Druid Hills is a neighborhood in Atlanta, Georgia that includes a census-designated place. Its population is about 14,568 as of the 2010 census. The area is home to Emory University, the YMCA, and a park called Druid Hill Park.

Emory University

Emory University is a private, research university located in Atlanta, Georgia. It was founded in 1836 as Emory College and is the second oldest private institution of higher learning in the state. Emory was named after Methodist bishop John Emory.

If you’re looking for a college that will help you advance your studies and make the world a better place, Emory University is a great place to start. This Atlanta campus is close to renowned museums, music venues, and global corporations. Whether you want to attend class on campus or take a class in the college’s Graduate School, you’ll be surrounded by world-class resources.

The Emory University is located in Druid Hills, and you can check out the Emory Village located directly across the main entrance to the campus. You can also enjoy outdoor recreation in nearby Candler Park Golf Course and the Lullwater Preserve.

In the meantime, students and staff at Emory University should shelter in place. The school is closed until noon due to the threat, but police are monitoring the situation. As of 2:20 p.m., police at the Emory campus are reporting an armed suspect. Police are asking people to shelter in place.

The Emory University complex includes the hospital and university. The campus is surrounded by several popular spots such as the Fernbank Museum, Children’s Health Care at Egleston, and the Michael C. Carlos Museum. The university is near Midtown and other great venues for shopping and entertainment. And the university offers free access to its gym, which is convenient for students.

Druid Hill Park

If you have a taste for outdoor activity, you might want to explore Druid Hill Park. This urban park in northwest Baltimore has 745 acres of open space to explore. Its boundary is formed by Druid Park Drive, Swann Drive, Reisterstown Road, Jones Falls Expressway, and Interstate 83.

The park is home to the Maryland Zoo, established in 1876. Other attractions include the Howard Peters Rawlings Conservatory and Botanic Gardens, and a disc golf course. In addition, there are basketball courts, ball fields, and playgrounds, as well as an indoor pool. Visitors can also check out the City Farms Garden, where a local farmer’s market is held twice a month. There are also educational workshops and paint nights for visitors to enjoy.

The park is also home to the Parks & People Foundation, which has an impressive mission of creating greener communities and inspiring young people to care for their green space. Besides fostering a healthy and safe environment, the organization advocates for the preservation of Baltimore’s parks.

Druid Hill Park is one of the oldest municipal parks in the United States. It was once home to three generations of the Rogers family. The first member of the family was Nicholas Rogers, who had studied landscape architecture in Scotland. He planted many trees in the park and built the original mansion. However, a fire destroyed the original mansion in the early nineteenth century and a new one was built.


The YMCA in Druid Hill is home to a diverse variety of programs for children, teens, and adults. These programs focus on social responsibility, healthy living, and youth development. The center serves the Druid Hill/Upton neighborhood and its surrounding communities.

The YMCA in Druid Hill has a long and rich history. The organization first moved to 1609 Druid Hill Avenue in 1869. There, African American clergymen, led by Bishop Alexander Wayman of Bethel AME Church, met and discussed various issues that affected black people, including juvenile issues and public accommodations. The meeting was attended by Frederick Douglass, who gave the inaugural address.

The YMCA in Druid Hill was also home to the first indoor swimming pool for African-American children in the city during the segregation era. The Y was also home to Thurgood Marshall, the first black Supreme Court Justice, and the legendary jazz musician Cab Calloway.

The Druid Hill YMCA has a long history in Baltimore, including its role in World War II, when it provided housing for African-American soldiers. It also served a key role during the Civil Rights era, including its role in rebuilding West Baltimore following the death of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. In 2015, the Druid Hill YMCA stayed open late during a civil unrest in the area.


Druid Hills represents a great innovation in the field of suburban design. This neighborhood features a central promenade, Ponce de Leon Avenue, which functions as a linear version of the traditional village green. The median parks on either side of Ponce de Leon Avenue vary in landscaping and feature varying degrees of natural beauty, from relatively open greenswards to densely wooded areas. A central park and outdoor education building were both designed by Frederick Law Olmsted.

Before the park became isolated, it was organically connected to surrounding neighborhoods, with nearly two dozen pedestrian entrances. But in the 1950s and 1960s, city leaders isolated the park from surrounding neighborhoods with the construction of expressways to the south and east. Because of this, residents have reason to be skeptical of the new plans.

Other supporters of the park include the Druid Hills Civic Association and Fernbank, Inc., which own the property and operate the Fernbank Museum of Natural History. These entities also contribute to the park’s maintenance costs. Further, the OLPA also receives donations from many civic organizations, corporate sponsors, and local foundations, and uses free office space for its operations.

The Olmsted Linear Park Alliance is a public-private partnership that aims to protect the legacy of Frederick Law Olmsted and promote the park as a public space for all. The organization is led by a board of directors, which consists of community representatives, members of the neighborhood planning unit, and private citizens. The board also includes ex officio directors from the City of Atlanta, DeKalb County, and Fernbank, Inc.


There are several great restaurants in Druid Hills. The neighborhood features many historic homes and Emory University, which was moved here in 1914. The area is also home to historic churches and parks. It is a great travel destination that is not to be missed. If you’re looking for a place to eat with your family and friends, try one of the restaurants in Druid Hills.

Restaurants in Druid Hills are also convenient if you want to order food on the go. Walgreens in Crescent Hill is one of the cheapest places to grab food in Druid Hills. You can choose between delivery and pick-up services. If you don’t want to order in person, you can order your food through Postmates and get it delivered straight to your door.

Uber Eats is another great option for dining in Druid Hills. The app helps you find the best places to eat in Druid Hills. It offers an easy-to-use interface that allows you to browse through the menus of local restaurants and order food from those locations. You can also view ratings and reviews on these establishments.

Safe neighborhood

The Druid Hills neighborhood is home to more than thirteen thousand residents. The median age is 24.4, and the population is predominantly white and Asian. Poverty is at 14.1%, and the crime rate is 57% lower than the national average. The Druid Hills neighborhood is not as affluent as other nearby communities, but it’s still relatively safe.

The Druid Hills neighborhood is a safe neighborhood for college students. The community is walkable and is rated above average in terms of safety. Children (17 and younger) are less likely to be in danger. And while the excitement level of the neighborhood can vary during college seasons, the overall safety level is above average.

The Druid Hills neighborhood is relatively safe compared to other neighborhoods in Atlanta. Its crime rate is much lower than that of the surrounding cities, which is a good sign. However, crime in commercial areas has been increasing in recent years. Because of this, it is important to remember that a neighborhood’s crime rate may vary slightly from its surrounding area.

There are many schools in Druid Hills. Some of the most popular include Lin Elementary School, Springdale Park Elementary School, Fernbank Elementary School, and Oakhurst Elementary School. The school district is highly rated for student-to-teacher ratios. In addition, there are several private schools within the Druid Hills area.