If you’re looking for an orange Maine Coon kitten for sale, you may want to start with a rescue. The non-profit organization Best Friends, which helps animals find new homes, lists adult orange Maine Coon cats and kittens for adoption. Another option is to use an adoption website like Petfinder. This website has location-based search options, as well as filters for coat color, age, and gender.


If you’re planning to adopt an orange Maine Coon kitten, it’s important to know about their health conditions. Although these cats are generally healthy, they can develop health problems, especially if they’re overweight. If they’re more than 20% overweight, they’ll probably develop hip dysplasia, which affects many large cats. This is often painful and leads to noticeable limping.

As a breed, the Orange Maine Coon has a large, unique face and sweet tufted ears. These cats are great companions and make excellent family pets. They have a playful and laid-back personality. They enjoy playing in water and lounging around when they’re not around their humans.

When choosing a breeder, make sure they’re reputable and don’t make any false promises. Some breeders are out to make a quick buck. Be wary of sellers who refuse to disclose their names and addresses. Also, be wary of anyone who asks for large payments upfront. Moreover, make sure to research the cattery you’re buying a kitten from.

Buying a kitten from a reputable breeder can save you from the hassle of dealing with illness and other health issues that can arise later in life. A good breeder will make sure that all of their kittens are health tested and have a low risk of contracting a health condition. This will ensure that your new kitten will have an exceptional life expectancy.

While the Maine Coon originated in the United States, they were originally prized in Europe. Because they were prized as vermin hunters, they evolved into sturdy, hardworking cats. They also evolved coats that fit the climate of their native country. The first cat show in the United States was held in May 1895 at Madison Square Garden in New York. Cosey won a silver collar and medal, which are on display at the Cat Fanciers Association’s headquarters in Ohio.

Health issues

If you’re looking for orange Maine Coon kittens for sale, you’ll find that there are several health issues that you should be aware of. One of these is polycystic kidney disease, which can be caused by faulty breeding. The condition causes multiple cysts on the kidneys, which can eventually lead to kidney failure. Another health problem is spinal muscular atrophy, or SMA. This genetic disease affects the muscles in the heart and results in unsteady gait and abnormal movements.

Fortunately, most Maine Coon cats are relatively healthy. However, they do have a few genetic predispositions to certain diseases. For example, hip dysplasia affects approximately 18% of the Maine Coon population. While this disease is generally not life-threatening, it can result in arthritis and even paralysis.

Other common health problems for orange Maine Coon kittens for sale are skin disease, allergies, and trachea problems. Maine Coons can also have internal health issues, including tumours and bacterial or viral infections. While these conditions do not pose immediate risks, proper treatment can help ensure a healthy life for the kittens.

Hip dysplasia is another common problem among large breed cats. This disorder causes the ball and socket of the hip joint to not align properly. Affected cats will develop pain in the affected hips, and may eventually develop secondary arthritis. However, this condition is treatable through medications or joint supplements. A veterinarian may also recommend surgery for severe cases of hip dysplasia.

An orange Maine Coon’s hair is soft and luxurious, and it is important to brush their coat daily. You should also trim their nails on a daily basis. An electric nail trimmer is the easiest tool for this job. On average, the lifespan of an orange Maine Coon is about 12 years. However, some breeders claim it can live up to fifteen years. Overall, this is an excellent pet for the entire family.


If you are considering adopting a orange Maine Coon kitten, this article will give you some important information. First of all, keep in mind that these felines have many potential health problems. Obesity is a common problem in these cats, and obese kittens are at higher risk for developing life-changing conditions. Overweight cats are also more likely to develop hip dysplasia, which affects the hips. This condition usually manifests itself as pain when moving or a noticeable limp.

Although orange Maine Coons may be intimidating, they are generally friendly and gentle pets. They respond well to human interaction and are highly intelligent. Adoption of orange Maine Coon kittens and adult cats is possible with the help of reputable breeders. They are also easy to train.

Once you’ve decided to adopt a kitten, make sure to do your homework and choose a reputable rescue center. While it can be difficult to locate a registered Maine Coon center, you can do your research online. Check out Facebook and Instagram for listings. You can also search for listings in a local newspaper or in a local rescue group.

Another advantage of adopting a kitten is that it is a lower-cost alternative. While it may cost a little more than purchasing one from a breeder, adoption benefits both the cat and the people who adopt them. It also helps save the life of a cat that otherwise might have been discarded.

If you decide to adopt a kitten from a breeder, make sure to check for health guarantees and information on vaccinations. Some breeders require proof that the kitten has been spayed or neutered by six months.


A Maine Coon is a healthy cat, but its maintenance can add up fast. These pets require annual visits to the vet for shots, a wellness exam and bloodwork. In addition, they will need to be flea and tick-treated, which costs around $300 a year. Choosing natural flea and tick prevention products can lower the price. Some health problems are also expensive, so it’s a good idea to have pet insurance to cover unexpected medical expenses.

If you are considering purchasing a kitten for your family, be sure to find a reputable breeder. These breeders will make sure the animals are healthy and properly registered. They also will take back a pet if something goes wrong. Be sure to compare the costs of kittens offered by different breeders.

Buying a kitten from a reputable Maine Coon breeder is a smart choice. The breeder you choose will have all of the necessary vaccinations and health certificates, so you can be sure that your new pet will be healthy and happy. Aside from health checks, kittens will need to be socialized and receive basic inoculations. Most CFA breeders offer Maine Coon kittens, and the kittens are available from these breeders in most areas. You can contact these breeders via their websites or call them directly for availability.

A Maine Coon cat is a highly intelligent and affectionate animal that can make an excellent family pet. Although they can be a bit invasive, they do not bite, and will happily cuddle with you.