When planning kitchen cabinet organization ideas, prioritize items you use often. Use the lowest shelves for these items, while the upper shelves can be devoted to less frequently used items. Stack serving bowls and cake stands to save space, while wine glasses and fragile dishes need their own space. If you have the room, consider using dedicated shelving for these items. You can also store glassware upside down or right side up to keep the inside clean.


If you want to create a clutter-free kitchen cabinet, you can use space-saving storage containers and upright lid container organizers. They are a great solution for plastic ware storage. You can also use matching containers and hooks to organize measuring utensils. Your mornings will be less stressful if you can find the right items quickly.

Another great way to declutter kitchen cabinets is to use a basket to collect items from other rooms and return them to their proper homes. Alternatively, use a hanging rack to hang up pans. You can also organize items by dividing the kitchen into two sections – upper and lower cabinets. Ideally, spices and other non-food items should be stored in upper cabinets and large appliances in lower cabinets. Don’t stack items on top of each other, as this will only result in chaos!

Sticky notes are another great way to organize kitchen cabinets. Use them to sort things by category. You can also use them as labels for appliances and drawers. Sticky notes can make it easier to remember where items belong. Keeping track of all these items will allow you to find them quickly and efficiently.

For more storage options, consider investing in dividers or small containers. They can help your drawers fit more items. You can even get adjustable dividers that mold to the depth of each drawer. By pairing similar items, you can save yourself time and effort when searching for them. You can also use dividers to create a filing cabinet system for flat items.

Before rearranging or buying new kitchen cabinet storage solutions, declutter your cabinets. This step will help you create a better flow and organization in your kitchen. You can also organize your supplies by rotating them so that they always have a place in the kitchen.


It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the amount of stuff that clutters up your kitchen cabinets. Thankfully, there are many tips and tricks to help you make your kitchen cabinets more functional. Even if you aren’t a neat freak, you can take advantage of these tips to keep your kitchen organized.

The first step in organizing your kitchen cabinets is to take everything out and sort it. You can start by tossing out expired foods or food you probably won’t use in the near future. You should also toss away any kitchen items that you haven’t used for a long time. If you’re doing this regularly, you’ll find that your kitchen will be more organized and functional in the long run.

After removing the clutter, you can start organizing your cabinets by dividing your kitchen into efficient work zones. Ideally, you should have your most frequently used cooking utensils near the stove. Other essential items such as coffee and baking supplies should be within easy reach. Another way to keep everything organized is to organize under-sink storage spaces.

If you’re short on space in your kitchen cabinets, you can use wire racks to store items on. Also, you can hang pots and pans to save space. Another way to maximize your cabinet space is to use corner cabinets. This will give you more shelves. If your kitchen has more than one cabinet, you can also use wall cabinets or shelving units.

You can organize your cabinet space by stacking similar items and organizing them in a logical way. For example, you can keep your biggest pots and pans in the bottom of the cabinet, and keep your lids on the opposite side of the cabinet. By keeping only those pots and pans that you use, you can also organize the cabinet space and find your items more easily. Moreover, you can donate multiples of similar sizes to a local shelter.


There are several ways to organize your kitchen cabinets. The first way involves de-cluttering each cabinet. It will take a while, so be patient and don’t rush it. You can also organize one cabinet at a time by rearranging items within. A second way is by utilizing drawer dividers and baskets for smaller items.

Another great kitchen cabinet organization idea is to use sliding shelves. This way, you can easily access items on different levels. Other helpful storage options include stackable containers. These containers are great for keeping your cabinets looking neat and clutter-free. The family handyman website has more ideas for cabinet organization. It also has a school that teaches how to create custom kitchen rollouts and swing out pantries.

Kitchen cabinet organization is crucial to the efficiency of your cooking. When you have a mess, it is easy to become frustrated. Whether it’s constant restocking or your children refusing to put things away, it’s crucial to keep your cabinets neat and organized. Thankfully, there are some clever and easy kitchen cabinet organization ideas that can help you make the most of your space.


The first step in any kitchen cabinet organization plan is decluttering. This step should be undertaken before you go ahead and buy cabinet storage solutions or rearrange the cabinets. It involves taking everything out of the cabinets, sorting them into piles, and determining which items you will throw away and keep.

Adding dividers to drawers is a great way to keep like items together. It also helps keep items from sliding around in the drawer. Another great way to utilize space is to add hidden drawers to maximize storage. These are perfect for flat items and rarely used items. Adding turnable cabinets is also helpful to access jars and containers.

Before you rearrange the cabinets, think about what you will use most often. How much space do you need to set aside for such items? Which items will be more convenient to reach? If you are constantly rearranging items, a pull-out pantry can help. This feature will save you from the hassle of hunting for items.

Another kitchen cabinet organization idea is to install a shelf organizer. These shelf organizers are easy to install and will make your items easily accessible. They are not too expensive. You can buy them at The Container Store for under $10 each. You can also install shallow drawers for additional storage. This will give you more storage space and prevent items from falling off the shelves.

You can rearrange the shelves by putting like items together. For instance, you can place your spices and sauces on the lowest shelf. You can also group similar items together to save space. This will make organization easier and help preserve freshness.


The first step in organizing your kitchen cabinet is to organize your food items. This can be done by category and by setting aside a special area for each type of item. For example, keep favorite snacks within easy reach, while breakfast items should be stored in another section. You can further improve organization by using printed labels to identify each type of item. Also, consider purchasing baskets or bins to corral loose items, and drawer inserts to keep items from rattling around.

Another option is to use sticky notes to organize the items inside your cabinets. Sticky notes can be used for filing, and can also be used to sort items by category. Using this method can free up a lot of space in your small kitchen. Besides, it keeps children and pets out of your trash.