If your kitten has fleas, you can treat them naturally by combining different ingredients found in nature with your household cleaners. Some of these ingredients include Citric acid, Apple cider vinegar, Lavender, and Diatomaceous earth. These ingredients are known to have a powerful effect on fleas. To begin your treatment, place your kitten on a warm towel, and use a flea comb to thoroughly comb its coat.

Apple cider vinegar

One of the best natural flea treatments for kittens is apple cider vinegar. Simply mix it with water to make a solution. You can spritz your cat with it or rub it in with a comb. You may need to do several treatments to get rid of fleas, so be patient.

Another natural flea treatment for kittens is brewer’s yeast. It acts as a natural flea powder and is safe for your kitten to eat. You can also use apple cider vinegar to strengthen your kitten’s immune system and make their blood unappetizing for fleas. You can also use a vinegar-water mixture to saturate your cat’s coat.

It can also be applied on the skin, but only after consulting a veterinarian. If you use it internally, your cat may suffer from digestive problems. Always be sure to dilute the vinegar. Also, never give it undiluted. And remember not to give your cat the same dosage as you do!

Although apple cider vinegar is safe for use on cats, you should make sure to dilute the solution to lessen the acidity and risk of serious side effects. Cats with kidney problems or other conditions should not take apple cider vinegar because it could cause them to suffer serious dehydration.

If you’re worried about your kitten’s health, you can try applying a solution of apple cider vinegar and water. It works by repelling fleas and is very inexpensive. However, remember to follow the instructions on the bottle. Do not use it directly on your kitten’s face, eyes, or open wounds. The mixture should be applied with a flea comb or a sponge and allowed to sit for a few minutes. Rinse off with clean water afterward.


Lavender is a powerful flea repellent that works wonders for your pet. It is a natural antiseptic, and it also soothes the skin. You can steep fresh lavender leaves in water overnight, and then strain the liquid. Then, spray the lavender solution on your cat’s coat to prevent fleas.

A few drops of lavender essential oil applied to your cat’s fur are enough to kill fleas and ticks. But it’s important not to use too much because lavender oil may be toxic for cats. It is better to use fresh lavender from your garden. You can also use lavender spray to brush your kitten’s fur.

While lavender is a popular plant for cats, it’s not safe for them to ingest. This is because lavender essential oil contains natural enzymes that are 500-2000 times stronger than the plant’s natural enzymes. Only a few essential oils are safe for cats to ingest.

Another natural flea repellent is lemongrass oil. Its fragrance repels fleas, and its geraniol and citral compounds work as natural flea repellents. You can either mix lemongrass oil with water and make a spray, or diffuse it in your home to provide the same benefits.

Another good natural flea treatment for cats is rosemary. Add a few drops to a spray bottle, and spray your cat’s coat with the mixture. This natural flea repellent will kill any fleas that land on your cat. Just be sure to keep the spray away from your pet’s eyes, and repeat the procedure as needed.

While lavender is effective against fleas, it is not a safe option for all cats. Essential oils are extremely powerful and should only be used in diluted quantities. You should always consult your veterinarian before using lavender oil on your pet.

Citric acid

One of the most effective natural flea treatments for kittens is a spray of citric acid on the cat’s fur. You can make this solution by simmering lemons in water. Once the lemons have dissolved, discard the lemon pieces and allow the water to cool. Then, strain the liquid and pour it into a spray bottle. After the lemon water has cooled, spray the solution on your cat while using a flea comb.

Alternatively, you can use lemon spray, which can be made by boiling lemon slices in water. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and use it to spray on the cat’s fur. Or, you can soak lemon slices in water for at least an hour to get a diluted solution.

Lemon water is another effective natural flea treatment for kittens and cats. A squeezed lemon diluted in a spray bottle can kill fleas on cats and kittens. Just make sure to avoid the eye area when you spray lemon water. Use this remedy regularly until the fleas are gone.

You can also use food-grade diatomaceous earth to kill fleas. Diatomaceous earth is composed of dead diatoms. It works by causing fleas to lose their moisture from the inside. The powder can be sprinkled over sandy areas or near resting areas. Just be careful not to breathe in the powder because it can irritate the respiratory system.

Fleas can be hard to get rid of, especially if you live in a humid region. But the good news is that these solutions can help reduce flea populations in your cat’s environment and prevent their return. However, you need to be patient and persistent with these solutions and you’ll see great results over time.

Diatomaceous earth

Diatomaceous earth is an excellent natural flea treatment for kittens. It works by killing fleas in a short period of time. However, you should only use food grade diatomaceous earth. Other brands can be toxic for your pet. You should make sure to read the label to know which is safe for your pet.

Diatomaceous earth can be used on cats by lightly rubbing it on their coats or dusting their environments with it. Not only does it kill fleas and ticks, it also helps deworm your cat. You can also add it to your cat’s water and food. Make sure to get a food-grade version for your pet’s food and water.

You can use diatomaceous earth on your pet’s bed too. However, you should remember to avoid using it on damp beds. If you want your cat to be completely flea-free, you should use diatomaceous earth on a daily basis for about two weeks.

Food-grade diatomaceous earth is safer than the industrial version and has lower levels of silica. It’s FDA-approved and used as an organic fertilizer and in home gardens. In addition to controlling fleas, DE can also help to purify the environment. Despite its numerous benefits, it is not without risk.

Chamomile tea

Chamomile tea is an excellent natural flea treatment for cats. It kills fleas and is soothing to the skin. You can use a tea bag or loose tea to treat your kitten. You should steep the tea for 15 to 30 minutes before applying it to your cat’s fur.

The tea contains organic compounds that fleas hate. If you want to protect your kitten from fleas, steep a few tea bags and spray them on its coat. The tea will soothe your cat’s irritated skin and soothe bites. Alternatively, you can sprinkle oregano or chamomile essential oil on your cat’s coat to combat fleas.

If you decide to use chamomile tea as a natural flea treatment for your kitten, it is important to consult with your veterinarian to make sure you don’t introduce any other medications that may interact with chamomile. If your kitten has had an allergic reaction to another medication, this herb may cause diarrhea.

In addition to preventing fleas, chamomile can also relieve stomach pain and inflammation by relaxing the muscles in the digestive tract. It also has anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, and wound-healing properties. It can also help soothe stomach aches and soothe anxiety.

For long-term relief from fleas, consider giving your kitten a raw meat diet or supplementing her food with natural flea control. Commercial cat food that is low in carbohydrates and high in protein can also provide relief. Additionally, adding garlic to your kitten’s food is another effective option.

Lavender is another effective natural flea treatment. Its active ingredient, linalool, is highly toxic to fleas. If you use high concentrations of lavender oil, your cat may be poisoned.