Lego organizer ideas vary from person to person. You may use a Lego storage unit from Kmart, buy clear plastic storage bins, or make one yourself. Below, we have listed a few ideas for storage. We’ve also included a DIY activity table and tackle boxes. Hopefully, these ideas will help you out when you need a new storage solution for your children’s favorite toy.

IKEA Torfast Lego storage system

If you’re looking for a place to store your Legos, the IKEA Torfast system is a great choice. This system is made to be durable and can store thousands of pieces. You can purchase one or a set of units for under a hundred dollars. You can also build several configurations and add additional units as your collection grows.

Using a storage system is also a great way to keep Legos tidy. Some mums have found that an Ikea Torfast system is a great choice for the purpose. This system offers a wide range of different compartments for Legos, making it a practical solution.

The Torfast bins are a great way to sort LEGO by colour, size, and set. These bins also work great as desks. If you’re looking for a larger storage unit, check out the IKEA Trofast range, which offers built-in tubs and open shelves.

You’ll also find that the IKEA Torfast storage system is highly customizable, and you can find one to fit your own home’s decor. You can easily assemble this unit, thanks to its sturdy frame and easy slide-out boxes. The storage units also come in different colors and sizes.

Tackle boxes

If you’re looking for a simple storage solution for your LEGO collection, tackle boxes are a great option. They come in several styles and are inexpensive. Most are designed with a hinged lid and compartments that can be sized using plastic dividers. These boxes are popular with LEGO enthusiasts and the crafting community.

Some parents have created custom storage solutions. One mom made a play mat that doubled as a lego storage container. Others have used Ikea Trofast systems to keep the Lego in separate sections. Some families have even made lego storage units in their bedrooms. Other tips for keeping lego organized include keeping the pieces sorted by colour, or using a Lego table.

Many parents have a tough time keeping their Legos organized, particularly since the pieces are so small. To make the task even worse, kids tend to get lost or misplaced in the piles. However, there are several solutions that are cost-effective, easy to implement, and can help you keep your Legos sorted.

Under bed storage bin

If you’re looking for under bed storage bin for Lego organizer ideas, there are several options available. One of them is an Ikea Trofast storage system. Another option is a plastic drawer set. This option allows you to sort Legos by colour and save space. Alternatively, you can buy clear plastic tubs. A few readers have created their own storage solutions using Ikea containers. Below are some of their ideas.

Another under-bed storage bin is a trundle bed, which is great for storing Legos. These can also be paired with tiny drawers to store craft supplies. For added convenience, you can also choose plastic containers with lids. These are easier to move around, and they are much more compact.

An IKEA Frame LEGO Minifigure Storage is another genius way to keep minifigures organized. You can also try DIY LEGO head storage containers. There are even travel-friendly LEGO boxes that you can take with you. In addition to under-bed storage bins, you can also try out an Under-bed rolling cart.

Another inexpensive option for under-bed storage is a closet organizer. These types of containers can accommodate several children’s LEGO collections. You can also display LEGO bricks in vases or display jars. These types of containers are typically color coded for easy decoration. To save money, you can also make a DIY under-bed storage bin using materials you can find at a hardware store. Another idea is to make a Lego hack coffee table.

DIY activity table

If you’re looking for a DIY activity table for Legos, you’re not alone. There are many ways to organize a table and make it a great place to play. There are even ways to create a custom Lego table. This is an excellent way to keep your kids’ toys organized and out of reach.

DIY activity tables are great for storing Legos and can be easily modified to accommodate the LEGOs. These tables not only make great places for LEGO blocks, but they provide a great play area for your child. You can also use them for built sets as well. Make sure to follow the instructions to the letter to make sure your child is safe when playing with Legos.

Another great way to organize Legos is to buy a cube cabinet. This type of storage unit can fit a lot of loose pieces and base plates. Another good way to keep the Legos organized is to buy color labels. This way, you can identify the color of each Lego and avoid getting tangled up in them. This way, you don’t have to spend hours sorting through a mountain of Legos.

Alternatively, you can purchase a table with drawers. These are great if you’re tight on space. They can double as a table to accommodate multiple kids playing at the same time. There are even portable versions available for single use. Most plans use Ikea products. However, you can use any type of table to build a Lego table.

Plastic shelf

One of the biggest challenges for Lego owners is keeping the bricks and pieces organized. The key is to store them out of the way but still keep them within reach. There are some clever ideas for organizing your Lego collection. You can even involve your children in sorting the pieces. Do It On a Dime provides a variety of ways to sort your Lego collection.

Besides using a shelf, you can also use a magnetic board to display LEGO minifigures. To do this, you need to make sure the LEGO pieces are held by strong magnets. Also, you should not put anything else on the board, like tools or accessories. A good storage idea is to use floor bookcases or wall shelves for displaying your Lego collection.

Another great solution is to organize the LEGO collection with bins or boxes. There are different compartments for each type of piece. A bin or shelf can hold as many as 10,000 pieces. Putting these together will save you valuable space. As a bonus, you can even organize them by theme. You can even store smaller pieces separately for easy access.

A bin made of plastic is another great option for storing Legos. You can use different bins for different colors, or you can even make a table with plywood. You can make this project in just a weekend. You can also use Lego labels to keep your collection organized. You can also place storage bins throughout the room.