Mineral salts for health and wellness have been in use for thousands of years. The benefits are many, but how to choose the best among the numerous products is a little bit trickier.

This may seem a strange thing to say, but I suggest you use a mineral salts for health and wellness product that is designed by the originator. At least then, you can be assured of the highest quality minerals for the job.

One of the best mineral salts for health and wellness products, comes from one of the most experienced producers of these supplements, who is known as “Monsanto”. The company has been manufacturing supplements in Canada for more than thirty years and has built a reputation for the quality of their supplements.

According to Salts Worldwide, “all salts are created from 100% natural organic and bio-active ingredients, created by a multi-stage process that includes hydrothermal processing, which heats the components to their purest form”. The company emphasizes on using the purest natural ingredients, because they believe that these are the ones that will provide the best health benefits.

As you may be aware, I have been experimenting with different products and minerals salts for health and wellness for a long time now, but I was not aware of the wonderful products being made by Monsanto. In fact, the company does everything in their power to make sure that their product reaches the consumer first, because only this way can they ensure that their product is well received.

Salts Worldwide is a company based in New Zealand, where a large percentage of their production comes from. Their website is very informative and fun to visit.

It is interesting to learn about the work done by the people who are responsible for making the products available to the public. Many of the people in the company are well trained in nutrition and herbalism and have been practicing these skills for many years.

Some of the things that they have come up with in their twenty-year history include the following: the highly regarded Bowtrol product line, including the popular Original Colon Cleanse product. Another product, called Acid Block, was created from the following ingredients: Ginkgo Biloba, Echinacea, and Witch Hazel.

Salts Worldwide is one of the top selling producers of herbal supplements in the world. They believe that their product line is the best on the market today.

One of the advantages of using a product from Salts Worldwide is that they are prepared in a clean room environment. This is because most of the products are made from the highest quality all natural ingredients.

Many people do not realize that Salts Worldwide actually started out in New Zealand, but due to the climate there, they decided to move their operation to the United States. They chose to do this, because they felt that it would be easier for them to sell their products in a larger market in the United States.

That is one of the reasons why I feel that the Natural Health Expo or NHE is the place to visit to get information about what is available from Salts Worldwide. If you do your research, you will find a wealth of information about what is available.