Maine Coons are majestic creatures that look more like cats than dogs. This magnificent creature is so large that they can be considered as the world’s largest domestic animal. But, the world’s largest domestic cat has a mysterious side that is captured in this beautiful photographer’s pictures.


Photographer Robert Sijka has mastered the art of taking pictures of Maine Coon cats. The animals can be notoriously difficult to photograph, and Sijka uses tried and true techniques to ensure that his subjects stay still. A cat’s gaze can convey a range of emotions, and Sijka has used this trait to create a series of photos that capture the inner workings of these cats.

Maine Coons are gentle giants who have a great affinity for water. They are extremely loyal to their owners and can grow as large as 18 pounds. Although they are mostly long-haired, there are also short-haired varieties of the breed. Regardless of their fur type, both male and female Maine Coons enjoy being near water and will spend most of their time in the water.

The Maine Coon cat is the oldest breed of cat in the United States and is native to the state of Maine. This beautiful feline is renowned for its long striking fur and is considered a gentle giant. Photographer Robert Sijka has captured the beauty of the coon through photographs, combining two of his greatest passions in life: photography and cats.

Cat lover

Photographer Robert Sijka has a passion for Maine Coons, and his work showcases them beautifully against black backgrounds. The Maine Coon is an elegant cat and Sijka has a unique and distinctive style. If you’ve ever wanted to capture your cat’s unique personality, you should follow him on Facebook and Instagram.

The owner of a cattery, Robert Sijka is no stranger to taking pictures of his pets. Despite the complexities of photographing a Maine Coon, he has developed some proven methods for capturing a cat’s image. Sijka even has his own online store where he sells prints and other cat themed items. You can even get phone cases or calendars with his pictures.

Largest domestic cat in the world

The Maine Coon is the largest domestic cat in existence, and is easily one of the most beautiful cats on the planet. Its massive stature, mane-like fur, and sturdy build make it look almost like a lion. This feline is incredibly affectionate, and is great with children.

The largest domestic cat in the world is a Maine Coon, a breed of feline that originated in Maine. The breed is not aggressive and is known to grow up to four feet long. These large, striking-furred felines are the perfect subjects for dramatic photographs.

A Maine Coon is also known for its long, fluffy tail. This cat may even be the longest in the world. Known for their tame personality, a Maine Coon’s long tail makes them a striking sight. Robert Sijka’s website and Instagram feature more photos of these majestic cats.

A photographer with a passion for animals, Sijka uses the Maine Coon in his photographs to highlight their unique traits. He often poses his cats, often against a black background, and the animals look straight into the camera. Many of these photographs are also sold as prints or phone cases. They are also available in his Felis Gallery.

Captures majesty

A beautiful photo of a Maine Coon captures the majesty of this majestic cat. Maine Coon cats are domesticated felines that have strikingly long fur and are less aggressive than lions. The animals can grow up to four feet in length. Photographer Robert Sijka captured this beauty and grace with his camera.

The largest domestic cat breed, the Maine Coon is an unusual and striking animal. With its big, fluffy fur, and distinct appearance, this breed of cat can often be confused with a bobcat. But the Maine Coon is actually a docile creature, and it can be a joy to share it with your family. Photographer Robert Sijka has a passion for the Maine Coon and his pictures show the majestic side of this breed.


Maine Coon cats are considered majestic, but they’re also very playful and adorable. These cats are the perfect pets for young children and can be a great addition to any home. These majestic cats are available for adoption for about $1000. They can grow to be over thirteen years old, and can weigh between six and thirteen pounds.

Maine Coons are among the largest breeds of domesticated cats. They are often called ‘the gentle giant’ due to their large size and playfulness. One Hong Kong-based creative, Robert Sijka, has captured the playful nature of these magnificent cats in his photography. His images are dramatic and feature the beautiful, oversized animals against a dark background.

Elegant expression

Robert Sijka’s elegant expression of the Maine Coon is a classic example of his style. The black background of these photographs is a common theme in his photography. The ethereal nature of the Maine Coon lends itself to a mystical mood.

Sijka’s work is unique in that it combines both art and nature. His photos of Maine Coons and other breeds are almost mythical. You can find his photographs on Facebook and Instagram or on his website. There are also a number of Maine Coon related items for sale on his website.

Sijka is a Polish native who has opened the only Maine Coon cattery in China. He has been impressed by the breed’s intelligence and loyalty. His photos of Maine Coons have been published in a variety of international publications. His work is available on his website and on Facebook under the name Felis Gallery.