Pink Himalayan bath rocks come from a pinkish-red mineral, Calcite, and are, also called calcareous crystals or pink glass. They have a brownish color and look like small sand dunes.

They can be found on a sea floor somewhere around the blue mountains of Norway. One in particular was found near Ullerstad, on a steep hillside overlooking a deep valley.

Himalayan rocks can be molded into a variety of shapes, and when properly shaped, can be used as small statues, lighthouses, and in scientific and art shows. Some of these rocks can even withstand a nuclear blast. It is most often formed from rock that has been heated by volcanic activity.

Glass can be made from it, too. If you are interested in having one created for you, Salts Worldwide can supply you with either, or both. The rocks you choose should be available in your area and can be ordered through our website, through the telephone, or by mail.

However, in terms of that pink Himalayan bath rocks, which we have researched and found to be the most well known and best in the business, you can find them in many companies worldwide. They will all have their own characteristic attributes and so will each make a perfect gift for someone. Most will use them for scientific and artistic shows, too.

Himalayan glass and pink sandstone are widely available and come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Many include molded crystals, some dont, and some are even cut into unique shapes.

Since you need to know the source of your rocks before placing an order for them, you should ask questions about Pink Himalayan Bath Rocks. The company where you receive them must have a legitimate, working Internet site, one that you trust and that can deliver the item you are buying, and be certified by the Better Business Bureau.

Pink Himalayan bath rocks can be found at science and art show venues, and many of them are available in inexpensive packages and for special events. Before ordering them, however, you need to ensure that the product is actually what it says it is, because if not, then you are not getting the price you paid for.

When you buy a pink crystal, you will want to know the hardness of the pink crystal, and so will your customer. You will want to avoid items that are known to be unusually hard or soft, or contain a lot of filler, or have any imperfections on them, because such features will greatly affect their appearance and strength.

For this reason, you want to inspect the rocks before you place an order, as well as confirm that they are the same pink rock you ordered. And if you do order from Salts Worldwide, make sure you get to test the rocks before ordering.

As with all jewelry, pink Himalayan bath rocks can be expensive, and so we strongly recommend that you test them and see if you like them. We offer a 30 day, money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with the rocks.