There are many ways to organize long, narrow closets. Some of these ideas include a high shelf and floor basket, a hanging rod, and a wall-mounted shower rod. In addition to these ideas, you can also use a Collapsible shower rod. Regardless of your budget, there is a solution for your closet that will fit your needs.

Hanging rod + high shelf + floor basket

Setting up a small closet can be as easy as hanging a hanging rod, a high shelf, and a floor basket. The hanging rod will hold your clothes while the high shelf will hold accessories. You can also place a floor basket beneath the upper rod to store dry-cleaned items. If you need more storage, you can also add shelving to the other side of the closet.

When deciding how high to place the rod, remember that it must be high enough to reach everything in the closet, so make sure the shelf is at least five feet off the floor. A rod that is more than five feet up from the floor can make the closet feel cramped and unorganized.

A long narrow closet can be difficult to navigate. If you don’t have enough space to turn around and bend down, there are two possible solutions: a floor-set shoe rack and a hanging rod + high shelf + floor basket. The former is a great way to keep out of season clothes with seasonal wear in one area. The latter is perfect for shoes and hats.

If you’re looking for an ideal solution for a long narrow closet, you should consider a double-rod closet system. A double-rod system requires a shelf on top and two shelves spaced at three feet apart. It’s an ideal solution for short clothes, suits and shirts, and can also be used for folded clothing. Remember to avoid placing the hanging pieces on the floor as this will soak up moisture and get dirty.

Wall-mounted shoe rack

If you have a long, narrow closet, you may want to consider a wall-mounted shoe rack. These racks are slim and compact and are great for narrow spaces. They keep shoes off the floor and provide easy access to the most-worn pairs. You can find these shoe racks in wood-grain finishes or in more affordable materials.

Many shoe racks are adjustable, so you can add extra rows as needed. These racks are the perfect size for most closets, and can fit many pairs of shoes. They’re also versatile and can work in any room. Just be sure to choose a color that matches your room’s decor and the colors of your shoes.

Another option is a slide-out shoe rack. This rack is discreet, made of wood, and can accommodate up to 36 pairs of shoes. The racks are built to be sturdy and durable, so you won’t have to worry about them sagging or falling. They’re also made of sturdy steel or polymer and feature decorative metal pull-knobs.

The more shoe storage you have, the cleaner your closet will look. You can buy these racks from a store or build them yourself. Adding shoe storage will allow you to show off your shoe collection and improve your style. Many of these racks have additional shelf space and feature three functional cubbies.

Another option for long-narrow closets is a door. The doors have to be long enough to save space for walking. A long door will fill the entire space, while a short door will eat into the space behind it. However, you can install a door on a short wall, which doesn’t reduce the amount of storage space you have.

Shelves under eaves + short hanging rod

When space is at a premium, consider adding a short hanging rod and shelves under the eaves. This solution maximizes the sloped ceiling area and gives you more space for hanging clothes. Shoe shelves also provide additional storage space, and work well when installed low to the floor.

Collapsible shower rod

Collapsible shower rods are a great solution for long, narrow closets. These rods are very easy to install and remove. They can also be used to create a tiered closet system, allowing you to store longer outfits on the rear rod and everyday clothes on the front rod.

One of the most important considerations when choosing a closet rod is the material. Steel and stainless steel rods are the strongest options because of their high strength and durability. They are also corrosion-resistant and usually have a chrome-plated finish. An aluminum rod is a lightweight and flexible choice, but it won’t hold as much weight as a steel rod.

Another great option is a handmade circular shower rod, available in a variety of colors and sizes. This rod can support a 108-inch shower curtain. Its stainless steel pipe is strong and corrosion-resistant, and it can be easily assembled in a matter of minutes.