If you’re planning a day out in Camden, here’s where to go. You’ll find a great mix of restaurants, shops, historic sites, and more! For example, don’t miss the High Street Historic District, the Merryspring Nature Center, the Hans and Gretel dessert parlour, or Camden Brewery.

High Street Historic District

Camden’s High Street Historic District encompasses the 19th-century residential section of the city, which stretches along United States Route 1. It has remained remarkably intact since the 1920s, and its residential buildings contain an interesting cross-section of architecture from the 19th and early 20th centuries. The district was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1989 and expanded in 1999. The district’s highlights include the 19th-century Camden Public Library and the Olmsted Brothers-designed Harbor Park.

After the war, the town’s first ship was built in McGlathry’s shipyard, and the city’s first mills were established on the Megunticook River. The town became a popular summer destination for wealthy people, and the town’s industries became more lucrative, including shipbuilding, lime, and wool. The town’s emergence as a tourist destination was accompanied by a dramatic change in the city’s appearance. The town was once home to many opulent mansions and sprawling estates. The Camden Opera House was one of Camden’s most iconic buildings.

Another important landmark in Camden’s High Street Historic District is the Camden Opera House, which stands across the street from the Village Green. In addition to the opera house, there are five brick commercial buildings. Two of them feature large oriel windows in the second stories, and one features Romanesque-style arches. Two of these buildings share a common wall with the Cleveland Block.

Hans and Gretel dessert parlour

This new dessert parlour in Camden is inspired by the fairytale of Hans and Gretel. The interior is candy-themed and rainbow-coloured, and the entire space looks like something straight out of a fairy tale. It serves a variety of sweet treats, including chimney cake, bubble waffles, donuts, and artisan ice cream. The food is served in a whimsical environment – the interior features bronze statues of Hans and Gretel, as well as fairy lights.

The team at Hans and Gretel spent a year traveling the world in order to find the perfect sweet treat. The resulting menu features treats from around the world, including their signature Bubble Waffle. The secret recipe is covered under an NDA, but it’s a light, fluffy waffle unlike any you’ve tasted before. Other highlights include the Chimney Cake, which is a spit-roasted pastry dusted with cinnamon and sugar.

Hans & Gretel offers over ten unique flavours of gelato. They also have a dairy-free sorbet menu. The store is also equipped with a pick n’ mix station and a candy floss machine. You can also order a Bubble Waffle or Chimney Cake, and you’ll also find freshly spun cotton candy. The store’s interior is inspired by the enchanted world of the Brothers Grimm’s Hansel and Gretel tale.

The lollipop-wielding statues surrounding the dessert parlour are a real draw. These statues are popular with visitors, and bring back fond memories of childhood. The cute lollipop-wielding figures make the place the perfect Instagram dessert place.

Camden Brewery

The Camden Brewery is a London-based brewery. It was founded in 2010 and is owned by Anheuser-Busch InBev. While the original owner is Camden Brewery, Anheuser-Busch has taken ownership of the brewery in 2015. Despite being owned by an American conglomerate, it remains independent in the UK.

Jasper Cuppaidge, the founder of the Camden Brewery, was a passionate beer drinker and decided to brew his own. He was inspired by a family recipe from his grandfather, who owned a brewery in Australia. The first batch was received well and Jasper Cuppaidge quickly expanded the business, naming it Camden Brewery.

The Camden Brewery started life in a pub called The Horseshoe in Camden, London. Originally, it sourced its beer from the US and Germany. The company expanded into a permanent operation and now makes an extensive range of beer. Its flagship brew, Camden Pale Ale, is an easy-to-drink brew with a big hop flavour.

In addition to classic ales, Camden Brewery also brews popular beers such as Hells Lager, which is a hybrid of the German beer styles Pilsner and Helles. Their Pale Ale uses American hops and a traditional Belgian wit is also available. Other brews include Pilsner lager and Unfiltered Hells. Unfiltered Hells uses the yeast that naturally ferments beer, for a smoother taste.

While Portland is considered to be the epicenter of the craft beer scene in Maine, the Midcoast region of the state also has several breweries. One of them is in the town center of Camden. Many more are located within a short drive of Camden boutique hotel Whitehall.

Laite Memorial Beach

If you’re looking for a quiet, small beach in Camden, you’ll want to check out Laite Memorial Beach. The beach is about half a mile from downtown Camden and is ideal for swimming and exploring the bay and harbor. It’s close to public restrooms and a playground. The beach is also dog-friendly, although you’ll have to keep your dog under control.

Another great place to go in Camden is the Camden Historic District. The historic district is an interesting place to explore and is on the National Register of Historic Places. There are many other places to go in Camden, and many are family-friendly. The town is also home to Uncle Willy’s Candy Store, which features a wide selection of candies.

You can also enjoy the city’s parks and beaches. Barrett’s Cove, located on Megunticook Lake, is a five-minute drive from the Inn. This freshwater beach has amazing views of the Camden Hills State Park. Another place to go in Camden is Laite Memorial Beach, a pebble beach in Camden Harbor.

If you have a loved one or friend who is a seasoned water sports enthusiast, you can take them to Laite Memorial Beach. This beautiful beach features beautiful views of the Camden Harbor, Mount Battie, and the Camden Hills. You can swim and explore the shoreline, and there’s a swimming platform located about 100 feet offshore. The Atlantic Ocean is cool and refreshing, and the water temperature is perfect for children. The beach does not have a lifeguard on duty, but it’s a great place for family fun.

BYOC illicit bar

BYOC is a newly opened illicit bar in Camden. Unlike many bars, this one does not require a license and customers can bring their own drinks. The atmosphere is relaxed and the music is mellow, making it a good first date spot. With a relaxed vibe and subtle soundtrack, BYOC is reminiscent of a speakeasy. In fact, it feels like the 1920s have come to Camden!

Its interior is reminiscent of 1920s speakeasies, complete with exposed brickwork and WWII jazz playing in the background. Cocktails are served in the style of those served in speakeasies, and guests are encouraged to bring their favourite spirits with them. The bar also has blackjack tables, roulette tables, and poker tables, so customers can play a game while sipping on a cocktail. A game of blackjack or roulette costs PS30 per person, and you can play up to five rounds in a two-hour time slot.