The symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome are tingling, pain,numbness, and weakness. The pain may go up into the shoulder and arm causing more serious discomfort. This is caused by constantly repeating hand movements that cause major inflammation and serious tissue puffiness. Its caused by pinches in the nerves throughout the narrow opening (the carpal tunnel) in the wrist. Here are some ways help get rid of the pain. Applying a cold pack or something like a cold pack to that part of the wrist will help bring down any inflammation and swelling as well as help get rid of pain associated with carpal tunnel syndrome. First, get an pack, cold compress, ice, meat, or even a frozen bag of spinach. Second, take that compress and place it on the afflicted area for 15 minutes. Third, after the 15 minutes of pressing, take a small break of 20 minutes. Fourth, repeat as as often as needed for pain, inflammation, and swelling. Gently exercise your wrist to help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome. These exercises will open up the carpal tunnel and take some pressure off of the nerve. First, elbows bent with hands facing up into the sky Second, slowly and gently rotate your wrists in circles for about 30-60 seconds. Third, follow that by clenching your fists firmly, yet carefully. Fourth, open your hand and spread your fingers apart to stretch. Fifth, repeat this at least 7-11 times