If you’re looking to adopt a pure white Maine Coon, you need to know some important facts before making the purchase. White Maine Coons are perfect pets for families, as they tolerate teasing but are not too keen on ear and tail pulling. They are also a bit rambunctious, so younger children should be closely supervised around them.

White Maine Coon

The White Maine Coon is a short haired cat with a ruff of white on the chest. It is a very friendly and social cat. They have a very dynamic bone structure and a long, silky tail. This is a beautiful cat to own. You will love its beautiful coloring and friendly personality.

White Maine Coons are generally healthy and free from common diseases. However, they do require more regular grooming. While you won’t need to bathe this cat, you will still want to give it the proper protein routine in order to prevent matting. Keeping a white Maine Coon indoors will help it maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Because the White Maine Coon is so active, it is important to make sure it gets plenty of exercise. It should also have plenty of play space and toys, such as squeakers and scratching posts. This cat doesn’t need a fenced yard or a special walk. But it does expect to play and have fun with the family.

Although the White Maine Coon is a very small minority of the Maine Coon population, they have a cult following among cat lovers. Some people prefer solid white Maine Coons while others prefer the black and silver tabby versions. A lot of people are surprised to learn that this cat is a white color.

While the name White Maine Coon might sound unsuitable, it actually refers to the fact that it is a white color that is a non-color. This coloration is caused by a gene that is homozygous for white, resulting in a subtle pattern that masks the true hue of the cat. White Maine Coon kittens often have shimmery blue eyes.

Blue Eyes

A pure white Maine Coon with blue eyes is quite a rare sight indeed. However, this type of cat does exist. Breeders in Italy, the Netherlands and Russia have produced cats with blue eyes. In order to ensure your kitten is a pure white Maine Coon, it’s best to find a breeder who breeds only these cats.

Compared to cats with brown or black eyes, a pure white Maine Coon with blue eyes is more prone to hearing loss. This may be due to the presence of a gene that causes deafness. While it’s rare, white Maine Coon cats with blue eyes are at a higher risk of developing the condition. Breeders can test their cats for this condition.

Breeders should keep in mind that this rare breed has complex genetics. Pure white Maine Coon cats with blue eyes are rare, but they’re certainly worth trying for. If you’re looking for a beautiful pure white Maine Coon, be prepared to pay a premium for it. In general, these cats cost approximately $1000.

These cats are perfect family pets. Although they’re very friendly, they can also be a bit rambunctious. They will tolerate teasing as long as their owners supervise them. However, young children should be closely monitored around them, as they’re very rambunctious!

White cats are generally considered to be a sign of health. Maine coon cats tend to have blue eyes when they’re young, but some can grow to be golden or green in colour. It’s not common for a Maine coon with blue eyes to develop eye problems, but they are certainly possible.

Odd-looking eyes

Pure white Maine Coon cats have odd-looking eyes because of a genetic condition known as heterochromia iridum. This condition causes one eye to be yellow-gold in colour while the other is blue. This is a result of a dominant white gene that has stripped pigmentation from the hair strands and iris in the left eye. The blue colour is due to refraction of white light through the cornea.

Unlike cats with color-altering gene defects, the color of the eyes of a Maine Coon does not affect the color of the coat. If a Maine Coon has an abnormal-looking eye, it may indicate that the eye is not functioning properly. White Maine Coons may have blue or amber eyes, copper, or gold eyes. While this is extremely rare, it is possible for a pure white Maine Coon to develop an eye defect.

The underlying cause of this condition is unknown, but genetic factors are the likely culprits. A dominant white gene interferes with the migration of melanocytes into one eye. Non-white cats, however, do not usually have this condition. During the embryonic stage, the dominant white gene prevents the development of pigment in one eye.

The Maine Coon has expressive eyes, which can vary from playful to angry. They may even be praying! These eyes are located behind the pupil, which is the light sensitivity part of the eye. These eyes are often shades of green or copper. And while they may look strange, they are very unique and a sign of a Maine Coon’s personality.

Despite its unusual eye colour, the Maine Coon is a naturally occurring breed. As a breed, it was not isolated from other cats, and the cats exhibited the odd-looking eyes are a result of the same gene that is present in Siamese cats. This mutation is recessive and will only be passed to offspring if two carriers breed together.

Large size

The Maine Coon is a large breed of cat. Its origins are unknown, but some speculate that the breed evolved from a mating between a raccoon and a domestic cat. The Maine Coon’s massive size is an important part of its breed standard.

The Maine Coon grows to be a huge cat, with a weight of up to 25 pounds for a male and 13 pounds for a female. It can take up to five years for an adult Maine Coon to reach its full size. This cat breed has many fascinating stories. One story relates the journey of Captain Charles Coon, a ship captain who brought a long-haired breed of cat to New England. The long-haired cats mated with other cats in the town and soon became known as “Coon Cats”.

This breed of cat is incredibly gentle and lovable, but they require training and socialization to thrive. Its gentle and affectionate nature is complemented by its gentle and intelligent nature. As long as they have constant companionship, the Maine Coon can be a great addition to any family. Maine Coons are good with children and get along well with other pets.

The White Maine Coon is an all-American breed of cat that originated in Maine. In fact, they were given official state cat status in Maine in the 1950s. They are large cats, weighing between eight to twenty pounds. They can live up to 15 years. And they are very active.

The Maine Coon cat is one of the largest and most popular cat breeds in the world. It is very lovable and easy-going, making it a good pet for families with children. They are often called the gentle giants of the cat world because of their large size and friendly disposition.


The price of a pure white Maine Coon kitten may not be as high as you’d think. The breed is known for its gentle temperament and rarely shows destructive behavior inside the house. Nevertheless, you should know more about this breed before buying a kitten. This guide will help you decide if a Maine Coon is the right pet for you.

A pure white Maine Coon kitten costs between $1,500 to $2,200 and varies from breed to breed. If you are looking for a kitten with pure white fur, it is important to find a breeder who only produces purebred kittens. Some breeders may mix different colors and breed them together, so you’ll need to ask about this before you buy one. You should also visit a breeding facility before making a decision.

The breed is an excellent choice for families with small children because it enjoys attention and doesn’t mind being picked up. However, you should supervise young children when they are around Maine Coons because they can be rambunctious. This dog is a great family pet, but they’ll need plenty of attention and patience.

If you’ve had a previous pet cat, you may have some of the supplies already. Otherwise, you might be able to find a free Maine Coon through a local animal shelter or breed-specific rescue. Adopting a Maine Coon is a great way to get a pet for a low price, and most rescue organizations cover the cost of basic vet care.

When buying a kitten for your family, it’s important to choose a reputable breeder. These breeders do a thorough job of testing their animals and verifying the health information of their animals. You can also rest assured that a breeder will return your pet if you’re not happy with it.