Here are some tips for organising your pantry. First, use shelf liners to separate different items. Next, you can place your canned goods and dried goods in baskets. Lastly, use labels to make things easy to find. Your kids can help you organize the pantry. This will make the job a lot easier!


Turntables, also known as Lazy Susans, are a great way to organise your pantry. They make it easy to reach items that are in high and low shelves. They also help those with limited mobility keep items easily accessible. They are available in many different sizes, with or without dividers.

Turntables can also help you keep all of your cleaning supplies in one place. They make it easy to find the sponge you need at a moment’s notice. You can install one above your stove, or even in a corner of your walk-in pantry. Whether it’s a small or large pantry, a turntable is an excellent way to keep your supplies organised and accessible.

A turntable can also help you organise a coffee bar, spice rack, or dining buffet. The versatile design makes it a great way to impress your guests. It is best to use a sturdy material for this type of pantry organisation, rather than a delicate piece of furniture. There are many different types of turning mechanisms, with some relying on revolving pieces while others feature small wheels on mounted tracks.

The cheapest type of turntable is the Copco Basics non-skid Lazy Susan, which comes in 14 different colors and has a generous 12-inch diameter. Its durable plastic construction makes it a great choice for those with limited budgets. It is also an Amazon bestseller, with more than 22,000 reviews.


Baskets are a great way to organise your pantry. They are useful for keeping items like cereal and dry beans organised. Using baskets also makes it easier to see what is inside and find it easily. These storage solutions are dishwasher-safe and stackable. By removing the need to separate items, you can save money and keep your pantry neat and tidy.

Baskets are great for storage in the pantry, on the counter, and on the shelf. The downside is that they lack a non-slip bottom, so they can scratch the surfaces of your pantry or countertop. To prevent this, you can use a wooden table or buffet to keep them on. Another drawback is that they are too large for some cupboards, even with the label facing out. You’ll need to keep the feet parallel to the sides of the cupboard in order for them to fit properly.

You can also use wall mounted baskets in your pantry. This is a great option for smaller spaces. This method uses less space and is ideal for produce storage. You can even use plastic baskets if you are on a budget. Plastic baskets are easy to label, and you can also write what’s inside with household items.

Wire baskets are also useful for food storage and can help you organise your pantry. These bins are unattractive but offer convenient access to your food. In addition to that, wire baskets are perfect for storing snack-size items. The wire design makes them easy to use for a toddler to reach.


Pantry labels make it easy to find what you’re looking for without looking through the entire cabinet. They also add an eye-catching visual element to the pantry, which can help you relax and enjoy spending time in the kitchen. You’ll also find it easier to plan meals and prepare foods once you have an organised pantry.

Pantry labels come in a range of styles and are made from durable vinyl. You can choose the font, colour and size of the labels to suit your style. The labels are usually six to nine centimetres wide and can be used on various jars, canisters, and containers in your pantry.

The RealAndVibrant label collection offers a variety of templates for different kitchen cupboards. You can even customize the labels for specialty ingredients. Whether you need to label a spice, cereal, or flour jar, the labels are a fun and practical way to stay organised. You can also use reusable labels to keep your pantry clean.

Once you’ve cleaned out your pantry and labeled it, you’re ready to start the organisation process. Labelling your items will help you remember where to find what, as well as add your personal style. To keep your pantry organized, consider the items you use most often and store them where they’ll be most accessible. For example, canned tomatoes are often used weekly, so keep them near the front of the pantry.

Storage bins

Stackable storage bins are an essential part of pantry organisation. They come in many shapes and sizes, and you can choose lidded or unlidded bins. Bins that have a lid are more practical for storing certain items. The lid makes it easy to see the contents of the bin, and they also can be easily cleaned with soap and water.

A wire basket works well to store food storage items, but isn’t the most aesthetically appealing. Its shape, though, does allow for easy access. In addition to being more visually appealing, Annie Walsh recommends that cereal be emptied into a dispenser, which helps prevent it from going bad and creating an even look on the shelves. Plastic storage bins are useful for organizing bulk items and are also dishwasher safe, which is great if you use them in the kitchen.

A set of 24 storage containers comes with labels that you can use to identify what you have in each bin. These bins come in different sizes, which makes it easy to find what you need. They can also be stacked to save space and are airtight. However, these containers are not recommended for those with limited vertical space in their kitchens.

A can organizer is another useful product for pantry organisation. These organizers make it easy to organise your canned goods. They come in three tiers, with slightly slanted sides to prevent cans from falling off the tiers. These storage bins are durable and designed to last for years.

Wall space

If you’re looking for ways to make the most of your pantry space, try adding more storage options. One such way is to use bins. Bins are a great way to group like items together and can be labeled to make them easier to find. In addition, they save space.

Whether you’re storing a variety of dry ingredients or just some breadcrumbs, flat containers can stack easily in a pantry. Also, you can buy custom containers that slide out of shelves for easy access. Another great option is to install a pegboard on a free wall for displaying heavy items. You can even add shelves and hooks to use as storage.

Stacking wire bins are another great way to make the most of the vertical space. They are sturdy and convenient, and come with a large metal label to identify what they are. They’re a great way to organise and store bulky items, and they’re handy for holding snacks for kids. Also, you can place additional shelves anywhere you have extra room.

You can also use wood crates to spice up your pantry shelves. These containers are harder to reach, but they can also hold reusable totes and other pantry items. Alternatively, you can buy drawer organizers to help you organise your pantry. These storage systems prevent items from tumbling over and making a mess. Lastly, you can get some great storage options from a lazy susan or an under-shelf basket. These can be found at most home goods stores.