One of the best organizing your house ideas is to start small and organize the rooms in your home. Start by organizing the kitchen cabinets into categories. Then organize the closets using wire hangers. You can even recycle your old towels. You can also donate old stuffed toys to an animal shelter. You can even create a “drop zone” in your house where you can collect and organize all the clutter that comes in and out of the house.

Organize your kitchen cabinets into categories

Organizing your kitchen cabinets can enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your home. It is a great way to make sure that all your supplies are within reach and maximize storage space. You can even customize your cabinetry to suit your needs with the help of specialized cabinet organization tools. By organizing your kitchen cabinets according to what you use most, you will be able to maximize storage space and avoid clutter.

First, decide what types of items go in each cabinet. Organize Like a Pro’s guidelines will help you assign homes to different items. In addition to dividing your kitchen into categories, consider creating “zones” or compartments for different items. This can help you sort items during the Sort/Purge step. For temporary labeling, you can use Post-It notes.

Organizing deep cabinets can be tricky, but it is possible to designate them according to what you store in them. A deep cabinet isn’t the best place for canned goods, but it is the perfect spot for tools and small appliances. Experiment with different placements until you find a combination that works well for you. Another way to maximize cabinet space is to add shelves to the cabinets. This way, you can easily reach items you need without digging into deep cabinets.

You can also hire a professional organizer to organize your cabinets. They may be able to organize your kitchen for you for a relatively low price. However, it is important to consider the time involved. You might have to spend several hours on your kitchen organization project. Professional organizers charge $55 to $100 per hour, on average. In addition to the time involved, you’ll also need to purchase supplies for the organizing process.

In addition to organizing your kitchen cabinets into categories, you should consider using the space above them. This space can be a great place for displaying your collection. In addition, if you don’t have enough kitchen cabinet space to fit everything in, you can move some items to a more convenient location. For instance, hang your pans to save valuable cabinet space.

Create a drop zone to gather and organize the clutter that comes in and out of the house

Create a drop zone in your home where you can gather and organize the clutter that comes in and goes out of the house. It can be a chair, a bin for mail, or even a decorative tray. Place it near the front door, back door, or garage. Remove anything that will take up valuable floor space, then place things in this designated area.

When designing your drop zone, think about the layout of your house and your family’s habits. Consider where you place keys, shoes, coats, and other items that come in and out of the house. Also consider where you store important items, such as the family calendar or the mail sorter.

Once you have your plan in place, begin collecting the necessary items for the drop zone. Next, think about the best storage solution for each of the members of your family. If each family member is responsible for putting their belongings in the designated area, that will make the drop zone more likely to be kept tidy.

If you’re lucky enough to have a coat closet or a mudroom, you can make that spot a drop zone. Having a designated space for such things will give you a sense of control. The key is to make the space as functional as possible. The drop zone can be a simple corner table or a wall shelf with key hooks. Depending on your budget, a simple basket in the corner table can be just as effective.

A drop zone is a great organizing strategy for a dedicated area in your home. Creating a drop zone will allow you to find items you need quickly and easily, while reducing the chances of misplacing items. This space can also be a flexible space that can evolve with the needs of your family. For example, if you have kids, you may want to have a place to put backpacks. Alternatively, if you have a dog, you may wish to designate a designated area for your dog to exercise.

A drop zone can also function as a mini-desk, which can hold mail, a schedule, and more. You can also organize your drop zone with decorative boxes. You can choose a black-and-white box like the Braque Box, which harmonizes with modern decor. Or you can buy a set of colorful boxes, such as the Bone Box Set, which has a blue and white palette and can add color to the drop zone counter. If you’re feeling bold, you can also purchase durable milk crates that feature a chalkboard to label your items. The boxes can also add a warm and welcoming touch to your home.

Recycle wire hangers to organize your closets

If you have a bunch of wire hangers piled up in your closet, it may be time to start recycling them. Most recycling centers and scrap metal buyers accept wire hangers. You can also donate them to charity organizations. Donations can benefit groups like thrift stores, crisis shelters, group homes, and nursing homes. Most dry cleaners will also accept your hangers for reuse and may even offer discounts if you bring them back.

In addition to being able to recycle wire hangers, you can use them as decorative pieces. You can add paper signs to them to say “welcome,” “Happy Valentine’s Day,” or “Do not disturb.” You can even paint them metallic colors and wrap them in yarn to make them even more attractive. You can also use wire hangers to organize your closets. Hanging items on these hangers will save you space in your closet, while making it easy to find them.

Metal hangers are also great for multiple uses. They can be used to unclog bathroom sinks, or even to roast marshmallows. However, these options may not suit your lifestyle. Luckily, wire hangers are inexpensive and plentiful, making them a great option for organizing your closet.

After several uses, wire hangers can stretch, causing them to become saggy. If you don’t use them, consider donating them to thrift shops. You can also recycle plastic hangers that don’t contain metal. Wooden hangers, on the other hand, are durable, and look much more stylish.

Another way to recycle plastic hangers is to buy wall-mounted shoe storage. Hanging shoe storage can create vertical space and keep your shoes organized. You can also use boxes to store shoes and jewelry. Remember to group similar clothing together. By using the right hangers, you can make your closets look more appealing and make it easier for you to see the clothes you wear.