The PetFusion Ambush Interactive Electronic Cat Toy uses motion and LED color lighting to stimulate your cat’s natural hunting instincts. The fluttering, rotating feathers and other sounds are guaranteed to engage your feline friend. Unlike other cat toys, this one actually releases the feathers automatically.


The Pawaboo interactive cat toy with electronic spinning feather has a remote control that your cat can use to activate the feather. Your cat can either press the button three times or hold it down for 15 minutes to turn on or turn it off. The feather will rotate back and forth in different colors, allowing your cat to have a variety of play times with this cat toy.

The toy is made of durable materials that are safe for your cat. Your kitty will enjoy playing with this toy, and it will encourage healthy activity. The rotating feathers will stimulate your kitty’s natural instincts and interests, while the non-toxic design will keep your cat happy and healthy.

The Pawaboo cat toy is suitable for cats of all ages and breeds. It is made in the U.S. and requires three AA batteries (which can be recharged via a USB cable). It has an impressive track record, with countless satisfied customers. When not in use, you can wrap the string around the door knob, so your cat won’t get trapped in the cord.

You can choose from several different versions of Pawaboo. Some are stuffed with catnip, while others have a non-slip base and safety bars. Some cats may be tempted to use it as a cat tower, and others may even accidentally knock it over. With so many options to choose from, your kitty will love this interactive cat toy! It can keep your cat entertained for hours with its unpredictable movements.

This motorized cat toy is inexpensive but does require replacement parts. Its battery are rechargeable and can be played on different types of floors. The toy changes direction silently and has three different speed settings for your cat to choose from. In addition, this toy comes in four different colours.

If you are worried about your cat knocking it over, this interactive cat toy will prevent this from happening. The toy comes in both green and red colors and has an LED day-and-night light, which will distract your feline friend. The toy has an automatic shutoff after 40 minutes.


The SmartyKat petfusion ambush cat toy features a hidden wand and rubber feet to prevent it from being knocked over by your cat. This toy simulates the movements of real prey and is ideal for keeping your cat entertained for a long time. It also has two speeds and an interchangeable wand.

This interactive cat toy stimulates your cat’s hunting instincts and enhances its reflexes. This toy features a small feather that pops out of randomly placed holes in the base. Your cat will have to react quickly in order to catch it before it disappears. It is safe for cats and comes with a replacement feather in case your cat isn’t interested in chasing after it.

The SmartyKat petfusion ambush electronic cat toy simulates the movements of hidden prey and encourages healthy activity in cats. It is also recyclable and meets all safety standards. It will last your cat for a long time and is safe to use around children.

This cat toy comes with a colorful feather and a rechargeable battery. It is also large enough for two cats to play with. The toy uses four AA batteries and features an 8-minute timer. The toy can be left on all day if your cat needs to burn off energy before going to bed.

This robotic cat toy uses vibration technology to entice your cat to chase, pounce, and swat it. The toy also changes direction when obstacles are encountered. It is also designed to flip back onto its feet if knocked over. Lastly, this toy is more expensive than most alternatives.

This toy comes in red and blue colors, with different lights. It also has a tail attached that can be controlled by pressing the power button twice. The toy can be set up in more than a hundred different layouts. It comes with two modes, Play and Wave Circuit.

This toy is a fun way to give your cat plenty of mental stimulation. It has 14 compartments for hidden treats. Depending on the level of difficulty, your cat can find several treats inside the toy. It also has non-slip rubber feet to keep it in place.


The PetFusion Ambush Interactive Electronic Cat Toy uses LED color lighting and motion to stimulate your cat’s natural hunting instincts. Your cat will find it highly exciting to chase the toy and will enjoy the moving target. It will also help your cat learn about hunting and how to use its prey-prey instincts.

The PetFusion Ambush Interactive Cat Toy stimulates your cat’s natural hunting instincts by providing a moving target that mimics the movements of real prey. This toy requires four AA batteries and will turn off automatically after eight minutes of play.

The laser on this interactive cat toy is a Class IIIa laser that can be controlled by your smartphone. You can even set it to autoplay to give your cat some exercise while you’re away. It’s rechargeable and has four different speed settings to provide maximum entertainment for your cat. This interactive cat toy is also made from environmentally-friendly ABS material.

The multi-track irregular running of this interactive cat toy keeps your cat guessing. It also has automatic sensors to keep it from getting stuck. Moreover, this cat toy is actually two toys in one. One is a circular track that holds 2 toy balls, and the other is a flying butterfly wall. Both of them can be played with separately or together.

Another feature of this robotic cat toy is its detachable tail feather that pops out from 6 different holes on the toy. It stimulates the brain and the hunting instincts of your cat. It also has multiple smart modes and an LED night and day light feature. The toy is powered by four AA alkaline batteries. A back-up feather is also included in the package.

This USB rechargeable cat toy has a remote control and features an adjustable speed. The toy also has a timer feature to keep it going for a set period of time. Once your cat has finished playing with the toy, it shuts off automatically. This is a great toy for indoors or outdoors!