If your office space is lacking storage space, try incorporating a large memo board. These are not easy to find, but they can be very useful in a small space. You can use them to display important notes or photos. There are several types of memo boards, including IKEA’s FINTORP series, which is designed for kitchens and can be used in any room.


Pegboard office wall organizer ideas can be both practical and decorative. These handy tools can hide clutter while offering storage space. If you don’t want to use pegboard organizers as a workstation, consider using a modern plywood pegboard. You can hide your supplies in a more discreet manner and still have enough room for larger bins and bags.

Pegboard office wall organizers can coordinate with the rest of your decor. You can add ribbon or thread to hang from the pegboard or add paper holders and magazine racks to store files and magazines. You can also paint your pegboard a color to match the color of the walls in the room.

Pegboards are a wonderful storage solution for any room in your home. They can help organize everything from kids’ toys to office supplies to craft supplies. They can also be used to hang art and mood-lifting decorations. They can also help you keep track of mail and other things that clutter up the house.


Wire office wall organizers are an affordable way to add storage space to a home office without taking up a lot of floor space. They are flexible and can be rearranged as your needs change. These systems often include magnetic plates and other storage options such as dry-erase boards and shelves. Hand-finished acrylic wall organizers are also great options to hold various office supplies.

Designed to hold a variety of items, these organizers can be easily customized to fit any room. Some organizers include a dry-erase calendar, a note space, a to-do list board, and several hooks. You can also purchase jumbo-sized pencil organisers that are made from a single piece of plywood. This design doesn’t take up a lot of space, and comes with multiple pockets.

Another useful organizer option is a pegboard. Although not as versatile as other storage options, a pegboard can conceal clutter and be both decorative and functional. This type of office wall organizer from IKEA has plenty of uses. It is a great place to leave important notes and photos.

Glass jars

Glass jars are a great way to keep your office supplies organized. They can be used in various sizes and you can even paint them to make them more functional. Just remember to paint them in a well-ventilated area and use a chalkboard paint. You can also use white adhesive letters to label them.

Glass jars can also be used as storage containers for everyday items like cotton swabs and makeup brushes. The Mommy Suite upcycled the glass jars for these items. A’Casarella also opted for a glass jar to hold string. This way, you can easily find it also helps keep it from getting tangled. You can also use glass jars to store ribbons. You can place several rolls in one jar to make it look more organized.

Mason jars are popular for their rustic look, but they’re also great for more modern settings. You can also decorate them with simple labeling to create a chic, sophisticated look. Simple frosting is also a great option for a transitional or modern space. Choose from a variety of different styles and colors to find the perfect fit.

Under shelf basket

There are many ways to organize your office space. Whether you want to store your pens and pencils in a jar or put all of your office supplies in a wall organizer, holders can help you out. These organizers are usually made of wood, plastic, or metal and come in different sizes. They can also be made yourself using old items.

A wall calendar is another great way to organize your space. It can help you stay on top of your to-do list and will give you a sense of control over your time. There are many types of memo boards that can help you keep track of your appointments and to stay organized. A memo board can also be useful for storing photos and important notes.

Floating shelves are another great option for small offices. These are easy to build and will free up valuable desk space. Make sure to avoid overloading them with heavy items. Place books and other decor, such as a potted plant, on these shelves. If you have dedicated storage, make sure to label each compartment with a label so you can easily identify what’s in each compartment. If you’re storing papers, use binders with dividers or a file cabinet to organize them.

Binder clips

Binder clips are useful office tools that can be used for a variety of purposes. They can be used to hold together several pieces of paper, and are more secure than a stapler. They can also be used to hang a calendar in your cubicle, manage cords in your office, or even secure blinds to prevent them from rattling when the window is open.

Binder clips are also good for hanging your posters and pictures. They are a cheap office supply and can be easily turned into photo holders using scrapbook paper and glue. You can create these holders in a matter of minutes. Alternatively, you can purchase poster clips that can hang your favorite prints. These holders are a great way to display artwork and can be made from any color you desire.

Another great way to use binder clips is to attach them to your wall. You can use them to hold your calendar, important notes, bills, and even inspirational quotes. If you’d like to personalize them, you can use washi tape to add a personal touch.

Wire baskets

Wire baskets are a versatile storage and organizing solution. They are great for a variety of purposes, including storing incoming mail, keeping track of office supplies, and displaying jewelry and scarves. They also serve as a functional home command center. You can also use them to store desktop paperwork.

Aside from their utility, wire baskets also look cute on an office wall. You can label them with chalkboard markers to make them more appealing. Hanging wire baskets are a great way to save floor space, while adding to the overall decor of your office. They’re a cute and functional storage option for any space, and they’re perfect for home offices.

Another great idea is to use old window shutters as office wall organizers. These inexpensive storage solutions are easy to make at home and can hide clutter while adding beauty to your workspace. They’re also an effective way to organize your desk without taking up valuable floor space.

Wire shelves

If you’re looking for a simple yet effective way to organize your workspace, wire shelves can be the perfect solution. These shelves can be customized to fit any space and come in a wide variety of colors and sizes. Popular finishes include zinc plated, nickel chrome, and black/white epoxy. You can also purchase wire racks that are antimicrobial. Wire shelves can also be painted in different colors to achieve a unique look that complements your office or home decor.

Wire baskets are another popular solution, especially in small spaces. They can be mounted above or next to a desk. They work great for storing books, files, and even planters. Some wire baskets even include lights, which will further enhance their functionality. They are also budget-friendly and add an industrial charm to your home office.

Floating shelves

You can add floating shelves to your office. These shelves are perfect for holding all kinds of stuff, and are a quick way to clear clutter. They can also be used to display framed artwork and photographs. A simple and inexpensive way to add additional storage is by purchasing some basket-style shelves, which are ideal for holding extra staples, notepads, and more.

If you don’t want to install heavy equipment on the shelves, you can also opt for acrylic shelves. These shelves blend in with any type of decor, and are very easy to install. The only disadvantage is that they can’t support heavy items. If you’re looking for a simple and inexpensive way to add storage to your office, this option could be the best choice.

Floating shelves add a touch of personality to any office. They are easy to install and can make the entire room look more organized. The best part is that you can easily install them yourself, thanks to the Studlock Bracket System, which has holes every inch. The shelves can be attached to the wall stud, which is a great feature for a home office.

Envelope punch board

If you’re looking for a fun office wall organizer, try an Envelope Punch Board! This tool can punch small, customized envelopes, and it’s also easy to use. It features two hole punchers, making it easy to create custom envelopes and store them anywhere you need them.

Pegboard organizers are a great space saver and can also be decorative. They’re a great way to hide clutter. You can even use a simple pegboard, which is made from plywood. You can use a variety of materials, including decorative and functional pegs, such as scrapbook paper and nails.