter and exit the corridor, reducing the feeling of isolation that many trail users experience.