If you don’t have enough space to put all of your clothing on a hanger, there are some creative ways to organize your closet. One way is to buy a shelf divider. This will allow you to stack your jeans without having to worry about them falling over. Another way is to place a shelf divider between your stacks of jeans. This way, your stacks will be more stable.

Fabric drawers

Stacking and folding your jeans can take up a lot of space. Fold them by the waistband to save space, and then file them side by side. This way, you can store up to five pairs of jeans per drawer. You can also use shelf dividers to keep them separate.

Hanging your jeans by the waistband or over the hanger is another easy way to store them. However, you should never hang them by the belt loops, as they aren’t nearly as strong as denim and can rip and tear if you pull them too much.

Hanging your jeans is another good option if your closet is too small to accommodate fabric drawers. You can also hang up your jeans together using pant hangers, creating a dedicated section. Another way to make your closet look less cluttered is to organize your purses in an organized manner. You can arrange your bags in a manner similar to that of a store. Open shelves are also a great place to display your favorite bags.

To save space in your closet, you can use fabric drawers. These fabric drawers can be made of various materials, including denim, and are often made of fabric. If you have a small closet, fabric drawers can make a difference in how much space you need for clothes.


The first step in organizing your dresser is to do a thorough inventory of all your clothes. Next, divide your piles into subcategories. Then, label each pile, placing like items together. This will eliminate the need to think about what you have and will speed up the decision-making process. You can label each pile by color or by type.

When storing your jeans, you’ll want to fold them lengthwise, and then fold the back pockets on the outside. Be sure to loop your belt loops through the hanger hook to avoid them getting caught in the folds. Next, fold the pant legs at the ankle and knees and fold them over the hanger. You can also fold your shoes heel-toe-heel to maximize space.

Folding your jeans is another great way to maximize the space available in your closet. To maximize the storage space of your jeans, use a relatively deep drawer. The depth of the drawer should be at least seven or nine inches. You may also want to consider the height of your folded jeans to make sure that you’ll have enough room for them.

If you’re not able to find a drawer for your jeans, you may want to consider filing them vertically. This will make them easier to find and remove. Another trick is to use drawer dividers. By doing this, you’ll have a more organized and easier-to-access drawer.

Hanging your jeans is also a good way to store them. This way, they won’t stretch and will not take up drawer space. Another option is to file them on their sides. However, this method will not be as convenient as hanging. You can also hang them by their waistband.

Shoe rack

A shoe rack is a great way to keep your small closet organized. You can put it on the side of a closet door, or install it on an empty wall. It uses adhesive strips and can accommodate up to six pairs of shoes. You can also use a shoe bench, which has shelving and is ideal for small spaces.

Another type of shoe organizer is a Lazy Susan, which is great for storing shoes in hard-to-reach places. The OXO Lazy Susan is the gold standard, with hundreds of positive reviews. Under-shelf baskets are another great option for extra closet storage. You can also purchase a space-saving shoe cubby from The Container Store. These cubbies can store any size of shoe, and the bars can be flipped up or down for more storage.

If you don’t have enough space for a shoe rack, consider using space under the bed. This area is often overlooked, but it is a hidden gold mine in small homes. The space under the bed can store up to 32 pairs of shoes. You can even add a drawer underneath to store your shoes. This can save space and keep your closet organized. You’ll also be able to get more pairs on each shelf.

Another option is a whole closet system. This can keep your entire wardrobe organized and neat. There are many types to choose from, and many of them are specifically designed for small closets. These systems come with shelves, drawers, hanging bars, and accessories. You can also install wire organizers for easy installation and extra space for accessories. A hanging shoe organizer is also a great way to keep your shoes off the floor. They also help maximize your closet’s flow.

Adding shoe racks to your small closet is a great way to organize your clothes. A small closet can be especially challenging to organize, so it is important to get creative. You can also hang organizers over the door of your closet to keep small items.