If you are looking for places to visit in Kingsley, you are in luck. There are 911 places to visit in Kingsley, with over 650 of them being indoors. If you are unsure of where to start looking, try using the filters to refine your search. To help you find the perfect place to visit in Kingsley, use the filters below to narrow down your search.

The Yard

The Yard in Kingsley is a thriving urban hub, activated by bustling restaurants and interactive play areas. It’s also a place to relax and unwind. The design and landscape of the area are rich and varied, with contemporary edges and lush textures. The area is perfect for a family to enjoy a meal, or spend time with friends and family.

Kingsley Lumber has been serving the communities of northern Michigan since 1937. Its recent transition back to lumberyard operations is a step in the right direction for the company, but the COVID era has been unpredictable. The lumber shortage that hit the industry last year is still impacting availability this summer.

Lakeside Promenade

Lakeside Promenade in Kingsley is a great place for outdoor enthusiasts. It offers a waterfront dining and meeting place that’s part of the Anne Springs Close Greenway trail system. A 100-foot brick smokestack serves as a beacon in the Kingsley development. The redeveloped Kingsley area also includes new office buildings from the Lash Group and LPL Financial, bringing 5,000 new jobs.

Delamere Forest

The town of Kingsley is home to a variety of hidden gems. Among these are the Delamere Forest, Cheshire’s largest woodland, where visitors can explore the diverse wildlife and nature. Another fascinating place is the Iron Age Hillfort at Woodhouse. This hilltop fort was once surrounded by 13-foot ramparts.

For those who like to take a walk or bike ride, there is a number of options available. Among the trails are easy-going ones and a rocky outcrop with great views. There are also two hillforts that can be visited, and there are mixed trails through farmland. A bike ride through the forest isn’t recommended, however, as it can be a challenge, and road bikes won’t be suitable for the terrain.

Kingsley Plantation

If you are interested in the lives of enslaved African Americans, a visit to Kingsley Plantation is a must. This historic plantation features a living history museum and interpretive dance theater. Visitors can also view the slave cabins and witness trees that tell the story of life on the plantation.

The Kingsley Plantation is located on Fort George Island, and is a part of the Timucuan Nation Preserve. Admission is free and audio guides are available to guide your visit. This park is an excellent place to reflect on Florida history and America’s history. If you are in Jacksonville, you may want to take the time to explore this historic site.

Visitors will be able to see the slave quarters, the plantation house, and the kitchen house. There is also an interpretive garden, a visitor contact station, and a bookstore. Visitors can also participate in Junior Ranger activities at Fort Caroline National Memorial and the Theodore Roosevelt Area.

The Kingsley Plantation is a living history museum, and there are free audio tours available that will take you through the plantation. The audio tour is recorded on specially programmed iPhones, so they know where you are on the grounds, and will automatically start playing the appropriate section as you approach the site. Throughout the tour, you will listen to the story of Zephaniah Kingsley and his wife, Anna Madgigine Jai, who lived on the plantation between 1814 and 1837.

In the eighteenth century, Florida was the home of many people who sought wealth on plantations. Some were forced to come to the area to work on these plantations, and others were freed from slavery and became free landowners. Kingsley Plantation was an important part of Florida’s history, and you can see how slavery shaped the lives of the residents of the area.