If you’re tired of rummaging through your closet to find what you’re looking for, consider purchasing an IKEA cupboard for clothes. The Swedish furniture store offers smart ideas for storing clothing, from storage boxes with lids to stylish storage cases and baskets. These versatile pieces will help you save time and money by helping you maximize your wardrobe.

PAX wardrobes

If you don’t have enough space in your bedroom, you may want to consider getting a PAX wardrobe. These wardrobes are designed to mimic a bedroom wardrobe and can be custom-built to suit your needs and style. Many different options are available, including a pull-out mirror and drawers for small accessories.

There are many options available for IKEA PAX wardrobes, which can be customized to meet your specific needs. For example, you can add a dressing table to the space between two PAX wardrobes to turn it into a chic boudoir. You can also extend the units to the walls and ceiling to create a fitted look.

When choosing your new PAX wardrobe, make sure that you know your measurements. There are several options available for width and depth, but you should first take a look at your floor plan to ensure you can find the right size. Remember to double check your measurements to make sure that you don’t forget something.

If you’re unsure about your measuring skills, you can use an online PAX planner to select the perfect PAX wardrobe for your home. This tool helps you pick the right style and colours, and it helps you to visualize what you’ll need. Using the PAX planner, you can also change door styles, interior layouts, and more. IKEA also offers flat-pack assistance to help you assemble your new PAX wardrobe.

A PAX wardrobe can be easily assembled, and the frames come in three different finishes. A white finish looks classic, whereas a black-brown finish gives a moodier appearance. In addition to that, PAX wardrobes come with brackets for wall mounting. You can also choose between two different heights and widths for your wardrobe.

Another great option for a PAX wardrobe is the Komplement shoe shelf. These shelves are made of metal and sit at a slight angle in the wardrobe. You can order as many shelves as you need. The Komplement shelves are available in three different sizes, and they can match the frame of your PAX wardrobe. They also feature glass shelves to make your items easier to view.

If you’re the DIY type, you can also paint IKEA furniture. It’s a fairly simple project that requires little effort and no special tools. All you need is a little patience and the right paint. You’ll be surprised how much you can do in a weekend.

BRIMNES wardrobe

The BRIMNES wardrobe is one of the most popular and well-designed wardrobes available in IKEA’s range of bedroom furniture. This wardrobe is designed with a combination of affordability and functionality in mind. It also comes with a number of features, including a safety fitting to prevent snagging of the clothing. Its unique design makes it the ideal storage solution for long-hanging garments, short-hanging garments, and folded garments.

With its mirrored doors, this wardrobe has many benefits. It also has a clothes rail to hang shirts and dresses and an inner shelf for folded clothing. The large clothes rail is great for hanging long dresses and shirts. The wardrobe also has a ledge on the top to prevent things from falling off the clothes rail.

GARDENA wardrobe

The GARDENA wardrobe is available in different widths. They can range from nine and a half inches to 59 and 78 3/4 inches. They can also have sliding and hinged doors. The wardrobe is also available with organizers such as smart drawers and shelves. There are also pull-out hangers, which make storing clothes easier.