The 16-inch-deep Deluxe Closet Organizer by John Louis Home is designed to accommodate closets as small as 10 feet wide and offers plenty of configuration options. This unit features 16 feet of hang and shelf space, and is constructed of 100% solid wood. It is available in two colors: Honey Maple or Red Mahogany.

16 in. deep deluxe closet organizer

The John Louis Home 16-inch-deep Deluxe Closet Organizer is a versatile closet storage solution that provides plenty of configuration options. Its wide design is ideal for closet spaces up to 10 feet wide and offers 22 feet of shelf and hang space. It’s made from 100% solid wood and comes in both Red Mahogany and Honey Maple finishes.

The deluxe closet organizer includes six and eight-inch deep drawers with fluted glass doors and felt-lined drawer bottoms. The drawers also feature full extension ball bearing glides and soft-close features. Additional features include multiple shelves and adjustable hang space for hanging your clothes. The closet organizer also comes with 16-inch metal garment bars and a 22-foot-long shelf.

The John Louis Home 16-inch deep deluxe closet organizer can be added to with additional shelves, drawers, and fluted glass doors. It offers the best in quality and value for your money. This wood closet organizer is made from 100% solid wood and finished with a multi-layered process. It has satin nickel hardware and is customizable to fit your closet.

The Deluxe Tower includes a valet rod that allows you to temporarily place items without taking up valuable shelf space. It’s a useful everyday item. The valet rod is full-extended, which maximizes space and makes access easy. Moreover, the valet rod allows you to hang clothing and other items in the closet without lifting the whole organizer.

This John Louis Home 16-inch-deep deluxe closet organizer is available in Red Mahogany and Honey Maple finishes. It is designed for walk-in closets and large reach-in closets. It also includes free hanger slide, 6ft. adjustable garment bar, and accessory tower. It features 22 feet of shelf and hang space, making it a great choice for large closets.

Woodcrest organizer

John Louis Home makes 100% solid wood closet organizers. They are available in Caramel, Espresso, or solid white finishes. Each unit is a great choice for a large reach-in or walk-in closet. It features adjustable shelves, drawers, and a 4-foot accessory tower. The system uses “cut-to-fit” installation methods to maximize space and give your closet a luxurious appearance.

Shelf liners

Shelf liners for the John Louis Home closet are a great way to add a personal touch to your closet. Made of 100% solid wood, they’ll keep your items safe while they’re out of sight. These closet accessories are perfect for any closet. They’re available in a variety of sizes and finishes, and you can even add on extras to add storage. Whether you want to store extra clothes or keep your linens and shoes in view, shelf liners are an easy way to accomplish this.

Shelf liners for the John Louis Home closet are available in four-foot lengths, but you can cut them down to the size you need. You can also use them side-by-side to cover larger areas. You can also purchase shelf liners in 10-packs. These shelf liners are suitable for closets with wood doors. You can also use them on a bathroom shelf or a laundry room shelf.

The shelves on the John Louis Home closet organizer are adjustable and feature full-extension wire baskets. You can also adjust the height of the shelves to create extra space. These shelves are made with a 25-pound capacity per lineal foot. The deep closet organizer also includes a 6 ft. accessory tower and wood garment bars. It fits closet walls up to 10ft.

Storage solutions

John Louis Home offers a variety of closet storage solutions. From deluxe closet organizers to the “Closet in a Box” total closet system, these closet storage solutions offer versatility, beauty, and space savings. Choose from the variety of options below to find the perfect solution for your home.

The company’s comprehensive range of closet storage systems starts with the 16″ Deluxe Closet System, which is easily expandable with more shelves, drawers, and fluted glass doors. John Louis Home uses only the best materials for their closet systems, including solid wood components and a multi-layer finish. Its closet products are cut to measure and fitted to fit any space.


The John Louis Home closet system is a unique closet shelving system that features all-solid wood components. Whether you’re a do-it-yourselfer or a custom closet contractor, this system will work for you. Its wide variety of options allows you to customize your closet to fit your needs and budget. You can choose from two popular colours to match your decorating scheme, too. You can add more shelves, drawers, and fluted glass doors to your closet to increase its functionality and aesthetic appeal.

The shelf liners from John Louis Home are reusable and durable and fit between the 16-inch rails. You can purchase them in 4′ lengths or stack them together to create longer lengths. They’re also available in 10 pack sizes. The Deluxe towers come with fluted glass doors to complete the look.