List of alternative medicine includes many different techniques that were first utilized in other cultures. For example, a technique for treating arthritis might be from another part of the world and brought to the United States to help treat arthritis. However, it is still considered an alternative treatment for arthritis when it has a strong medical history.

When searching for a treatment for a disease, alternative medicine can provide a means to get help. However, it must be treated according to local laws and requirements.

Probably the most common alternative medicine is herbalism. In this technique, herbs are used to treat symptoms instead of drugs. They are only used as a form of medication for the symptom, not for the cause of the illness. The herbs are generally taken orally or applied topically.

A popular herb is called Echinacea. It is an immune-boosting herb that is effective in easing fever, headaches, and colds. It is a good treatment for colds because it is thought to fight against the germs that cause colds.

Bloodroot is a common herb that is prepared in tincture form. It is often mixed with honey and steamed in the winter. However, it is not recommended for those who have stomach problems as the bloodroot might cause upset stomachs.

Another herb that is considered an alternative medicine for arthritis is the one called Chinese medicine. It uses Chinese herbs that are called qi, which can help clear away the toxins and imbalances that can cause health problems.

Saw palmetto, raw grapeseed oil, and saw palmetto are examples of saw palmetto. They work by blocking the hormone that helps to produce testosterone, which is known to cause male pattern baldness.

Another herb that is effective is ginseng. It has been used since ancient times for a variety of different reasons. Ginseng helps with increasing energy, reducing fatigue, and aids in the digestion process.

An herb called Chinese dragon weed is used to treat anemia. This herb can also help strengthen the immune system.

Ayurvedic herbs have long been used for various types of ailments. These herbs are usually taken orally, but are also available as a topical remedy. A popular example is ginger which is used to ease stomach pain.

One of the newer forms of homeopathic medicine is herbal Reiki. Reiki is an energy healing technique that can be done by a practitioner who is trained in Reiki.

Some of the remedies for alternative medicine are safe and very effective. However, some might not work so well for everyone. Always consult with your doctor before starting any type of treatment.