If you are looking for organization ideas for your bathroom, you can use several methods to maximize your space. A few examples are hanging organizers, tiered organizers, and removable hooks. You can also repurpose your bar cart into an organizational unit. If you are using a bar cart to store your toiletries, you can turn it into a bathroom organizer with hooks on the bottom.

Repurpose a bar cart

If you’re lacking storage space in your bathroom, a bar cart can come in handy. It can be used to store toiletries, towels, and soaps. It also doubles as a makeshift makeup station, freeing up space on a vanity or dresser. Alternatively, you can use a wall mount to store cleaning tools and other items that you don’t need to see every day.

The first step is to find a bar cart that is heavy enough to support all your items. Look for one made of quality metals and a sturdy frame. You can also consider repurposing an old bar cart. A bar cart can also be used as a storage unit for decorative items, such as novelty books and lacquer boxes. You can also choose a bar cart with clear or mirrored shelves to make things sparkle. A bar cart should have clean surfaces so that it doesn’t collect dust. It should also have a handle on one side for ease of movement.

Next, you can repurpose an old bar cart into a functional storage unit for your bathroom. For example, you can use a bar cart as a toilet paper holder for a toothbrush, toothpaste, and other bathroom essentials. A bar cart on wheels is also a handy towel storage solution.

Hanging organizers

Whether you’re looking for storage in the bathroom or to create a decorative piece, there are several different options to choose from. One option is a woven tiered hanging organizer. This wicker-like storage device holds items such as washcloths and soaps in two tiers. You can also personalize it by having it customized with the names of family members or the item you want to store.

Another option is to install a shelf next to the vanity to keep items off of the counter. These shelves are deeper than built-in medicine cabinets, which means you can keep your daily essentials close at hand. You can also put small objects on decorative trays to make them look purposely placed. This way, you can create a curated collection and make small items more accessible.

You can also use a wooden ladder shelf to hold towels. This type of organizer can add character to the room and can also be used to hold a soap dispenser pump, toothbrush holder, or other odds and ends. It also helps to draw your eye upward. Hanging organizers for bathroom organization are also useful if you want to keep your accessories in one place.

Hanging organizers are a great option for small bathrooms, especially in cramped spaces. These stylish storage systems are great for storing essentials such as bath salts, essential oils, and seashells. You can even install them above your bathtub or near your shower.

Tiered organizers

Tiered bathroom organizers make use of vertical space to store items in an accessible manner. They have an added benefit of being able to be flipped horizontally, making them easy to access. They are designed for those who have limited mobility to reach the items they need. These organizers can also be used as a reading stand, as they don’t have a large footprint.

One of the most popular types of bathroom organizers is the two-tiered counter top organizer. It has three holes on the top tier for styling tools, a large hole for a hair dryer, and a lower tier that can hold bottles or cans. The bottom tier also has a drawer, which is useful for small items.

If you want to have more storage space, you can purchase a leaning ladder. This piece is easy to clean and consists of three graduated tiers. It can be used to store items like toilet paper, cosmetics, and fancy-wrapped soaps. Besides a bathroom, the leaning ladder can be used for other purposes such as in the kitchen.

Another great option for bathroom organizers is the over-the-door organizer. It adds up to eight baskets of storage. These troughs can hold anything from extra washcloths to hair-styling tools. They are also easy to install. They hang over the door on rust-proof brackets. The height of the baskets can be adjusted as needed.

Removable hooks

Removable hooks are a great way to organize your bathroom without having to drill holes in the wall. They can hold a variety of accessories including towels and robes, and require no tools to install. These hooks also come with water-resistant adhesive strips and can stick to most surfaces. They are a great way to keep your bathroom organized without having to spend too much time cleaning up the mess.

Another option is to add a turntable, also known as a lazy Susan. These are great for storing smaller items, and you can also turn them so you can find the item you want without having to reach over things. You can also use several turntables to maximize vertical space. Another great idea is to add a ladder to hang towels and other items.

You can buy single hooks to hang towels, but you may want to invest in a multipack if you have multiple towels. Towel hooks should be moisture-proof, which is a must in the shower. Be sure to check the capacity of the hooks before you buy them. You want to buy hooks that are sturdy and can hold thicker towels, as they add more weight when wet.

Another option is using apothecary jars. They can be used to store items like tissues, paper towels, and other supplies that can be hung over a door. These storage options will make the most of vertical space in your medicine cabinet.


Turntables for bathroom organization are an excellent way to keep toiletries out of the way. This space-saving storage option can be placed next to the vanity to keep daily essentials within easy reach. These organizers can be deeper than built-in medicine cabinets. Many of them feature a decorative tray to keep small items in view. They are made from durable, BPA-free plastic and are easy to clean.

Another great option for bathroom organization is the Lazy Susan. This storage solution can organize your spice rack and coffee bar, and can impress your guests. Lazy Susans come in a variety of materials, so choose one that is durable enough to last for a long time. Some of the more popular models have tall edges that help keep smaller items in their place.

Lazy Susan Turntables are also available. These organizers have a deep ledge and non-slip feet, and they are great for cabinets and countertops. They are also wide and don’t interfere with nearby items or walls. In addition, they allow easy access to small items in a large and organized space.

Turntables can be purchased inexpensively. Their prices depend on size, finish, and if they are adjustable. The best part is that these organizers are widely available and can be purchased online. Turntables are particularly useful in kitchens, where they can make awkward upper or lower corners more accessible and useful. They can also make the backs of deep pantries more functional.

Mason jars

If you are looking for an affordable way to organize your bathroom, consider using Mason jars. You can use them to store everything from cotton swabs to toothbrushes. You can also tie ribbon around them to make them look more decorative. Candles can be placed inside them, too.

Another great way to use mason jars for bathroom organization is to place them under the bathroom mirror. This is especially useful if you have children. The jars come in a variety of colors, including rose gold, which adds a touch of glam to the bathroom. Alternatively, you can purchase painted jars from online stores like Etsy.

You can also use a hot glue gun to attach the lids to the mason jars. Be sure to use clear glue sticks when handling sharp metal edges. Once the lids are attached, you can start adding your bathroom essentials. You can highlight the phrase, “bath salts,” or write your own text on the jar.

The jars can be painted in any color. The paint can be applied to the inside or outside of the mason jar. The glass mason jars can also be used for glue art. To paint them, you can use various colors and apply them in any direction you choose. After painting, let the mason jars dry for 30 minutes.