Kitchen countertops can be a messy place to be, but there are ways to clear them and maximize space. Countertop shelving can be a great solution for storing baking supplies and pasta. It can also free up counter space for other uses, such as storing extra condiments, spatulas, or spices.

Clear the counters

The first step in kitchen countertop organization ideas is to declutter the counters. Remove all the things you no longer use from the counters and place them on a flat surface. Then, spray down the counters with an antibacterial solution. You can start to sort out which items you use the most.

Putting everything in its proper place will give you more space to cook and work. It will also make your kitchen look less unorganized to guests. If you’re not sure where to put certain items, try using hanging baskets under cabinets. These can be attached to a metal rod on the wall or directly to the underside of cabinets. They can store things like oils, cleaning supplies, and towels.

The next step is to organize your coffee and tea supplies. If you don’t use them regularly, consider moving them to a high shelf. You can also put these items in your home office or backdoor. Clearing your counters will help you stay organized and free from clutter.

Then, consider adding unique containers. Besides being functional, unique containers can give your kitchen an unique look and help you keep things organized. Tall pitchers look great and add charm to your kitchen. Oversized cookie jars are fun and stylish and can be used for storing small items. You can even consider adding an herb plant to encourage you to use fresh herbs while cooking.

Stackable can rack organizers

Stackable can rack organizers for kitchen countertops are a great way to keep your canned goods organized and visible. These racks can fit 36 standard-sized cans and leave room for tin foil boxes, wax paper, and plastic wrap. They are made of sturdy iron tubing and have a stylish chrome finish. These organizers are stackable to save countertop space and are easy to use.

You can even use these to store your coffee and tea supplies. The dividers are adjustable and can be moved to accommodate different size cans. They’re also very affordable and will save you a lot of space. Plus, you can easily remove the cans and empty them.

Whether you have a small kitchen or a large one, countertop organizers are a great way to free up counter space and organize your kitchen. Adding a lazy susan to a countertop organizer makes finding your cooking essentials easier. Lazy susans look great on counters and are equally useful inside cabinets.

Wire baskets

Wire baskets are a great way to organize your kitchen countertop and create a beautiful space. You can use them for storage of fruits and vegetables and you can even use them as under-sink cabinets. They are affordable and make your countertop look neat and organized. These are also an inexpensive way to add more storage to your kitchen.

Wire baskets are perfect for storing snacks, canned goods, and root vegetables. They are also convenient and easy to move from shelf to shelf. You can also mount a dry-erase board on the door of your pantry so you can easily keep track of the groceries and chores you need to do. These boards come with hanging strips, a magnet, and a dry-erase marker.

Another great option for organizing your countertop is to use display shelves. The top shelf can hold condiment bottles and jars. This will free up the countertop for other items. This can make cooking easier as you won’t have to dig through a mess to find what you need. The shelves can also double up as storage.

The best kitchen countertop organization ideas begin with a major declutter. You can use the Marie Kondo method to guide you in the process of decluttering and organizing your kitchen. The next step is to find a place for cleaning supplies.

Open shelves

If you want to make the most of your limited kitchen space, you may consider open shelves as kitchen countertop organization ideas. These storage systems are a cost-effective way to add more storage space. You can also install floating shelves, if you have extra wall space. These units are great for storing dishes and kitchen supplies.

Open shelves can also serve as an attractive focal point in your kitchen. They can be used to display both functional and decorative items, which is an excellent way to add visual interest to your kitchen. When choosing open shelving, be sure to choose a material and finish that complements the existing decor. For example, wood and dark iron are a popular combination in industrial-style homes.

You can also use open shelves to create a coffee bar in your kitchen. This can be as simple as adding shelves over the coffee pot or as elaborate as the ones shown here. While open shelving is often associated with farmhouse-style kitchens, it can also be customized to match your overall aesthetic. For instance, you can choose gold or brass finishes for your open shelves, or opt for glass shelves instead of wooden ones.

Open shelves also help you to create symmetry and balance in your kitchen. They can help you store decorative items while keeping the place free from clutter. Open shelves are also very flexible and can be applied to a corner or an entire wall. Aside from that, they allow you to use wall space strategically.

Stackable rails

A kitchen countertop is a high-traffic area, which can easily become cluttered. No one enjoys preparing a meal in a space where there are numerous things scattered across the counter. A kitchen countertop organizer is an ideal solution to this problem. It provides extra storage for the countertop, and can even help you organize your cleaning supplies.

A kitchen countertop organization rack can be a great way to store utensils, spices, and other kitchen essentials. These organizers are made to be stackable, so you can use them to store more than one thing at a time. A typical rail may contain three or four shelves. This type of rail will keep your countertop clutter-free and make it easier to find the items you need.

Stackable rails for kitchen countertop organization are easy to install and are very cheap. In addition to stackable rails, you can also use baskets and racks from Ikea. These will make your counter more organized and look more attractive. You can also use the space above the sink for additional storage space.

A kitchen countertop organizer can turn your clutter into beauty and efficiency. They’ll turn your kitchen from an unorganized mess to a beautiful and well-organized space that will make your cooking routine sing! The Spruce offers a collection of kitchen countertop organizers, including the 4-Piece Organizer Bin Set, which contains two large and two small bins. These bins can be used to store utensils, spices, and other kitchen items.

Minimalist solutions

Whether you have a minimalist kitchen or not, countertop organization is an important component. Clutter can detract from a minimalist design. You can avoid this with a few simple tips. For example, decluttering your fridge can give you a minimalist look by making it easier to find and access foods.

The kitchen is a space that is constantly in use. A cluttered counter can cause you to feel rushed and overwhelmed. It is best to keep it as simple as possible. The NEAT Method’s founders, Ashley Murphy and Marissa Hagmeyer, recommend keeping items that are used frequently on the counter, while tucking away other items. Minimalist counters not only make a kitchen look more streamlined, but also send a message to the rest of the household.

Kitchen counters are notorious for collecting clutter. A good solution to this problem is to create a catchall bowl or bin. This collection should be sorted at least weekly to prevent clutter. Then, you can get rid of any items that do not need a home on your counter.

Creating a minimalist look begins with eliminating visible clutter from the counter. You can then group similar items by color to make the space look more spacious. You can also add framed pictures or art to add a high-design look. Finally, a mirror on the wall or backsplash will reflect the light and expand the space.