If you’re planning a trip to Holly Springs, North Carolina, you have a few choices for places to visit. In this article we’ll discuss the downtown Holly Springs area, Bass Lake Park, the Yellow Fever Church Museum, and the Chewalla Lake Recreation Area. Each of these places has its own unique appeal, so you should make sure to find them all.

Downtown Holly Springs

Downtown Holly Springs offers many things for visitors to do. Located in Wake County, North Carolina, Holly Springs has a population of 41,239 as of the 2020 census. That is an increase of 67% from the 2010 census. The town has a wide variety of entertainment, dining, and shopping options.

The town is redefining downtown to make the area more vibrant. Developers have been encouraged to preserve historic buildings and incorporate them into new projects. The town’s Town Hall Commons building, for example, is currently home to more than 20 businesses. The area is also home to a Saturday farmers market and the annual Happy Holly Days parade. There is also a Downtown Investment Grant Policy that provides assistance with infrastructure costs and reduces development fees for businesses located in the town.

Downtown Holly Springs has a great shopping and dining scene. Visitors can enjoy many local eateries, including Acme Pizza Co. and Kobe Hibachi & Sushi. The area is also home to the Bass Lake Draft House and Mason Jar Tavern. The town’s greenway skirts Bass Lake and is home to many native plants and animals.

Holly Springs has a natural spring that earned its name. It also has plenty of open spaces for biking and fishing. Several breweries have also set up shop in the area. One of the first female-owned breweries is located in Holly Springs. The town has several parks and recreational opportunities, including a lake.

In 1877, the town was incorporated. It was founded by a group of politicians, businessmen, and entrepreneurs. The town’s founders sought charters of incorporation for the Cape Fear and Northern Railroad, which would eventually become the Durham and Southern Railway.

Yellow Fever Church Museum

The Yellow Fever Church Museum is a historic site in Holly Springs, North Carolina. During the 1878 Yellow Fever Epidemic, the nuns of St. Joseph’s Catholic Church cared for the sick and dying. At the time, this area was plagued by a yellow fever epidemic that had killed more than 5,000 people in Memphis, Tennessee. Because of this, hundreds of people fled the city to the town of Holly Springs. Many people thought it would be safer there than in Memphis.

The church has been restored and is filled with memorabilia from the Yellow Fever Epidemic. During the time of the epidemic, records were not kept well. Today, the Church of the Yellow Fever Martyrs Museum displays items from that era, such as light fixtures and pews.

Before the outbreak, Holly Springs was known as the “City of Flowers.” The town was an affluent antebellum city. It survived the Civil War and Reconstruction, but Yellow Fever took its toll on the town and its citizens. Within three months, the city lost 300 of its population.

Chewalla Lake Recreation Area

If you’re looking for a fun vacation destination in the Mississippi Delta, consider the Chewalla Lake Recreation Area in Holly Springs, Mississippi. This recreation area is located less than ten miles from Holly Springs and is easily accessible by car. From the city center, take MS HWY 4 east, then turn right on Salem Road (also known as Higdon Road) and travel six and a half miles south. Alternatively, you can take US HWY 78 southbound. This highway will turn into HWY 178, and then you’ll reach Chewalla Lake Recreation Area, which is three miles west of Holly Springs.

The name of the park comes from the Choctaw word “Chiho-la” or “Supreme Being.” In the past, the area was considered a sacred place, so the Native Americans constructed a ceremonial mound on the site. Today, a small mound commemorating the site can be seen near the overlook of the lake. The 260-acre lake is an ideal setting for outdoor activities, and visitors can enjoy scenic views of the surrounding area. In warmer months, it’s also a popular spot for swimming and fishing.

Located near Holly Springs, Mississippi, Chewalla Lake Recreation Area features a four-mile lightly-trafficked trail. The trail features a lake and is suitable for people of all skill levels. Camping and RV-camping are also available near the recreation area. If you’re traveling from far away, you may want to consider staying in an area with a campground. The amenities offered are important, but you’ll have to exercise your own judgment when choosing a campground or RV park.


The restaurant scene in Holly Springs is not only diverse but also tasty. From farm-to-table fare to fiery Thai, you can find a variety of culinary choices in this city southeast of Raleigh. You can also find locally brewed beers and other beverages. The city is also home to several craft breweries.

There are many affordable dining options in Holly Springs. Many of these establishments offer takeout or delivery of your favorite food. Some of them also offer drinks and desserts. You can find a restaurant near you by using an online directory. A few apps even offer food delivery in Holly Springs. Using these services can make eating out a snap.

You can also place an order for food from restaurants in Holly Springs through a service like Postmates. The app can bring your food to your door with little effort on your part. You can select which restaurant to order from and schedule your delivery for a specific time. Holly Springs restaurants are often open late, so you can order in advance to ensure you will get your food when you want it.

Whether you’re hungry for a delicious meal or simply want a drink, you’ll find something that suits your taste buds. If you are on a budget, try a local pub with a good selection of craft beer. Alternatively, you can order takeout and pick it up later.