The capital of South Carolina, Columbia has many places to visit. Visitors can tour the state’s state house, a Greek Revival building set in lush gardens dotted with monuments. There’s also a zoo and a botanical garden. There’s also the Columbia Museum of Art, which houses a wide variety of art. You can also check out the Robert Mills House, a gorgeous mansion surrounded by ornate gardens.

Sesquicentennial State Park

If you want to enjoy nature without leaving Columbia, South Carolina, Sesquicentennial State Park is the place to go. With 1,400 acres of pine forests, this park offers hiking and biking trails, as well as fishing and canoeing. There are even brochures to learn about the trees in the area.

Visitors can bring their own boat to the lake, but swimming is not allowed. You cannot use a gasoline engine in the boats, and you must carry them to the water yourself. There is no boat ramp, so vehicles cannot launch or remove your boat. If you don’t have a boat, pedal boats or canoes are also available. When renting a boat, keep in mind that you must take it off the water an hour before the park closes.

Sesquicentennial State Park is located in Upstate South Carolina. Visitors can drive through the park in an electric car. Electric vehicles can be recharged on the park’s charging station. Visitors are welcome to bring their pets, but they must be leashed or restrained. A dog park is located inside the park and is a two-acre fenced-in area.

The park features many activities for the whole family. There are picnic areas and a waterfall area. The park also offers bike trails and a water splash pad. The park also offers plenty of parking. It is easy to get to, which makes it an ideal place for families with young children.

RVs are welcome at the campground. There are 42 RV campsites here, and 24 of them have pull-through capability. The sites are gravel and may need to be leveled when you arrive. The park has restrooms, heated laundry facilities, and two air-conditioned bathhouses for campers.

Soda City Market

For those looking for a great food market in Columbia, the Soda City Market is a great choice. The market has a wide variety of foods, fresh produce, jewelry, and soaps to choose from. You’ll find just about anything here, including some local favorites.

Soda City Market is an urban market located in downtown Columbia. It features over 150 vendors and is open year-round. You can purchase a variety of goods from local vendors, including microgreens, which are becoming a popular ingredient in many cooking styles.

The Soda City Market is a producer-only market, which means that vendors must grow or produce their own merchandise. In addition, the market sells only South Carolina-made products. More than 400 vendors participate in the market each week, and there’s usually more than 150 on any given Saturday.

One of the places to go in Columbia is the South Carolina State Museum, which includes a children’s museum. If you’d like to shop, you can also visit the Cotton Mill Exchange, one of the largest in the country. There you can buy unique gifts and local foods, or you can grab a delicious meal at Crescent Cafe.

Woodrow Wilson Home

If you are visiting Columbia, South Carolina, you can visit the Woodrow Wilson Family Home, the only home that Wilson ever owned. It is South Carolina’s only presidential site and features exhibit galleries and period vignettes that explore the Wilson family’s life in Columbia. The museum is open every day and offers several activities, including guided tours and audiovisual components.

The museum is located in the former childhood home of Wilson, which was built in 1871. Historic Columbia purchased the house in 1967 and renovated it in 2013, making it accessible to the public. Today, the museum focuses on the Reconstruction Era, which was one of the tumultuous periods of United States history. The museum has a mission to preserve the history of Columbia and its people.

The home was saved from destruction in 1928. It served as a shrine for Wilson’s political life. However, the museum closed due to structural decay in 2005 and was reopened on February 14, 2014. Currently, visitors can explore the home’s history and learn more about the future president.

The Woodrow Wilson Home is the only museum in the country that has dedicated itself to the Reconstruction era. The museum explores the racial and social issues of this period in US history. It is important to note that this period of US history remains largely misunderstood. The period, from 1865 to 1877, dealt with questions of reconciliation, the benefits of citizenship, and the role of the federal government. It also included the first elections of Black Americans into political office.

The Wilson family home was built during the Reconstruction period. Wilson spent part of his childhood in Columbia. His father was a minister at the First Presbyterian Church. His parents are buried in the cemetery of the church. Wilson was the first Southern president elected post-Civil War. The home is owned by the nonprofit organization Historic Columbia.

The museum is filled with artifacts from Wilson’s life and era. You can also see a reproduction of his school-age shorthand and artifacts from the post-Civil War upheaval in South Carolina. The museum also features a shotgun that was fired by Red Shirt militia members to intimidate Black Republicans. Thankfully, the Reconstructionist policies of South Carolina ended after Wade Hampton’s victory in the elections.