When you visit Des Lacs, you can enjoy a variety of activities. For children, you can visit the Dakota Zoo and Des Lacs Recreation Center. Adults can visit the city’s historical sites and enjoy the city’s parks and recreation centers. The city is known for its many outdoor activities, including a great selection of golf courses.

Danish Mill

Located in an attractive town on the shore of Lake Michigan, Kenmare is a charming lakeside town that is known for its Danish Mill. This historic mill was built in 1902 to mill local grains into flour. It has been restored and is the centerpiece of Kenmare’s unique town square park.

The mill itself is open to the public for tours, which cost a small fee. The tours allow visitors to get an inside look at how the mill operates and the story behind the building. Visitors can even see the spinning blades inches away from their faces. A museum also houses exhibits on the mill’s history. The museum also features an 1/10 scale model of the mill built by a Danish carpenter to help the residents of Elk Horn reassemble it.

The gift shop at the Danish Windmill offers a great collection of Danish items. There’s a wide selection of items at all price ranges. You can also shop online. Many of the items in the gift shop are manufactured in Denmark. You can find a gift for your special someone at a price you can afford.

Canada Goose Nature Trail

If you’re looking for a beautiful trail to take in Des Lacs, Minnesota, the Canada Goose Nature Trail may be just the thing. The trail, which is about six miles long, runs along the shores of Upper Des Lacs Lake. Along the way, you’ll be able to view many species of migratory birds.

You can hike the trail in the spring and fall, while the refuge is a great spot to view birds and wildlife. You can see waterfowl during spring and fall migration, and you can even enjoy upland game hunting. Des Lacs National Wildlife Refuge has been designated a national wildlife refuge since 1923, and visitors can get close to nature while hiking.

Munch’s Coulee National Recreation Trail

If you love to hike, the Munch’s Coulee National Recreation trail in Des Lacs is a must-try. It offers spectacular views of the Des Lacs Lake and surrounding upland prairie. It is also great for bird watching, and features benches along the lake’s edge.

There are two trails: the Lower Des Lacs Lake Trail and the Upper Des Lacs Lake Trail. Both are wheelchair accessible and make for a scenic walk. The Lower Des Lacs Lake Trail is about 1 and a half miles long and is mostly mowed grass with some steep slopes. Both offer great views of the lake and native wildflowers.

Des Lacs National Wildlife Refuge is one of America’s 500 Most Important Bird Areas, according to the American Bird Conservancy, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the conservation of wild birds. The refuge is home to several species of grebes in summer, as well as wild turkeys, white-tailed deer, and moose. The refuge is part of the National Wildlife Refuge System, a nationwide network of state and federal lands dedicated to protecting wildlife habitat.

There are two other trails in Des Lacs that make it easier to explore the region. The Des Lacs River Trail passes near the confluence of the Des Lacs and Souris rivers. The trail features park benches, outdoor fitness equipment, and restrooms. Another trail is the Nux Baa Ga Trail, which follows the shore of Lake Sakakawea. This trail offers plenty of recreational opportunities for those looking to get outside of the city.

The trail’s Prairie-Marsh Boardwalk is an ideal place for nature lovers. It transitions from a shortgrass native prairie ecosystem to a nationally significant wetland ecosystem. Interpretive signage makes this trail a great place to watch wildlife. Birdwatchers and hikers can enjoy the variety of birds and mammals in the area.

Des Lacs Recreation Center

There are lots of activities for kids to enjoy in Des Lacs, North Dakota. For example, families can explore the Des Lacs National Wildlife Refuge. With more than 10,000 acres of prairie, the refuge has plenty of places for outdoor activities. There are also a number of lakes to visit and a scenic picnic area.

Des Lacs is also a popular destination for golfers. The area has several golf courses that offer a variety of challenges for all skill levels. The city is also known for its camping facilities. Visitors can choose from a wide variety of facilities, from campsites to cabins. There are also hiking trails to explore, ranging in difficulty.

The Des Lacs National Wildlife Refuge is located on the Des Lacs River. The refuge contains 10,500 acres of natural lakes and wetlands, which offer a refuge for migratory birds. Trapping is permitted on the refuge by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to manage the wildlife. If you choose to go on a wildlife watching excursion, it’s important to be aware of federal regulations and abide by them.