Lazy Susans

Lazy Susans are an easy way to maximize the space under your bathroom sink. They’re useful for many things, from storing toothpaste and shampoo to holding toilet bowl cleaner and cotton balls. They are also a great place to store first aid supplies. While you may think you’re limited by space, lazy Susans are a great way to maximize your storage space.

While traditional Lazy Susans are made of metal, you can opt for plastic ones instead. They’re easy to wipe and are also clear, which makes it easy to find what you’re looking for. They can also be stacked to save space. A good organizing idea for under the sink is to keep similar items together.

A lazy Susan makes it easier to locate items that you use frequently. They turn easily, so reaching the back of a cabinet is quick and easy. Place larger items in the back, and smaller ones in the front. This way, you’ll know what needs to be replenished.

If you have limited space under your bathroom sink, a lazy Susan can be a great organizing idea. It’s a great DIY project and you can use inexpensive platters from the dollar store. Once you’ve created a lazy susan, you can add the desired storage. You can also place an over-the-cabinet bar inside the cabinet door to hang the most frequently used bathroom cleaners.

Command hooks

Command hooks are a great way to organize under your bathroom sink. They are very easy to install and remove, and leave no sticky residue. They are also great for storing everything from cleaning products to cosmetics. If you have multiple items that you want to keep in one place, use multiple hooks.

Command hooks are useful for organizing items that are often left around the bathroom. You can hang small items like makeup bags, cosmetics, and towels from them. You can even use permanent or removable adhesive Command hooks. You can also install a tension rod to hang spray bottles on. This will open up additional space under the sink.

These hooks are very cost-efficient. Prices depend on the size and finish, and whether you want a single or double hook. Small hooks cost less than $4 each, and double hooks cost around $15. Command hooks are available in a variety of finishes, including white, clear, stainless steel, and matte black.

Command hooks also work well to hold up plastic bags. Trash bags are easy to slip into, so it’s helpful to have an organized way to keep them. Another way to use Command hooks is to hang your most-used handbags in your coat closet. This will not only keep your handbags accessible, but also keep them in shape.

Tension rods

Tension rods are a versatile solution that can be installed in just about any place in your bathroom. They can be installed under the sink, in a cabinet, or in a vanity. They can be used to hang up all sorts of things, from purses to belts and bags. Tension rods can help you make the most of your space while staying organized.

Adding a tension rod to the top of your under-sink cabinet is a great way to maximize storage space. Tension rods are particularly effective if your cabinet has a solid door or sturdy sides. If your sink has drawers, however, tension rods may not be the best solution.

Another organizing option is a wall-mounted shelf. These storage units are convenient and easy to clean. They have specialized slots for hairbrushes and hair dryers. These racks are also good for holding makeup and other small items. The best thing about them is that they are cheap, customizable, and easily rearranged.

Tension rods are also useful for closets. They can be placed on either side of cubbies to organize clothes. You can also hang spray bottles from tension rods to prevent leaks and spills. You can even use them in your RV.

Wire baskets

Wire baskets are an inexpensive, versatile organizing solution that can be used to store toiletries, makeup, and more. You can purchase them at a dollar store or on Amazon. They are ideal for storing like items and help you to see everything at a glance. Some sink organizers also come with sliding dividers. Laura of Inspiration for Moms used a sliding organizer to organize her sink cabinet.

These are easy to use and slide out to keep items within easy reach. These organizers are available in a variety of sizes and make using the space under the sink much easier. The wire bottom can allow items to fall through, so it’s important to measure before ordering. You can also check the placement of the sink pipes before purchasing. Another way to organize under the sink is by hanging a plastic shower caddy on a suction cup.

Storage bins are another useful option for under-the-sink organization. They come in different sizes and shapes, making them the perfect storage solution for odd-shaped and tall items. These bins can be paired with hand towels to create a cleaning supply bin. Another advantage of using storage bins is that you can move them easily from cabinet to cabinet, if necessary.

Wire baskets can also be used for organizing items in your bathroom. A small one can be used to hold a small bottle, while a large one can accommodate a lot of items. Wire baskets can be used for storing toiletries, cleaning supplies, and more.

Magazine racks

Under-sink organizers are perfect for keeping similar items together. They can be easily accessible, too. Look for adjustable dividers, which let you group similar items by size or height. Also, find an organizer that features a caddy to carry supplies. It’s a good idea to measure the depth of the cabinet so you know the ideal amount of space for the organizer.

A curved organizer can help you maximize space under your sink. Or, a full-on cabinet that has a tilt-top drawer and two shelves is great for storing linens. A rust-resistant magazine rack is also a good option. It can also serve as an additional shelf.

Before getting started with organizing under-sink space, it’s important to clean and organize the space. Make sure that the items stored there are all beauty-related. Also, make sure to sort your items by category. This will help you determine which items you can keep and which ones you can throw away.

Magazine racks are also perfect for holding hairdryers and styling tools. Stored under the sink, hair dryers can get messy with wires and other bits and pieces. Luckily, you can add a mini-basket to hold all of your beauty essentials.

Magnetic strip

Magnetic strips can be an excellent storage solution for under-the-sink areas. Using small strips of magnetic material can help you organize the small items you need to use frequently. You can also add strips to a knife holder or a spice rack. Magnetic strips can also be useful in the garage to keep small tools organized.

Another great idea is to use a bucket-style organizer. These are made from durable plastic and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some are round, while others are rectangular. This organizational solution can be a great way to save space and organize your small toiletries. You can also use them to store small bottles.

Stackable drawers are another great option for under-sink storage. They can be positioned on top of each other or side by side, giving you a flexible storage solution that can fit any space. You can also use them to store duplicates and lesser-used items. They’re also a convenient way to use vertical space and keep your sink clutter-free.

Magnetic strips can be used on cupboard doors to organize small items. The magnets on the strips make it easy to find the things you need quickly. Other great organizing ideas include using over-the-door hooks from IKEA. These are inexpensive and available in several finishes.