If you’re planning a visit to Colby, Montana, there are several places you should check out. These places include City Limits Bar & Grill, Monument Rocks, and the Antique Mall. Each of these spots is worth a visit and provides a unique view of the area.

City Limits Bar & Grill

City Limits Bar & Grill in Colby offers quality beef steaks, fine cocktails, and a great selection of desserts. It is a great place to celebrate your next special occasion with friends. It is located in a historic building and offers an intimate dining experience.

City Limits Antique Mall

If you are looking for a great way to spend a day, the Southwind Antique Mall is a must-see location in Colby. Located just off I-70, Southwind has a constantly-changing inventory of antiques. The store is known for its quality dealers and large selection of items.

If you’re looking for something to eat during your trip to Colby, the Goodies and Things restaurant is a great place to visit. This family-owned restaurant features freshly made desserts and ready-made meals. The restaurant originally opened in Gem, Kansas, but expanded to Colby in 2022.

When you’re in town, don’t miss the Thomas County Farmers Market. This market is less than a mile away from downtown. Not only will you find fresh fruit and vegetables, but you can also grab ice cream, iced coffee, and other treats.

Monument Rocks

Monument Rocks are a series of large chalk formations located in Gove County, Kansas. They are rich in fossils and are the first natural landmark in Kansas to be designated a National Natural Landmark. Visitors can spend a full day exploring these impressive formations. The area is also rich in wildlife and offers a unique view of the Kansas prairie.

Monument Rocks are a private property, but visitors are allowed to visit during daylight hours. This geological formation was formed during the Cretaceous Period, when the area was under water. The creatures that died there left behind fossilized remains, which eroded into these 70-foot monoliths. This geology is fascinating and the area is a popular tourist destination for people from all over the world.

The formations of Monument Rocks are a result of millions of years of sediment depositing at a rate of only 0.036 mm per year. Over millions of years, the sediments built up to several hundred feet, where they were buried beneath younger layers of sediment and compressed to form rock. As the land eroded, the softer layers underneath were exposed.

The quaint town of Colby is located in the western part of the state, about three and a half hours south of Denver. With just over five thousand residents, Colby is home to a college and an exciting new water park. It is also home to a number of museums, local restaurants, and other cultural events.

A family-owned restaurant, Goodies and Things, offers a wide variety of meals, including homemade soups and desserts. This family-run establishment first opened in Gem, Kansas and has since expanded to Colby. For those who don’t enjoy eating out, it also offers a golf course and a playground for kids.