There are a number of tips you can use to organize your office desk drawers. One tip is to designate a purpose for each drawer. For instance, you could designate the top drawer for your office supplies and the bottom one for your papers. The third drawer could be reserved for your toiletries. To find more tips about how to organize your desk drawers, check out


Organizing your desk drawers is essential if you want to free up valuable space. Keep frequently used items at the front of the drawer, which allows you to easily access them. Cables that are not in use and take up space should be arranged in a neat and organized manner. Use VELCRO(r) Brand ONE-WRAP(r) Ties to keep cables tidy.

Before attempting to organize your desk drawers, sort like items together to keep track of what you need. To make it easier to find items, use clear, mini-sized containers. Test pens and markers first to make sure they are in good condition before storing them in a drawer. Similarly, toss chargers and hair ties after using them once or twice.

Office drawers do not have to be completely full – having some space to spare is a great way to maximize productivity. If you have large drawers, consider using containers to separate items by their functions. You can also use VELCRO(r) Brand Stick On Tape to hold loose cables in place.


Keeping a desk organized can be a huge help when you’re trying to get the most work done in the shortest time possible. A Yamazaki organizer is a sleek and modern option that will keep your desk free from clutter. With its clean lines and specialized compartments, you can keep your phone, glasses, and other small items in easy reach.

Organizers come in many different styles and sizes and are available in metal, plastic, and wooden varieties. You can buy pre-made organizers or create your own with items you already own. Make sure you choose a style that works with your workspace. These items are easy to install and take up very little space.


Drawer organizers are a great way to stay organized and productive at work. The COZYWELL under desk drawer can help you keep your items within easy reach without taking up valuable desk space. This compact drawer features a large, adjustable middle compartment for storing small tools. It also features an ABS plastic case and self-adhesive tapes. This product can be mounted to a variety of furniture pieces.

To simplify office drawer organization, place like items together. For example, place pens, markers, and erasers in one drawer. Store other supplies in a lower drawer. Putting like items together also makes it easier to locate items. Using clear, durable mini-size containers to store desktop items can help you keep your supplies within reach. You should also try to use up used pens and markers before storing them away. Chargers, hair ties, and other items that you may never use again should be recycled after a year.

Desk drawers are often located in rooms that serve multiple purposes, like the den or living room. Try to make the area around the desk neat and tidy. You can also try organizing the drawers in your kitchen or bathroom to help keep your workspace organized.

S Stand Up Desk Store

An under-desk pencil drawer is a great way to add more storage to your standing desk. Designed to hold your small items, the Sliding Under-Desk Pencil Drawer by Stand Up Desk Store is made of steel with a tough powder coat finish. It also features drawer glides with bearings for smooth operation. Available in multiple colors and with a lockable shelf, these desk drawers are durable and a great choice for a wide variety of desks.

A desk drawer organizer by SMARTAKE includes thirteen different silicone compartments, so you can customize it to fit your specific needs. It comes in clear, black, and brown colors and features non-slip bottoms for easy access. It’s a great solution for anyone who needs to organize desk drawers and save space.

Using drawer dividers can help you stay organized and make your workspace more attractive. You can also use adjustable compartment dividers to make compartments of different sizes. They also keep items from rolling around and sliding back into the drawer when it’s closed. Finally, add personal touches to make your workspace more enjoyable. The addition of an office plant or a personal photograph can improve your mood and help you be more creative.

Yamazaki organizer

A stylish and practical way to organize your office desk drawers, the Yamazaki organizer is designed by Japanese design house Yamazaki. The sleek, minimalist design will help you keep your writing utensils, glasses, and smartphones organized. Its slim profile and steel frame will keep your objects safe from everyday accidents.

Its two-tier design has a base tray for odds and ends and a compartmented arm for taller items. A silicone mat keeps the items from sliding and the wood-covered arm can even be used as an accessory holder. A sleek organizer like this can also be used on nightstands.

Another option is a professional organizer. If you’re looking for a convenient way to store your office supplies, a streamlined bamboo organizer will fit the bill. These three-tiered organizers are eco-friendly and have four compartments in each tier. Another bonus is that bamboo is an eco-friendly option, which can add a touch of nature to your office.

Yamazaki trays

If you’re looking for the perfect office desk drawer organizer, consider one of the Yamazaki trays. These sleek, stainless steel trays provide simple organization with clean lines. They’re great for holding writing utensils, glasses, and phones. And they’re available in a variety of styles, including a modern, minimalist option.

These expandable trays work with just about any type of desk drawer. They have two tiers with roomy compartments, which make them a great choice for office desk drawer organization. In addition to being great for storing smaller items, the trays also have arm loops for holding bracelets and separate sections for larger items.

These trays come in various sizes and shapes, including desktop trays, which are perfect for small notepads and planners. Other options include multi-compartment mesh organizers, which are perfect for holding small supplies and non-letter-size paper. The different sizes of trays vary in price, making it easy to find the right one for your needs.

SMARTAKE pegboard

A pegboard and peg kit are a simple and effective way to organize drawers and maximize storage space. These organizers are available in a variety of sizes and peg combinations to suit your needs. For example, you can use them to store dinner plates or other smaller items. There is no limit to what you can put on these organizers.