Jellycat Dashing Dog is a soft stuffed dog with foldable ears and squishy paws. It is grey and mottled with black spots and is a loyal friend. If you love soft toys, this one is for you. It is sold at most toy stores at a reasonable price.

Jellycat plush puppy

The Jellycat plush puppy is a cute companion for children to snuggle with. Its soft, colorful fur is perfect for story time. It comes with a baby book that teaches kids about the different sensorial emotions a puppy experiences. It’s safe for kids to play with and comes with a hand-made bow and personalized note.

The sweet black and cream mix of Jellycat stuffed puppy is made with silky soft fur. He’s loyal and is sure to make your child smile. It pairs well with board books such as The Scruffy Puppy Makes Mischief. It also makes a great gift for a child who loves dogs.

Jellycat plushie

A Jellycat dashing dog is a cosy and soft pal for any kid. They are 29 cm tall and 46 cm wide. These stuffed animals have foldable ears and are made of plush material. You can wash them by hand if they get dirty. They are not suitable for washing machines.


The Jellycat Dashing Dog is a soft, lovable Jellycat toy with foldable ears and a waggly tail. This lovable dog is made from 100% polyester, making it suitable for babies and toddlers. It can be used as a stuffed animal or a toy and is suitable from birth.