While other salts have a tendency to lose their natural properties over time, the natural Dead Sea salts remain stable and suitable for centuries. Since so many people seek ways of making their bathrooms look more “homely”, one can buy Dead Sea bath salts as well. These are very popular in recent years and serve to make the bath water pleasant and relaxing.

Seas of Dead Sea, located in Israel, were formed when a large mass of superheated seawater boiled up. The sea dried and eventually formed a vast sea bed, a basin-shaped deposit of salt. The salt is not only used for bathing; it has medicinal uses too.

As an example, it has been found that sea salts to cleanse and purify the system. Besides just being an ingredient in spa treatments, it is also used in perfumes, body and hair oils, shampoos, skin and soap. Also, some add some extra pizzazz by adding it to their morning tea with lemon.

Dead Sea salts are different from the normal table salt we are familiar with. They are heavier than table salt and thus, they are put into baths and the salt water is added to the warm water. Most importantly, it is recommended that it should be kept in a cold location as soon as it is washed because it loses its ability to retain its properties when exposed to heat.

Dead Sea salts have been used for health reasons since the Middle Ages. The Roman doctor Galen made the first mention of it in his work “The Natural History” in the fourth century. He claimed that it was the perfect cure for diseases like fever, digestive ailments, stone, head and joint pains, pains in the stomach and so on. The health benefits were not limited to these and many other diseases.

Today, there are several products that claim to use sea salts in their preparation. It is best to opt for products that use sodium chloride as a base. There are many companies who are producing and selling products that claim to contain the sea salts.

Dead Sea salts worldwide are marketed as a ‘natural’ form of alternative medicine. But don’t let their images deceive you. In reality, it is not so!

People who use this type of products should remember to use these salts worldwide. It should be kept in a cold place as soon as it is washed. In addition, when they feel that their skin is irritated or overly dry, they can use it on the affected areas.

It is important to note that although they claim to be natural, they are actually not as such. These salts are in fact man-made and hence, do not adhere to the traditional laws that govern natural substances.

There are various manufacturers manufacturing sea salts worldwide. The major drawback with most of them is that they use less than high quality minerals and other elements. They are usually low grade and therefore, fall short of maintaining the purity of the product.

By using this type of sea salts, one can actually improve the health and the outlook of their skin. It is best to use this product in combination with other natural ingredients such as vitamins, minerals and essential oils. More often than not, the use of sea salts enhances the benefits of these natural ingredients and makes them more effective.

Natural sea salts can be used as an effective moisturizer as well as an effective toner. They are really worth checking out.